Tom Brady makes quick exit from press conference after question about coaching

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Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady faced the virtual music with reporters after Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs.

But he didn’t face it for very long. The post-game press conference ended after less than two-and-a-half minutes, with this question from Jenna Laine of prompting a polite answer and a quick exit.

“Hey, Tom, as you head to your bye week, there have been some folks who have had some chatter about, you know, you still look like you are running someone else’s offense,” Laine said. “One of your former teammates even said on TV that he thinks that you need a new head coach. What do you make of all of that?”

Laine was referring to former Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich, who made the suggestion last week during an appearance on ESPN. Here’s Brady’s response.

“It’s just external noise that when you are losing, that’s what you deal with,” Brady said. “I love playing with the guys that I play with, the coaches, the whole organization has been unbelievable. I think I have to go out and certainly do a better job the last four weeks of the year. So, I appreciate it. Let’s have a good week.”

Brady has done a good job of taking the blame, even as members of the coaching staff publicly nudge it his way, something that Patriots coach Bill Belichick never did. The broader question continues to be whether Brady is running the offense the way he wants to run it, or whether he’s running someone else’s vision of what the offense should be.

Brady and the Buccaneers enter the bye week at 7-5. While Tampa Bay should be able to nail down a wild-card berth, it’s hard to imagine the Bucs thriving in January.

65 responses to “Tom Brady makes quick exit from press conference after question about coaching

  1. Question hit too close to home…otherwise he would have stayed and laughed and finished the press conference.

  2. Bucs aren’t winning a championship this year. That should be obvious. Part Arians, part Brady, part lack of continuity.

  3. You say that now but if they get the Saints in the playoffs, they will win.

  4. Brady being in Tampa has finally put the spotlight on Arians and well he when you look at the stats on how all his starting QBs have had a season with high interceptions and high sacks, he’s looking a little overrated and poor mans Andy Reid.

  5. You can’t walk into a new team and immediately be in sync, especially with no pre-season. Brady is 43 years old. He’s still a good QB. If he’d have hooked up with Arians 4 years ago, and had a pre-season, it would be a different story. But he is 43 years old. You can’t play forever.

  6. that empty looking face on the sideline from Arians should be good for at least a 10-spot to the opposing team.

  7. Correct me if I’m wrong, but did Brady somehow give up 350+yds to Mahomes in the 1st half by himself? The Bucs have bigger problems than Brady

  8. Now you know why the Steelers “retired” Arians many years back. They knew he was going to get Roethlisberger killed with that offense. And Ben was still a young man then. With Arians he was the most sacked QB in the league. After Arians he’s been in one of the least sacked. Arians got Carson Palmer beaten into retirement and Brady is next…he’s is getting hit after almost every throw. Only a matter of time until he breaks a hip.

  9. The question should have been – “hey Tom when do you think ownership in Tampa will finally figure out that the problem is the red faced guy on the sidelines” Tom’s answer would have been exactly the same, because Tom is the ultimate professional regardless of what the haters say, but it still would have been good for a laugh

  10. Whoever actually calls the Plays for the Bucs needs to be fired. The only Reason the Bucs got back into that game is because like the Bucs the Chiefs are Pass happy Morons.
    The Bucs ran 5 times in a loss to the Saints. They ran 13 times for 78 yards today. That is stupid Football. And in the Sunday night game the Bears again were Clueless. Nagy gave up playcalling but after 2 Games Lazor is WORSE!!!!!!!!!. Young QBs old QBs it does not matter who you have at QB when you are consistently throwing it 40 to 50 times a game. That percentage just keeps dropping for teams who have run the ball less then 20 times in a game this yr. 9-43-1 while with 4 pushes the team that is more balanced, run balanced or run heavy then opponent is 134-36-1 Don’t know who leads the league in running less then 20 times. The Eagles have done it 3 times and played in 4 games that it has happened they are 0-3-1.

