Matt LaFleur on Aaron Rodgers: As good as I’ve ever seen anybody play

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Sunday night was the latest in a series of strong games for Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers was 21-of-29 for 211 yards and four touchdowns in a 41-25 win over the Bears. It’s the fifth time this season that Rodgers has thrown four touchdowns in a game this season and Rodgers is now leading the league with 33 touchdown passes on the season.

Rodgers said after the game that he feels “super-comfortable” in the offense and believes “the beauty in this year is the subtleties of simplicity” that head coach Matt LaFleur implemented in the offense this offseason. LaFleur saved his praise for the man at the controls.

“This is as good as I’ve ever seen anybody play,” LaFleur said, via Matt Schneidman of “Just his ability to go out there and get us in the right looks and, shoot, even when I make a bad call, he definitely makes us look good. So that’s a credit to him. In my eyes, he’s an MVP player. No doubt about it. And I wouldn’t want any other quarterback on our football team.”

Patrick Mahomes is the betting favorite to be the MVP this season, but Rodgers is doing his best to keep things interesting heading into the final month of the season.

5 responses to “Matt LaFleur on Aaron Rodgers: As good as I’ve ever seen anybody play

  1. Aaron Rodgers has been a great QB ever since he took over from Brett Favre. His teammates respect him and love playing with him because they know he makes them better. And his work ethic is second to none.
    Rodgers has many haters who find anything they can find to criticize him but the one thing I know is they’d love to have had him as their QB all these years.
    Rodgers turns 37 this week and he can still play as good as any QB in this league. I have watched virtually every snap of his career, and the one thing everyone misses is how good he is at reading defenses. He is in an elite class in reading defenses and it’s a big reason as to why he is as great as he is.
    I don’t care where anyone ranks Rodgers in today’s game or in the history of the NFL. But for this Packers team under Matt LeFleur, he is the perfect QB. There is no one else I’d want over him and I include Patrick Mahomes in that.
    Mahomes is the best QB in the NFL at this time for sure, but the Rodgers / Matt Lefleur pairing is a match made in Heaven. It’s as if they can read each others mind. As a long time Packers fan, it’s very fun to watch.
    So — I give all the props to Patrick Mahomes for what he does in every game. He is an amazing talent and plays the position as well as anyone I have ever seen. But it doesn’t take away from how great Aaron Rodgers is playing in this Packers offense. I only wish he could have played with Matt LeFleur a lot sooner. And I would bet the ranch he wishes that, too.

  2. The Packers are well known for HOF QB play.

    It’s better football………

    ……..for better people.

  3. It’s just unfair to the NFC North for the Pack to have had two HOF QBs over the past 25+ years. The poor Bears and Lions (until Stafford) never really had a solid option there. The Vikings seemed on the verge several times but always came up short. That said, the Packers have only managed two SBs so you could also argue they underachieved. All in all, I’d take their last two decades over most of the other teams.

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