Matt Nagy: Bears have soul searching to do

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At one point this season, the Bears were 5-1 and in the lead for home-field advantage throughout the NFC playoffs. Now they’re 5-6 and a game out in the wild card race. That means there are tough questions being asked in Chicago.

Bears coach Matt Nagy said after the game that his team has to look within about what has gone wrong.

“We understand where we’re at and that when you have games like this, you’ve got to figure out, you’ve got to soul-search,” Nagy said, via the Washington Post. “And you’ve got to be able to stop the bleeding. . .. Obviously the last five weeks [have] been extremely difficult. It’s not fun because we all want to win. . . . When you go through these times, how do you respond? And I think that’s the test of true character.”

The Bears’ next two games are against the Lions and Texans, two teams that have fired their coaches this season. If the Bears don’t turn things around in a hurry, Nagy may join Matt Patricia and Bill O’Brien in the unemployment line.

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  1. Soul searching? Hopefully Nagy and Pace switch to job searching. Since the beginning of his stint as GM, Pace has shown an utter contempt for experience. Kevin White was a one-year wonder, but he became the 7th overall pick. You saw the same contempt when Pace drafted Trubisky. You saw the same contempt when Pace hired Nagy, who had called 4-5 games before becoming the coach.

    It’s horrifying that these guys are still employed, let alone that they might get a chance to waste more of my time during the 2021/22 football season.

  2. The biggest problem on this team is the offensive line.
    The second biggest is the need for a quality mobile QB
    The third is play calling.

    Everyone knows that Trubisky was a huge miss. Foles is better but isn’t mobile and can’t function behind that offensive line.

    The play calling doesn’t seem to account for the line or QB. You can’t dial up deep plays when your QB is getting hit after 2 seconds every other play and you can’t run the ball up the middle when the offensive line is getting pushed back.

  3. Not that it would have mattered in the eventual outcome of this game, but I always find it amazing that the referees protect Rodgers as if he was bubble boy. But Trubiski has his face mask pulled twice on the same play, and not one referee saw it? Mack is held on about 20% of the plays, but the referees don’t see it? Even Tony Dungy made a few soft comments about it, he could not say too much because of getting in trouble with the league.

  4. It’s not a soul the team needs to search for. It’s a new GM & head coach.

  5. It’s obvious that nothing will turn around until Nagy is shown the door. The sooner the better. Nagy can & probably will bring Pace with him. Da Bears then need to get serious with their next hires… Try something new instead of the same ‘ol same ‘ol hires.

  6. Wow… Another BeatDown from Aaron Rodgers and the Packers in Prime Time. Matt Nagy got lucky in 2018, with a lot of close wins and a great defense that he inherited. Nagy’s true coaching abilities (or lack thereof) have been on full display in 2019 and this year. Play calling is weak, player usage is a joke.. Most games only David Montgomery gets any carries. Deception, trickery, surprises from the offense???…. NEVER!.. Also, player development (improvement) on offense is almost non-existent.
    The larger issue is the total failure of Ryan Pace to draft and sign players to FIX the Chicago Bears offense. At the start of 2019 and 2020, the Bears starting 11 players on offense had only ONE player, Allen Robinson II, who is rated above average. The other 10 starters are average or below (most are well below average)… The Bears offensive line has been bad for years, and it is never addressed by Ryan Pace. Jimmy Graham?.. he was good 5 years ago. Cole Kmet??… another high pick NOT being developed. Anthony Miller?… a good 4th receiver on most teams…. Darnell Mooney is the first WR selected by Pace that actually looks like he could play for another team besides the Bears…. Let’s join the Lions and start over…. AGAIN!

  7. I don’t think Mitch played too badly last night, all things considered. At least Da Bears put up 25, which is WAY better than anything in the past month or so, even if we were still smoked. But what on earth was Pagano thinking? The D didn’t show up at all! Oh – and the biased umpiring didn’t help either. Breathe on Rodgers? Roughing the passer. Mitch gets his facemask pulled at least twice – Nothing. Mack held multiple times? Nothing. SMH

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