Asked whether he considered benching Jared Goff, Sean McVay doesn’t quickly dismiss it

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The 7-4 Rams went 2-2 in November. In the two losses, quarterback Jared Goff hasn’t played well.

A day after coach Sean McVay said that Goff must take better care of the ball, McVay was asked whether he considered yanking Goff in either of those two losses, to the Dolphins and the 49ers.

“If I thought it was going to be the best thing to just take a deep breath and step away, then I’d say, maybe,” McVay said. “But not in either of those situations, because both of those reflected kind of having an opportunity where there was enough plays made to get back in it. The Dolphins game, maybe a little bit different, but I thought it was important to be able to play through some of those things, learn from it, especially just based on some of the things that they were activating defensively.

“Yesterday, each of those situations that occurred that that ended up hurting us, were kind of different in their own right. All of them happened to be versus a man-coverage type of situation, the three turnovers that he had. Really for us, we got back in that game where we had a good little bit of momentum on that drive, that you get the big play to [receiver] Cooper [Kupp], then you end up hitting [receiver] Josh Reynolds and then we just kind of missed hitting a touchdown to [running back] Darrell Henderson which ended up getting it to 17-6. Then Aaron [Donald] does an unbelievable job of forcing the fumble [which resulted in a touchdown] and then the next thing you know, the next drive you get, that’s where you see [running back] Cam [Akers] break a 61-yarder and he has a tough, hard red-zone run that two plays later, you punch it in and then you’re looking up and you’re winning the game.

“Yesterday that was never part of the consideration nor was it really for Miami, to answer your question.”

What’s stunning about McVay’s answer is that it was so long. When a team has a true franchise quarterback and a reporter asks the coach whether he considered benching the franchise quarterback, the coach doesn’t engage in an extended monologue explain when asked why it didn’t happen. He simply says, “Because that’s our quarterback,” or possibly something far less tactful.

This doesn’t mean Goff is in danger of being benched (his backup is John Wolford of the “Who The Hell Is That?” Wolfords), but McVay’s failure to dismiss the question in knee-jerk style is telling.

10 responses to “Asked whether he considered benching Jared Goff, Sean McVay doesn’t quickly dismiss it

  1. I live in Los Angeles. McVay is known to give extremely long-winded answers. His general manager is exactly the same way.
    You can ask them one question and have time to make a sandwich while they’ll still be talking.

  2. His answer isn’t stunning at all. It’s well thought out and perfectly reasonable, if anything

  3. If McVay had an elite QB (Rogers, Wilson, Brees, Mahomes, Murray, etc.), the Rams would be a juggernaut. Instead, they have Goff. He’s good, but not great. As a Seahawks fan, I’m thankful that LA gave Goff a fat contract. If they had a better QB, they’d be 1st place in the NFC West right now.

  4. Goff has been hot and cold. The Rams seemingly run a college offense with all the jet sweep action and short passes to WRs on slants, etc. My thinking is that their Oline isn’t very good at pass blocking for more than 3 seconds. Goff is constantly under early pressure, and is not an elite on-the-run thrower like the Hawks have.
    Most teams defend with base or nickel against the Rams 4 wide looks. That’s a sign that the play-calling is based on something other than Goff’s weaknesses.

  5. Maybe McVey doesn’t want to give soundbite answers, which are pointless and annoying. Also, benching your franchise QB because of a couple of bad games is a bad precedent and bad for Goff, and the team’s morale in general. Plus – replace him with a nobody (no offense to Wolford), why?

    One could also look at this situation and ask why LA has a nobody as their backup? There are plenty of experienced backups – so why not pay to have one? It’s a stupid position to underspend on.

  6. no it’s not. he gives you a short answer, you guys get mad. He gives you a long answer, he’s going to bench Goff… can’t win with this media that only reports opinions rather than facts.

  7. As I have said before and I’ll say it again now, I do not believe a word Sean McVay says and I love every minute of it!

  8. Bench Goff and find out how the back up is…then trade the bum…he is terrible…stands back there like a deer in the headlights and can not read a defense to save his butt!

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