  11. The best thing the Bucs can do is fire Arians at the end of the season and take a look at hiring Josh McDaniels. I get the Bill tree has not been much good. But that would ensure Brady comes back.
    Send Bruce packing into retirement. You would do him a favor.


    2) THE OFFENSIVE LINE (though getting better)
    3) NO MOTION

  13. I’ve noticed the past two weeks that Brady frequently looks at the play chart on his left arm in the huddle, something we seldom saw him do in New England; it struck me as “odd”. He just doesn’t seem as “smooth” and confident with that offense. He’s had some pretty good weapons, but doesn’t seem to have the success you would expect, and “age” isn’t the problem.

    Byron Leftwich is no Josh McDaniels

  14. Bruce Arrogance certainly is the crux of the problem for sure. If you’re not smart enough to play to the GOAT’s strengths, demanding that he continue bombing downfield because it’s what you like, you get what you create. I still haven’t figured out what “success” he has displayed over the years that made him a hot commodity in the 1st place.

  15. It wasn’t Brady who let Hill pile up 159 yards in the first quarter.
    Defense wins championships, and the Bucs need one.

  16. When you swallow 17 points in Q1 you better not point fingers towards your QB. I mean 345 yards 3 TD-s and 2 INT-s is a decent production. And if you try to put your QB in a situation where he feels confortible then you may cut those 2INT-s to zero. But first learn to own your results and don’t throw you players under the bus. BB never did and at the end of the day the decisionmakers will know how good you are based on your results not based on your talk.

  17. Offense clearly doesn’t mesh with Brady’s still considerable skill set and Arians is just as clearly too rigid….and multi-time failure Todd Bowles defense is a massive failure with massive talent on board.

  18. Same coach, two radically different QBs, same results.

    Doesn’t take a lot of work to do the math.

    Then try doing the math, Brady is on pace for 37td 14 ints a far cry from Winston and they have a winning record despite dropping 3 of the last 4

  19. He is a square peg trying to be driven into a round hole in Arians’ offense. Many of the plays called are not ones he is good at. Having him throw vertical long bombs has not been a part of his game for many years. This is a poor QB/coach pairing. I blame the coaches more than Brady.

  20. The Bucs gave a ton of yards but they gave just 27 points, the Bucs’ defense doesn’t get any help from the offense when they really need it. Bucs punted 4 times on the first 5 drives, no long drives to just give the defense some rest, the Chiefs had the ball for close to 37 mins. The offense does not create any easy throws to begin with to get some first downs. It’s so different when you watch the Chiefs, 49ers, Saints or the Rams. No wonder Brady’s first choice was to play for Kyle Shanahan.

  21. Mike Evans seems oblivious. Great athlete who has no idea what a hot route entails. After the interception when Brady went over to talk about it he had no idea what Brady was talking about. This season I think Brady and Belichick realize what they had with each other. Their success was a result of their accumulated knowledge of the game and execution. The sum was greater then the parts.

  22. Why is it so bad to call out what’s happening? Brady does not hang in there long enough to deliver the ball with the timing that it takes. He doesn’t want to take the hits, so he gets rid of the ball early because his body doesn’t bounce back from hits. His coach doesn’t seem to understand that and he didn’t understand it when Ben R. Was his quarterback and was taking way too many hits. Bruce A. does not conform to what a qb’s skill set has to offer. He has one expectation of how his offense is to run and he expects the quarterback to be able to execute. His qb is now a short pass and bail out guy with flashes of what use to be, but nothing consistent. Even if he has an arsenal of receivers he is not mobile enough to extend plays and cannot hang in the pocket long enough to both make the pass and absorb the hit.

  23. When referring to BA you should start referring to coaching with quotes. Just because you have a Ferrari doesn’t mean you always peg it. He needs to run the ball more and throw more short and intermediate routes. The objective is to score points and his offense is very predictable right now. When you don’t run the ball effectively and throw your QB into seven step drops you’re going to (1) get your QB killed and (2) pile up the interceptions.

