Monday Night Football: DK Metcalf sets career-high with 177 yards in 23-17 win over Eagles

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DK Metcalf caught 10 passes for a career-high 177 yards to help carry the Seattle Seahawks to a 23-17 victory over the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night.

Metcalf picked on Eagles cornerback Darius Slay throughout the night as Russell Wilson targeted his star receiver 13 times in total. Wilson tossed a touchdown pass to David Moore, and Chris Carson scored in his first game back from a four-week absence as the Seahawks improved to 8-3 on the year.

Carson Wentz was sacked six times by the Seahawks Defense. He was held to just 215 yards passing with a touchdown and an interception by what is statistically the league’s worst passing defense. Seattle held Philadelphia to just 180 net passing yards after allowing an average of 343.7 yards per game entering the night.

The Eagles stopped Seattle on a pair of fourth down attempts on their opening two drives to keep the game scoreless early. However, the Eagles Offense went three-and-out on each of their first five possessions of the game as they were unable to do anything right.

A 52-yard bomb from Wilson to DK Metcalf set up a 1-yard touchdown pass to David Moore to give Seattle a 7-0 lead. Chris Carson then sprung free for a 16-yard touchdown run on the next Seahawks’ drive to take a 14-0 lead.

A missed intentional grounding call by the officials on the final drive of the first half helped fuel the Eagles first scoring drive of the game. A snap over the head of Wentz flew over 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage. After retrieving the loose ball, Wentz tried to throw the ball away with Carlos Dunlap giving chase. The ball was caught two yards short of the line of scrimmage by a Seahawks staffer as the official on the line of scrimmage watched the ball not get back to him. The throw was ruled to have reached the line somehow with the Eagles getting to take second-and-10 instead of second-and-30-plus.

Philadelphia capitalized on the opportunity with Wentz hitting Dallas Goedert for a 3-yard touchdown with 12 seconds left in the half. A missed extra point from Jake Elliott would leave the score at 14-6. Elliott would convert a 42-yard field goal on Philadelphia’s first drive of the third quarter to trim the lead to 14-9.

A 44-yard field goal from Jason Myers made it a 17-9 game for the third straight meeting between the two teams. After Metcalf dropped a touchdown, Myers hammered another field goal through from 33 yards out to push the lead to 20-9.

The Eagles tried to respond and moved the ball to the Seattle 15-yard line before electing to go for it on fourth-and-4. Wentz airmailed a pass for Goedert that was picked off in the end zone by Quandre Diggs to turn the threat away. The Eagles could have kicked a 33-yard field goal to cut the lead to one score but Doug Pederson’s aggressive call backfired.

Myers would add a third field goal from 39 yards out with 1:13 left to play for Seattle.

Wentz then led a mostly, but not completely, meaningless final drive that resulted in a pseudo Hail Mary throw that was caught for a touchdown by Richard Rodgers. Miles Sanders converted the two-point conversion to cut the final deficit to just six.

Wilson completed 22 of 31 passes for 230 yards and a touchdown for the Seahawks. Carson carried just eight times for 41 yards in his return to the lineup.

34 responses to “Monday Night Football: DK Metcalf sets career-high with 177 yards in 23-17 win over Eagles

  1. Big money on Seattle with 6.5 points. Hail Mary meaningless touchdown with a walk in 2 point conversion. How very convenient.

  2. I loved it in the Packers-Seahawks playoff game last year when GB earned the game-sealing 1st down and Carroll threw a temper tantrum like a toddler whose mom wouldn’t buy him that candy.

  3. Your O Line can’t protect and your game plan is to throw the ball 45 times and hand off to running backs 9? Sounds like the Bruce Arians coaching tree.

  4. If Carson wentz had jerry rice and randy moss In their prime and bill Belichick coaching him in t he would still be under 500 and have zero playoff wins he can’t even hit a wide open reciever 5 yards away from him . Just look at 2018 the eagles coming off a super bowl that NICK FOLES won were 5-6 with wentz vs easiest part of schedule than Nick foles takes over and vs hardest part of schedule wins all the remaining games of the regular season and gets team to playoffs and wins in playoffs

  5. And how has folks been outside of Philly? Chill it with the folks crap. The eagles are a mess EVERYWHERE, not just the QB

  6. If your QB
    has 0 playoff wins
    60 fumbles
    Is 7-25 vs teams over 500
    has no heart no desire to win
    started 5-6 in 4 of his first 5 seasons
    Never upset after loses
    hated by teammates
    makes everyone near him worse
    holds ball too long
    ignores open receivers
    Your QB is Carson Wentz

  7. The Eagles play Green Bay and New Orleans next. Is anyone thinking Carson Wentz will outplay Aaron Rodgers or Drew Brees? Anyone?………Anyone?

  8. This is one of the many reasons why Howie Roseman needs to be fired. Last year in the draft he had a chance to draft DK Metcalf in second round but passed over him for a crappy wide receiver in JJAW. And this year he did it again when he passed on Jefferson from LSU and he drafted Reagor instead and the list goes on and on. Roseman is a terrible GM who can’t tell talent and don’t know how to draft. And then everybody blames the coaches but the coaches can only coach the players given to them.

  9. The Eagles need to lose the rest of their games and get a top 5 draft pick so they can rebuild this team but if Roseman is still the GM he’ll pick the wrong players again.

  10. @Calvinhobbes,

    I loved it in the Packers-Seahawks playoff game last year when GB earned the game-sealing 1st down and Carroll threw a temper tantrum like a toddler whose mom wouldn’t buy him that candy.

