Adam Gase denies taking back offensive playcalling in testy press conference

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Before Sunday’s game between the Jets and Dolphins, Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported that Jets head coach Adam Gase would return to calling the team’s offensive plays after handing the duties over to offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains a few weeks ago.

After the 20-3 loss to Miami was in the books, Gase was asked about whether he was calling the plays during an extended exchange with reporters at his press conference. Gase denied that he’d taken back the role and that the team did “the same thing the last four games.”

It was pointed out that Loggains “wasn’t doing anything” on the sideline and didn’t have a play sheet. Gase said he was relaying Loggains’ calls while admitting that he does call some plays.

“He tells me,” Gase said. “It’s not hard. This is not hard. You go through it the drive before. ‘Hey, these are the three plays.’ I do the third downs.”

Gase was then asked what happens after those three plays as a reporter pointed out that Loggains was talking to another assistant on the bench while the Jets had the ball in the second half.

“When we got down, then I was trying to do some of the two minute stuff,” Gase said.

The Jets picked up 260 yards while falling to 0-11 on the season, so it’s not too surprising that no one would be rushing to take credit for pulling the strings of the league’s worst offense.

10 responses to “Adam Gase denies taking back offensive playcalling in testy press conference

  1. Loggains didn’t even have a play sheet.

    When the Jets were on O, he was standing on the sideline with his arms folded.

    Gase was clearly calling the plays – mostly a gazillion dive plays to Frank Gore.

  2. He’s incompetent and lying about it. His explanation makes no sense except in his head.

    He thought his lie was safe because the Jets always go 3 and out. The OC is just collecting a pay check until he is looking for a new job next year.

  3. The clueless Johnsons really have to sell the Jets. It’s not fair to the players or the fans to keep this guy on when he is clearly in way over his head.

  4. At this point just stay the course and keep Adam and go 0 and 16. there is no sense in risking not getting the number one pick by firing Adam Gase and bringing in a new head coach.

  5. i’m guessing joe douglas’ patience has run out for this goof, despite the fact that gase probably had some say in him getting the g.m. job.

  6. Gase and Loggains were awful in Miami. They are awful in NY. There are a plethora of subpar former Miami offensive coaches in this league. I watched mediocre offense after mediocre offense. How these guys are at the helm of offenses in this league is beyond me.


    I’m sure I’m forgetting some mediocre guys. But these guys are all prominent offensive coaches that are just that…offensive. Yet, these guys get rehashed. Ugly…

  7. He is lying to cover his butt. Trying to pass the blame “ see, I’m not calling the offense”
    How can any player or coach have any respect for this guy. He is absolutely over his head. What a joke!
    Gase got lucky with Manning and has done nothing since. I would take Rich Kotite over this clown any day. Kotite was honest and did not make excuses. Sadly the Jets are such a poorly led organization there is a legitimate chance Gase comes back next year, probably with an extension.

  8. new york area sports franchises are a license to print money. they don’t have to try to win to be wildly profitable, so some of them, the knicks and jets in particular, just can’t be bothered to try.

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