  24. Unlike so many people, I respect Tom Brady. He doesn’t throw anyone under the bus — ever. This was a great answer to a tough question, in my opinion.
    As for Bruce Arians, I have long thought that he is not a great coach.

  25. I was glad Romo was the color guy yesterday, because he illustrated some of the real problems. As he said, it’s not that Brady can’t make the throws, even well downfield. But he’s getting instant and constant pressure. It’s a miracle he was able to get off some of the passes yesterday, and yet he not only did, but he connected on quite a few of them. The offense and defense clicked in the second half and they were in a position to tie or win.

    The coaches need to focus on reducing pressure on Brady. More play action would help. Brady has always had a lot of success with play action, but the Bucs are 18th in play action plays, and that’s with the Bucs playing one more game than everybody but the Panthers.

    Whatever is said at the podium, I hope Arians and Leftwich use the bye week to take a long hard look at the film and see that they have been standing in the way of a more effective offense.

  26. This year will be Brady’s best chance for success with the Bucs–next year he will be another year older with fewer offensive weapons most likely. The Bucs will not move on from Arians to placate Tom for one more year.

  27. Leftwich’s offensive scheme is offensive. They should be running the ball and using short – intermediate routes to set up the 20 plus yrd passes. Brady has NO time and is getting hit 2 of every 3 plays due to holding the ball. BTW- Arians has been around a long time yet wasn’t named the Colts permanent HC after Pagano, for a reason….

  28. Plain and simple. Brady is being victimized by poor coaching. Trying to fit a round peg into a square hole, Bruce Arians is trying to convert a 43 year old QB, who won 3 MVP’s and 6 Superbowls by mastering a particular offense, into a different kind of quarterback working in a different offensive system.

    Hello…stick with what works!

    A mirror image of its coach, the team is undisciplined and can’t seem to figure out obvious answers to simple problems.

    There’s a reason Arians has never won anything and you can see why, every Sunday when you watch a Buc’s game.

  29. Peyton Manning must be laughing out load at the current QB verses coach situation in Tampa Bay. We should all remember how much reporting there was on the collaboration between Adam Gase and Peyton Manning to develop the offense for Peyton Manning’s comfort level. The success they had going to the Super Bowl got Adam Gase placed on the NFL map as a head coach. Bruce Arians does not have the same flexible mind regarding the HOF bound Tom Brady. However to be fair we should realize that Manning and Gase had a training camp in Denver without this current pandemic.

  30. The Patriots knew how to take advantage of what Brady can still do effectively which was get the ball out quick to RBs and slots . Last year the Patriots leading receivers were White with 72 and Edleman with 100 with the rest of the receivers were at 29 receptions or less . Arians wants Brady to hold onto the ball to take shots down the field . Not wise behind an iffy OL with a QB who has limited movement and arm strength . Arians is too stubborn to realize his system isn’t going to work with Brady consistently so the struggles will continue . Watching the game yesterday some of Brady’s throws down the field had almost as much hang time as a punt . Brady’s ego led him to choose an offense and he’s physically not capable of running which we are now seeing .

  31. If you have the CPU team in Madden play the Arians offense, the QB stands around aimlessly while all the receivers run deep on every play before either being sacked or throwing an INT. Just saying!

  32. saintsgotrobbedandwereinthesameboatpart2 says:
    November 29, 2020 at 11:05 pm
    You say that now but if they get the Saints in the playoffs, they will win.


    Saints beat them twice by a combined score of 72-26. What will be different in January?

  33. If Belichick was coaching the Brady-led Buccaneers they would be better than 7-5. Maybe Arians should throw himself under the bus once in awhile…

  34. Looks like its a bad fit for Brady. Ariens is not flexible with his offense. A good coach will fit his system around the strengths of the QB, not the other way around.