    Dude, GET OVER IT! LMFAO!! You comment that same pathetic comment on every Seahawks article! Must suck knowing the Packers window is closing in about a year…

  11. Can’t explain how Wentz wasted a timeout that early in the 3rd just take the penalty. Goedert was open all night and Wentz couldn’t hit him most of the time.

  12. What’s sad is he’s obviously Juicing like Lynch and all the rest of Cheat Carroll University players. It’s a sin that the league sits back and allows this. Not blaming that. Eagles coach sucks. Guy called 13 runs.

  13. First, Carson Wentz is no longer a professional Qb. I was a long time Carson defender, i can admit when i was wrong. He can’t play. He can’t make the easier throws. If you can’t lead a deep wr down the field in todays NFL you can’t play Qb. Its that simple. I’m not saying Hurts is the answer because i dont think he is very good either. But it cant get any worse than the litteral worst in the nfl you have already, so give the kid a shot.

    Second, Doug Pederson is a fraud. I think its pretty clear at this point frankey comeback was the real genius behind the superbowl team. Pederson runs the same 15 plays every game and its pretty clear the other team knows exactly what is coming. The running back averages 5.6 ypc and gets 6 carries. SIX. Thats not good incase you’re wondering.

    Third, stop changing the wr group on every play. Pick the best 3 guys and just let them play and get into a rhythm with the QB. You’re not smarter than everyone else. No one does the crap you do because they already know it doesnt work.

    Finally, great game by the defense. Other than not getting Slay some help (not a knock on Slay 99% of defensive backs need help with Metcalf) i thought the D did great considering field position and how long they were on the field.

    Mr. Lurie its time to back up the truck. If Howie Roseman is still employed come the draft i will never give another dollar or second of my time to this team until he is fired.

  14. MoronInMiami says:”Why must football fans be tortured week after week with NFC East teams in primetime slots?”

    Maybe you could just not watch? Besides aren’t you the kid that was telling everyone there wouldn’t be a season anyways?

  15. I will never understand how someone bets money, then gets mad at late TD’s. It’s literally a bet?

  16. Iggles head to Green Bay Sunday — is this Seattle game a roadmap how to defeat ’em?

  17. MortimerInMiami says:
    November 30, 2020 at 11:53 pm
    Why must football fans be tortured week after week with NFC East teams in primetime slots?
    East coast bias.

  18. Here is the best gambling advice you will ever receive: Eagles’ opponent in the first half ATS. Bet it large. Consistent winner.

  19. Carson Wentz will be sacked more than David Carr was when he played for the Texans. This isn’t on Wentz. Their O-Line is historically bad. As in, could literally break records for sacks allowed.

  20. I put this game on Pete Carroll for making the final score closer than it should have been.

    The conservative running the ball when the Eagles loaded the box because knee the Hawks just killing the clock. Turnover on downs at the 40, 3 runs and kick the FG and go into a prevent defense that allows a garbage TD.

  21. jimmygeewhiz says:
    Iggles head to Green Bay Sunday — is this Seattle game a roadmap how to defeat ’em?

    Judging by the Eagles’ record the past two seasons I’d say that road map has been widely available at Minit Marts and gas stations all over America for some time.

  22. Last night’s performance demonstrated the train wreck created by Eagles GM Howie Roseman.

    Start with pathetic wide receiver drafts over the past 2 years: Whiteside over Metcalf followed by Reagor over Jefferson. Next, the offensive line is injury prone going into training camp and Howie does not add any veteran lineman. The result is inexperienced lineman being manhandled every week. Add to that the regression of veterans Peters and Kelce and it is no wonder why the Eagles offense is pathetic. Mix in Carson’s subpar play and risk taking with Doug’s questionable play calling and you have a failing offense.

    In the off-season, Howie signs Darius “Big Play” Slay as a shutdown corner. With last nights disaster he is now known as Darius “Can’t Play” Slay. Howie devalues the linebacker position and the result is 3 special team players starting at linebacker. While they are trying, none of them could start at LB on any other team. The only position group playing well is the defensive line.

    The offensive coaching staff needs a veteran assistant to assume the role that Frank Reich played in the Super Bowl year. The present offensive staff has position coaches and no coordinator.

    Summarizing, the Eagles roster is not playoff caliber and the leadership team of Roseman and Pederson need to make changes. If not, Lurie needs to start over with a new GM, Coach, and a roster overhaul!

  23. The Eagles passed on Metcalf 2 years ago to draft some scrub WR named JJ Arceiga-Whiteside. So far, Metcalf has more yards in games against the Eagles alone than Arceiga-Whiteside has for his career.

    Howie Roseman perpetually thinks he’s the smartest guy in the room, much to the detriment of the team and the fan base. Dude needs to be fired.

  24. After watching last nights game, it’s clear that the Eagles o-line, Wentz and coaching were very suspect. As much as the o-line was a dumpster fire, it appeared that the effort was there for a bit, but the personnel were clearly outmatched. Wentz played a tad better for bit, but he continually stared down WRs, missed critical reads and under-threw several passes. Peterson made several bad decisions and seemed lost. Some of the personnel were the result of poor drafting. Hindsight’s one thing but this is systemic. With 2021 the best opportunity to move on from Wentz, I say retain Wentz and Peterson next year as a final dress rehearsal. I do fear that Ertz will not be resigned though. Finally, out cap will force tough decisions.

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