Darrell Bevell “jacked up” for chance to be a head coach

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Darrell Bevell had some interviews for head coaching positions when he was the Seahawks’ offensive coordinator, but he never landed one of the jobs.

Bevell will now get a chance to show what he can do as a head coach on an interim basis in Detroit. He got bumped up into the position when the Lions fired Matt Patricia on Saturday and Bevell said he’s looking forward to the chance to show what he can do in the position.

“I’m super excited,” Bevell said, via Rod Beard of the Detroit News. “I’m kind of jacked up for this opportunity. . . . I’ve got five shots to be able to show what I can do. That’ll be my sole focus.”

Bevell will continue to call the offensive plays while taking on his new responsibilities. He’ll get his first spin in the new gig against the Bears in Week 13.

14 responses to “Darrell Bevell “jacked up” for chance to be a head coach

  1. If anyone hires this guy as a head coach, they should relinquish ownership of their team. This guy was responsible for the single-worst play call in NFL history and then doubled-down on it post-game saying he’d make the exact same call if presented the opportunity again.

  2. How hard will it be to go against a team without a QB. Trubiski has about 5 games left and his football career is all but over. He just is not NFL quality material

  3. skolvikings2017 says:
    November 30, 2020 at 6:26 pm
    Sometimes coaches are better off as not HC’s and Bevell is one of them.
    Bevell is also better off for not being an OC.

  4. Bevell is actually a heck of a good OC and could be a really good HC in the right circumstance. Let’s not forget he’s the guy that led the Seahawk offense to the playoffs with a rookie QB and followed that up with two straight SB’s. His biggest problem was his o-line wasn’t valued nearly enough and every year he would lose one or two guys and then be expected to replace them with mid-to-late round rookies or leftover FA’s. He has the ability, I just hope the players rally behind him because he’s a good guy that was stuck with a horrible leader in Patricia.

  5. Bevell may benefit as most teams rally when the HC is fired. This team hasn’t won a playoff game in 3 decades, so we shall see if Bevell can generate a boost.

  6. The Lions stench is now attached to him. Very few coaches escape the Lions and have a continuing career in football. schwartz seems to have done best and he’s ripping it up in Philly. Look how good they’ve been lately.

  7. Bevell is a Badger so is assured of a great career as a head coach — he had great training. On Wisconsin! Forward! Varsity!

  8. Bevell go back to what worked for you in Seattle Run the ball!!!!!!!!!!!!! the 60% pass philosophy game in and game out does not work. 39.2 pass plays a game for the Lions this season. 2 of the losses for the Lions they ran it less then 20 times. That is very very very bad Football Mojo. Those under 20 Rush attempt teams are 9-44-1.

  9. It’s telling that he thinks this is a “great opportunity” & didn’t say he feels bad that they didn’t do well enough to keep the HC/GM from being fired. He should have focused on “helping this current team/players to be as successful & competitive as possible.”

  10. This proves what a motivator Darrell Bevell can be-

    “So what if we have the best RB in football? Let’s run a quick slant. What could go wrong?”

    1.7 million people in New England explode off their couches and bar stools. Now that’s motivation.

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