Bruce Arians on Tom Brady comments: “It’s not criticism, it’s honesty”

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Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians usually doesn’t mince words. In recent days, Arians has sprinkled some passive-aggression into his comments about quarterback Tom Brady.

Speaking to Tracy Wolfson of CBS in advance of Sunday’s Chiefs-Bucs game, Arians did his best Marie Barone impersonation.

“It’s not criticism, it’s honesty,” Arians said regarding his honest criticism of Brady.

Arians and Brady separately told Wolfson that the two men have a good relationship. But what else would they say? “I hate his guts”?

Speaking to Mike Silver of NFL Media, Arians shed more light on the perceived/actual tension between the Tampa Bay hold-the-ball, no risk it/no biscuit offense and the spread ’em out and throw it quickly attack that Brady presumably prefers. Echoing and amplifying his remarks from last week, Arians said that Brady is picking the plays that the offense runs.

Is that on the sideline, in the huddle, at the line of scrimmage?

“All of the above,” Arians said, “and it’s been that way for a while now. . . . We call what he picks.”

Brady has been the ultimate professional in the face of these contact public barbs, even though he never faced public barbs during two decades in New England. Indeed, Bill Belichick crafted his infamous “on to Cincinnati” mantra after a disastrous prime-time performance against the Chiefs in 2014, one in which honesty from Belichick would have resulted in plenty of criticism for Brady.

Instead, there was none.

Where it goes from here for Arians and Brady remains to be seen. As the Bucs enter their bye week, however, it could be time for someone named Glazer to explain to Arians that the organization very much wants Brady to return for 2021, when the team can actually fill the stadium (presumably) with paying customers.

Put simply, in the game of box-office rock-paper-scissors, Brady is the rock and Arians is the scissors.

28 responses to “Bruce Arians on Tom Brady comments: “It’s not criticism, it’s honesty”

  1. Honestly, Tom Brady isn’t going anywhere for 2021. On the other hand, YOU ARE, Bruce Arians.

  2. you cant be letting box office sales dictate the course of the team. brady is obviously your best option this year, and most likely next year, but he’ll be 44. at some point if you plan on keeping arians longer than past next year, you let him coach. that said, arians needs to work to tom’s skillset and not be stubborn about the plays being called

  3. It’s been an awful offense to watch with no rhythm unless Jones is running the ball well. Possible smelling like a divorce at the end of their first season together because they honestly cant put enough good stuff together to keep from being criticized.

  4. When Arians claims that Brady is doing the play calling, frankly I just don’t believe it. But unlike Arians, Brady never airs this stuff in public, so you’ll never get him to contradict BA.

  5. Anybody who watched Arians in Arizona could see this coming. He loves nothing more than the sound of his own voice and absolutely everything is somebody else’s fault. I’m sure he’s a great guy as long as they’re winning every week but when tough times come he cannot wait to call out others.

  6. Is Arien’s public “honesty” Twitter style talk conducive to winning or does it plant a seed of resentment in players where they subconsciously do not want the coach to succeed? It does not take much to dull the edge.

  7. There is a jinx involved here. No team has ever played in a Super Bowl that was held in their home stadium. So, the Buccaneers will never make it..

  8. Why even go after Brady? I mean, you plug him in and run an offense completely nothing like he’s done, and not even try to implement anything from his 20 years of dominance. Also, you’re putting a 43 year old behind a terrible OL and not letting him run his style of play.

    BA is a joke. His QB’s put up monster yards/TD numbers because he asks them to grip and rip the ball 30, 40, 50 yards down the field.

  9. Tom went there to finally be appreciated and to have fun. Not to mention to have all the weapons he could want. He looks anything but someone having fun.

