Bruce Arians thinks Ronald Jones needs 20 touches a game

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Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians has had a lot to say about quarterback Tom Brady recently, but he turned his attention to another player on the offense Monday.

Running back Ronald Jones has had 20 touches as the Bucs have lost to the Rams and Chiefs over the last two weeks. On Monday, Arians said he thinks Jones’ two-game total should be his weekly workload.

“I don’t think there’s any doubt. He needs to have 20 touches,” Arians said, via Carmen Vitali of the team’s website.

Jones had 103 yards on his 10 touches against the Chiefs, but Arians said that playing from behind and needing to throw the ball led to Jones playing a limited role this week. That leads to one obvious suggestion about how to get the ball into Jones’ hands.

Leonard Fournette played 33 snaps to Jones’ 21 on Sunday and most of Fournette’s playing time comes in passing situations. Fournette hasn’t done much with the role — 28 catches for 171 yards — but Jones had a 37-yard touchdown catch while Fournette produced 10 yards on three catches against the Chiefs.

15 responses to “Bruce Arians thinks Ronald Jones needs 20 touches a game

  1. Bruce “I throw anyone under the bus and refuse to accept responsibility” Arains has spoke again.

  2. Uhhhhh Bruce, you’re the coach. You do realize you can make that happen instead of all your backhanded comments you keep making right?

  3. Bruce must be playing catch-up with his DVR. Seems like he’s repeating what’s been said after their last 3 prime-time games.

  4. Bruce “offensive guru” Arians can make pre-game and in-game adjustments. Do these things that you talk about post-game prior.

  5. Why would any coach tell the public and opposition what they should or will do?

    Most of these guys are not smart enough to learn from the greats.

  6. It’s Obvious the Bucs offense runs much better with Ronald Jones, than it does with Fournette. It makes no sense the way the Bucs have gone away from using ROJO at times this season.

  7. Arians walks around and acts like a coach who has won multiple super bowls, when has won none.

  8. Bruce Arians thinks Tom Brady gets confused by coverages. Arians should shut up and coach better.

  9. Blame your terrible playcaller, you know the guy whose agent is paying off people in the media, proclaiming that he’s the NFL’s next great head coach.

  10. Amazing the criticism this guy has for his legendary QB that at the age of 43 is top 5 in all major passing categories with 3300 yards, 28 TDs, and 11 INTs through 12 games playing in a brand new system that expects the QB to go through progressions (deep to short) in exactly the opposite way than he did it for 20 years (short to deep). Not to mention the completely new verbiage.

    Their offense is fine if they just updated it for the 21st century by using more motion both pre-snap and at the snap to help diagnose and confuse defenses instead of just lining up straight. They could also use a lot more play action than they have been, which they have actually been very efficient on when they run it.

    Every first down it seems they run up the middle out of a heavy package. Every third and short they go empty with Brady in the shotgun. Why not use play action once in a while in those situations? Defense is a lot harder if you don’t know what the offense is going to do before the snap!

  11. When asked about the lack of motion, Arians actually said that “some QBs don’t like motion. Peyton Manning didn’t like motion.” Maybe that explains Peyton’s lack of SB wins despite his talent.

    P.S. Peyton didn’t win a SB while Arians was his QB coach. Need a stout OL if you are not going have motion and Buccaneers don’t have that.

    Arians is useless.

  12. “I don’t think there’s any doubt. He needs to have 20 touches,” Arians said.

    Yes Bruce we know, but you are the coach and can literally make that happen. Why think, go and do it.

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