Fears emerge of potential wildcat strike on Tuesday night

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As the NFL continues to monitor the Ravens-Steelers situation to determine whether to proceed with Tuesday night’s game, a new fear has emerged: Ravens players may refuse to play, if the game isn’t moved again.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, there are concerns of a potential wildcat strike by the Ravens.

Such a maneuver, if it happens, would pull the pin on a potentially complex legal grenade. The NFL would argue that it’s an illegal strike, violating both the CBA and the agreement struck in early August to allow the season to proceed. The NFL Players Association would likely counter by claiming that the delays coupled with the refusal to let the Ravens properly prepare creates a physical safety risk sufficient to justify refusing to play.

The stakes would potentially be very high. The NFL, based on financial losses absorbed to date in 2020, could choose to rip up the agreement that allows the season to be played and scrap the balance of the season. Although that’s highly unlikely, the source made it clear that this possibility is squarely on the NFLPA’s radar-screen of potential concerns, in large part because no one knows how much money the various teams truly are or aren’t making (or losing) this season. If the league is swimming in red ink, this could be an easy way to stop the bleeding.

Some believe the threat of a wildcat strike will result in the Ravens-Steelers game being nudged to Wednesday or possibly Thursday. If the game is moved again, Pittsburgh’s Week 13 game against Washington would then move to Monday, at the earliest.

The situation still remains very fluid, but the new wildcard has become the possibility of a wildcat strike. The league may choose to appease players who have concerns about playing on Tuesday night by kicking the can by another day, or two.

45 responses to “Fears emerge of potential wildcat strike on Tuesday night

  1. If they strike, make them forfeit! Per the agreed upon rules. Why should the Steelers continue to be punished for the Ravens (and Titans) transgressions? This is total BS!!

  2. Remember when wentz was losing week after week In 2018 and Everyone blamed everyone except wentz and they said foles wouldn’t fix the problems? Then foles takes over and wins with same team that sucked with wentz

  3. or the NFL will call it a forfeit and move on to next week. The game will end up like Sunday’s NO vs Denver anyway, so does it really need to be played to know who’s going to win?

  4. Its football. Get on the field and play a game for 3 hours. Your customers have ZERO appetite for your pity this year to play a ball game for huge money.

  5. Make them forfeit the game. They are acting like a bunch of prima Donna’s. The broncos showed up and played with honor. Ravens can do the same.

  6. The Ravens put themselves in this situation. If they don’t want to play tomorrow they should be forced to forfeit.

  7. Sounds like their mystery source is someone with the Ravens who doesn’t want to see the Ravens get demolished on Tuesday.

  8. I doubt they will strike, but if they do, it will be one ugly strain on the relationship. For a longboard time to come.

  9. Im sorry, but this is getting to be a bit much. The Broncos just played a game without a QB…they didnt threaten to strike. Players need to play the game if they are cleared. I dont see any excuse for the Ravens “refusing to play”. If thats the case, then forfeit the game and move on.

  10. If the players truly play hard for pride and want the best chance possible to win, I could buy this argument. Most want to be paid.

    If they merely want to collect a paycheck without physical risk, all they have to do is line up from the opponent at the start of the game and say, “we are playing this game at a pro-bowl level.” Everyone knows what that means — no injuries.

    Conversations happen on every play.

  11. If they don’t want to play then make them forfeit and ineligible for the postseason even if they qualify. I suspect the penalties for not following protocols would be a lot worse too. It’s time for the players to take some responsibility as well. It’s pretty simple. Avoid contact, wash your hands, and wear a mask. I hate wearing the mask too but I have diabetes and that makes the consequences worse for me so I’m taking it seriously. It doesn’t seem as if the Ravens and Broncos are. Even worse is most of those guys have families. That means they don’t think much of their families if they are so cavalier around the facilities. Not very bright.

  12. this wouldn’t be a strike, it would be a group of individuals refusing to show up for work.

  13. MLB, NHL worked because it was during the summer when COVID numbers were nowhere near what they are now. People were outside and trying to distance. The NBA was successful because of the whole bubble concept. As predicted, the numbers are rising in the winter months due to folks wanting to get together in bars and have families over for get-togethers indoors. People have let their guard down, and that’s including the NFL players.

  14. I support players rights, and I support workers rights. Power to the people!

  15. Ravens players may refuse to play, if the game isn’t moved again.

    And the Steelers should refuse to play if it is moved again, that’s eating too much of their practice time from getting ready for their next opponet!

  16. I think the Ravens should just forfeit the game and give the Steelers another win.

  17. Forfeit. Then forfeit the rest of the season! The entire team from top to bottom wasn’t focused on Football this season! Their minds were worried about “other” things!

  18. Pretty simple, If they go on strike Give them from now until next September to properly prepare for their next game. Done for the season, players don’t get paid.
    Let them know that’s the deal and let them decide what they want to do.

  19. maximusintoxicus says:
    November 30, 2020 at 5:11 pm

    Whomever wins the Super Bowl is going to have a big fat asterisk after it anyway.

    No it won’t. It’s no different than the championships awarded after the two strike- shortened seasons in the 80s.

  20. If they don’t want to play forfeit the game and make Baltimore pay the Steelers wages for the game. Simple

  21. Nobody is going to strike. The players have too much to lose. The NFLPA doesn’t have a good record when they try to battle the NFL, so the players aren’t going to listen to them.

  22. If any team should have gone on strike to avoid playing the game it should have been the Broncos. The NFL wouldn’t postpone their game despite them not having a quarterback available to play.

  23. Broncos would’ve lost to the Saints anyway. Jeff Driskel wasn’t going to make their passing game so good they’d put up 31+ against New Orleans.

    That being said, yeah, the game was a joke. I don’t know why the Broncos couldn’t elevate a coach to let him play. If you can sign a guy off the street what is the difference?

    I guess because he’s already a coach that somehow invalidates his right to be signed as a FA at any time.

  24. Ravens should have had to forfeit after 2nd change. Now they are moving future games because of moving this game for the Ravens not following the rules. Simple. One move of a game and then the team with the positive tests forfeit. Move on.

  25. To compare with Denver is ridiculous. They were playing at home so no need to delay travel waiting on test results. Ravens were being asked to wait until day of the game to travel which no team ever does. NFL botched this one although they have done a pretty good job of making sure all games are played. Should have pushed game farther out on the first delay. By the way, if there is a forfeit, neither team’s players get paid. That simply won’t happen to all these millionaires.

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