  10. Arians is a blowhard and a terrible coach. Check the stats.I love the buccaneers losing again everybody crowned them Super bowl champs

  11. If there’s any change, everyone knows it will be Arians who is out and Brady who is staying. That’s the way it should be, because Arians would do well to let the best and most cerebral quarterback ever run the offense that suits him and the skill players he has the most effective way possible. You give Brady a few weeks to figure this out and there’s no reason they aren’t hot going into the playoffs. No one will want to draw them in round one.

    I always thought the best fit for Brady was Tennessee, and Arians stubbornness lack of coaching ability and attitude is proving me right.

  12. You know, for the yards the Chiefs put up, they only scored 27 pts. Yes, that is certainly respectable but they only won by a field goal. Given the hype being written about this game, I expected more.

    As for T.B. and B.A. the fact that Tom chose the Buccs does not mean Bruce chose Tom. Maybe he did…but maybe he didn’t. I don’t know.

    One thing is certain however. Before Brady signed anything, coach and prospective QB damn sure talked about the offense scheme to be employed. Say what you want about both men and their respective situations. Tom wanted to be in Tampa Bay and he knew what offense he would be playing in. Neither man can rightfully claim surprise.

  13. Lifetime Bucs fan here, these moves like getting Brady never work out. This was the Bucs last ditch effort to win and it’s not working out. This season was easy to spot coming eight months ago. This season is basically shaping up to be a first round exit in the playoffs. 2021 probably won’t be any better. I’m getting ready for a complete teardown of the Bucs in 2022. Arians and Brady and probably Jason Licht gonna all be gone. Getting ready for the Bucs to be irrelevant again. Tom Brady came to Florida and already retired. We just don’t know it yet.

  14. Gotta admit I’m finding this surprising. The GOAT has the weapons and they have a decent defense. Thought Arians was a “fun-loving” loose wild and crazy guy too. I guess that’s only when he wins. Oh well…I’ve had enough of Brady winning. I think he should call it a day too.

  15. A coach who has won all of 1 playoff game constantly ripping Brady like its all his fault is some funny stuff.

  16. So people are still pretending the Glazers aren’t incompetent? They’re not going to tell either of them anything.

  17. Brady goes to an All-Star offensive team with his boyfriend Gronk and he makes them average …..hmmmm!

  18. Andy Reid is a Pass Happy Coach Chiefs 52 pass plays 20 runs that got the Bucs back in the game. The Bucs ran the ball 13 times the entire game and had like 44 pass plays.
    you have 5 teams with winning records hovering around that 60% pass mark
    then you have 15 teams with losing records hovering around there some way over it at 65, 66 or 67 percent even.

  19. Its Bradys team thats why he went their to make the end of his career all about him and his brand. You make your bed you have to lay in it.

  20. Brady and the offense definitely need to play better But I am more concerned about the pass defense. 2 weeks ago against the Rams they allowed 11 receptions to Kupp for 145 yds, and 12 catches to Woods for 130 yds. Then against the Chiefs they allowed 13 catches to Hill for 269 yds and another 8 to Kelce for 82 yds. The total passing yards allowed in 2 games combined was 838 yds.

    Also worth noting – this past weekend the 49er’s made Jared Goff look terrible. He turned the ball over 3 times, was held under 200 yds, and had a 10.1 QBR. McVay even mentioned that benching Goff was not completely out of the question.

    So let’s not think that just Brady and the offense are the culprit here. Far from it.

  21. Arians is not even being honest about it being ‘honesty’. [g]. If you are going to tell the truth, you should really tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And it is criticism. No one in any field, sports, business, teachers, no one works well, with having their work critiqued to the public in a press conference. TB12 can tolerate it, but how he feels behind closed doors….I just hope he is speaking his mind to Arians.

    It’s dishonest because he has focused on Brady as the problem and not once said anything about his own lack of good performance.

    It’s dishonest because he actually said Brady was picking the plays. I don’t believe that at all. If he were the offense would look nothing like this. And maybe they are giving him a choice between this play and that, but he’s not designing the offensive play. Arians, still trying to deflect blame.

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