Allen Robinson hints at leaving Chicago on social media

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The Bears’ best wide receiver, Allen Robinson, is slated to become a free agent in March. The Bears may have a tough time keeping him.

Robinson’s social media activity after the Bears’ ugly loss to the Packers on Monday night included liking several tweets in which people told him he should leave Chicago for teams that would better use his skills.

Robinson is in the final year of the three-year, $42 million contract he signed with the Bears in 2018. He’ll be one of the top free agent wide receivers available in 2021.

Robinson’s agent has urged the Bears to throw him the damn ball in the red zone.

The Bears may be only weeks away from a major house cleaning, and it’s unclear who will even be calling the shots in Chicago next year. But it seems fair to say he wants to go somewhere with a better quarterback situation than Chicago currently has.

20 responses to “Allen Robinson hints at leaving Chicago on social media

  1. The Bears are a hot mess. The offence is the worst in the league, and now it looks like the defense has given up on the team.

    Rodgers had so much time to throw the ball, it was as if there was no defense.

    Nagy lost the team. It’s time to tear it all down and rebuild…everything.

  2. He always looked good in a plain helmet with a stripe down the middle and no logo on either side…hmmm.

  3. Robinson whined about the offense in Jacksonville and not having a good quarterback. So his solution to that was signing a contract to play with Mitch Trubisky.

    I can’t wait to see the next NFL team that makes Robinson unhappy.

  4. He’ll only be 28 at the start of the ’21 season, but unfortunately the cap will probably hamper any huge deals from a contender. All of the playoff-caliber teams are already pushed to the cap limit the cap will be $20+Mil less in ’21.

  5. Can’t the Bears franchise him if they want? Not sure they’d want to though seeing as how they’ve got no QB.

  6. I’d say the chances are extremely good that Robinson will “follow the money” to another last place team with lots of cap space and, more than likely, an even worse quarterback.

  7. there will be room in KC for a Team Friendly contact next year…
    feel like playing catch with mahomes?

  8. I understand his frustration. At the same time, Robinson chose his choice when he took the money to sign in Chicago. This is a team that has gone through more QBs than any other team in recent years and has seldom had consistently competent play at the position. What did he realistically expect? Robinson’s case reminds me a great deal of Muhsin Muhammed a generation ago. Muhammed signed the big money deal with the Bears in 05 and suffered through three mediocre years catching passes from Rex Grossman and Kyle Orton.

  9. Bears will be over the cap by around $6M in 2021 (a lot of teams will have issues). Robinson can’t be resigned. He’s gone. Bears cap doesn’t look good until 2022 so sit back and enjoy another rebuild.

  10. He’s gotta put in work for those contested catches. When the QB is struggling, help him out.

    I’m fairly certain it’s been 3 huge catches that have had issue. Oh well, good luck next year, we can’t afford you anyway.

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