Ravens-Steelers moves to Wednesday

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The game between the Ravens and Steelers that was originally scheduled for Thanksgiving is now set to be played on the first Wednesday in December.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the league has postponed the game from Tuesday night to Wednesday night. The move comes after much chatter that the move was under consideration given continued positive COVID-19 tests in Baltimore, a lack of practice time for the Ravens ahead of the game, and upset from Ravens players about the situation.

The game was first postponed to Sunday and then moved to Tuesday as the COVID-19 outbreak swept through the Ravens organization.

PFT has learned that the Ravens will be able to hold a walkthrough on Monday night and they will presumably get some practice time on Tuesday as well.

The game will be the NFL’s first on a Wednesday night since the Giants and Cowboys opened the 2012 season on a Wednesday to avoid a conflict with President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention.

There’s no word on how this change would impact the scheduled game between the Steelers and the Washington Football Team for next Sunday, but it will almost certainly have to move in order to accommodate the change.

47 responses to “Ravens-Steelers moves to Wednesday

  1. I almost never feel bad for the Steelers, but I do this week. They are falling victim to some serious shenanigans.

  2. If this move is all about the team not being able to “prepare” and upset players as opposed to COVID outbreak concerns, then the Broncos have a legitimate complaint.

    The Broncos had less than 48 hours to convert a practice squad player to QB. I’m pretty sure the Broncos players were upset.

  3. This screws the Steelers so hard, again. Just have Ravens forfeit if they can’t play on Tuesday. Let them focus on next week.

  4. It seems the biggest problem comes from the Ravens organization, yet the league caters to the whims of the ravens players all at the expense of inconveniently having to adjust the Steelers future schedule because of doing so…

  5. Two of the darlings of the NFL, compared to what they’ve done to the Saints and just did to the Broncos. The NFL has no shame

  6. It’s about time for the Ravens to forfeit the game, no? As someone commented earlier, not a Steeler fan but this is getting ridiculous…

  7. Ravens should still push the envelope and forfeit. This isn’t some clown circus show like we saw between Den-NO. Pittsburgh also is getting strung along here.

  8. NFL showing crazy bias towards the Ravens, who admitted the assistant coach blew it and caused this. It is nonsense. They should be docked their first round draft pick for the next couple years and fined several million $. This is outrageous. I hope the Steelers wipe the floor with them when they do finally play.

  9. To recap: The Ravens are getting rewarded for screwing up, while the Broncos got punished for doing the right thing (self-reporting the video of their QBs not wearing masks properly).

  10. As expected Roger bows down again to Baltimore. But I suspect he may end up pushing this game back even further so Lamar and the starters don’t even miss a single game, despite the Ravens committing the worst breaches of the covid and health protocols to date. But then again, Roger always plays favorites.
    It’s a joke given what he did to the Broncos, Raiders, Patriots and Niners. If his answer is “but their health situation is worse,” then he better fine them to the moon and dock draft picks because he’s already set the precedent with fines for the other teams.
    He can’t have it both ways.

  11. This has become a bad joke. The Ravens have done a terrible job of managing the covid. As in they busted a strength coach who was not following the precautions – masks and distancing – and help spread it though the team. Just have the Ravens play with the players they have and if it ends up 66-3, then so be it. The Steelers keep getting screwed while the NFL is bending over backwards to accommodate the Ravens while they forced the Broncos to play with no QB. The NFL is playing favorites here.

  12. The Steelers will no doubt win this one given the fact that most of the Ravens start players are out of the game. Too bad for them that won’t happen once the playoffs begin and they are exploited playing against much better teams.

  13. A lack of practice time for the Ravens? The Broncos has 15 hours to “practice” with a QB half the people in their building never met? Something just is not right here

  14. So Denver has to play without a QB, but Baltimore gets their game delayed for a week without having to reschedule it for later? All because they screwed up their own COVID management?

    Just when I thought the Denver thing was showing the league was starting to take a hard line on COVID repercussions, they go and do this.

    Ravens should have had to play as they were or forfeit the game. If they wanted more players and prep time, they should have taken COVID more seriously!

  15. liljpeezy says:
    November 30, 2020 at 5:37 pm
    This sets a bad precedent for the rest of the teams for the rest of the season.

    No it doesn’t, they’ll get treated just like the Broncos unless of course it’s the Chiefs then they’ll get all the time they need, that’s what Goodell is willing to do for his two new Golden Boys!

  16. um no as the options for that game is they already flexed one game from week 14 from an early to late kickoff in lions packers and cowboys ravens scheduled thursday was moved to monday, although maybe the nfl could think out of the box and do a tripleheader wuth a noon kickoff and have it on espn

  17. Just add a week to the season already and play the game then — this is gonna happen again and they’ll need that extra week anyway.

  18. The Ravens have 20 some players on the covid list, Denver had their QBs who were the ones who messed up by not wearing masks during meetinga. No Raven player was at fault, it was a strength and conditioning coach. The situations are in no way the same. Baltimore wont have enough guys to suit up, over 20 players are missing the game. Come on man.

  19. Wow, how is this fair to the Bronco’s? they self reported their QB’s. Ravens must have some stuff on Goodell.

  20. Ravens have zero incentive to play this game this week, they want it moved to week 18 and will do everything they can to get it moved there to so they can have a healthy qb, increase their playoff chances and cancel the Steelers bye. The league has to know this and move forward with the game this week. If they dont want to play, forfeit. Which when all chips are down, will never happen. Shady business in Baltimore.

  21. I don’t like to be harsh on people, but I’m guessing that Ravens strength and conditioning coach’s next job won’t be in the NFL.

  22. So Titans and Pats have no practice for 2 weeks and played. Ravens get 3 walk-through and can’t play. What a bunch of whiners.

  23. The NFL has been consistent on this. They only postpone a game if teams continue to have positive tests. It has no bearing on who test positive just whether the positives stop at least two days before the game is scheduled. The Broncos only had one positive test which is why their game was not moved. The Ravens were still getting positive tests yesterday which is why the game continues to get pushed back. This isn’t that hard to understand if you actually read/listen to the policy put in place.

  24. With growing hatred toward the Ravens in the past few days – this could be the highest rated game of the season.

  25. The only difference between Baltimore and Denver is one has a big name QB and the other doesn’t. This is about money and nothing else. It’s gross, but fair, within the context of the NFL only caring about money. Which is obvious and also true.

  26. and the schedule for week 13 as the game is expected to be played weds as the ravens had 1 player who is on ir test postive but 5 et ravens vs cowboys on fox, 5 pm et possibly espn football team vs steelers and the normal game bills vs 9ers

  27. saintsgotrobbedandwereinthesameboatpart2 says:
    November 30, 2020 at 5:19 pm

    Two of the darlings of the NFL, compared to what they’ve done to the Saints and just did to the Broncos.

    That’s funny, because there are comments on other articles here that claim the League hosed the Broncos just so Brees could have another Superbowl before he retires. I wonder who is right?

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