  35. Brady chose to go there…. he knew what type of coach they had & still chose to go there….. maybe, just maybe, Brady thought he could dictate the offense based on his past glory & BA is there to prove that HE dictates the offense no matter what a player’s history has shown…. two huge EGOS that are clashing behind the scenes….. throw in AB & the ticking time bomb is getting ready to go off….. it’s just a matter of a bit more time & a couple more losses

  36. Is there another coach in the NFL who would basically go out of his way to NOT implement the offense that made Brady the GOAT? It’s like Arians thinks they’ll get extra style points by winning with square pegs in round holes. It’d be one thing if Arians had won a ton of titles with his system but he’s never won anything and his QBs habitually throw a ton of interceptions. His way doesn’t work. It’s exciting and it’ll produce some highlights but at the end of the day you lose the big game with a ton of turnovers.

  37. Brady should have done more to contain Mahomes and Hill. He was just standing around when all that happened.

  38. If Belichick or Payton or Reid were coaching that roster, no frigginn way they would have been down 31-0 at halftime to the Saints a few weeks ago. No way they give up 200 yards receiving yards in the 1st quarter yesterday. The Bucs have a talented, athletic roster that should be better than 7-5.

    The Browns are 8-3 with an inferior roster and certainly an inferior QB. Why? In part due to a somewhat easier schedule, but mostly because their ROOKIE HC has the team focused, disciplined, and they don’t beat themselves.

  39. Tons of hate here for Brady and Arians. I’m sure you’ll be excited when one of your teams gets them in round 1? Yea right. You’ll be wishing u caught Arizona or the rams instead. Facts.

  40. TB12 and Belichick both now probably quietly recognize what so many suspected. They are both great and would have been better off together than apart. Sadly, they could not figure this out until after the “divorce”.

  41. Brady has never been one to air dirty laundry to the media and he’s not going to start now. It does seem that he and Arians aren’t clicking,but he’s the one who made the decision to turn his world upside-down after 20 years. The Bucs may have a lot of nice pieces to field a winner,but it takes time…and sometimes the pieces just don’t fit.

  42. Listening to Romo describe some of the issues with the Bucs Offense was pretty enlightening.

    No motion means no pre-snap reads so Brady can’t adjust pre-snap and direct the receivers and they don’t know how/when he needs for them to adjust. It’s like they’re a pick up team for a sandlot game. They’re just not on the same page when they need to be, and that’s failure of coaching, plain and simple.

  43. Brady didn’t give up over 200 yards to Tyreek Hill the last time I checked. He’s the only reason this game was close. Bucs need to start running the ball more Ronald Jones was getting yardage Leftwich and Arians are being dumb with play calling. They should be fine so long as they actually have balance on offense although Arians will whine enough where that might not happen.

  44. Arians number one problem,look at his record. Leftwich not exactly a good play caller. The D is slow. Of course easy to blame Brady.All fools down in FLA!

  45. It’s funny how people claim he’s the goat but he can’t throw a deep ball to save his life. Plus why should you tailor an offense to the so called goat? If he’s that good he could play in any offense.

  46. jjmurphy1127b says:
    November 30, 2020 at 12:00 pm
    TB12 and Belichick both now probably quietly recognize what so many suspected. They are both great and would have been better off together than apart. Sadly, they could not figure this out until after the “divorce”.

    But they weren’t. And that is the point. As Belichick stated, they had used up all their cap space to take a few final shots at a title, and got 3 out of it. Then he knew they had to reload. Brady moved to a place with more talent. But without a good offseason it’s just not there yet offensively or defensively. This team teams that are mostly intact from prior years are doing well, or better than teams that made big changes. It’s 2020 written in football. As far as the Patriots go, they were low on talent to begin with, then had a league high 8 players opt out. That was a non starter right away. Add in the lack of offseason work and it’s about what it looks like. On to next year.

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