Ravens-Steelers will kickoff at 3:40 p.m. ET Wednesday

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The Ravens-Steelers game, postponed three times now, is scheduled to kickoff at 3:40 p.m. ET Wednesday. Yes, 3:40 p.m. ET.

That’s the word from Gerry Sandusky, the voice of the Ravens.

The game originally was scheduled for Thanksgiving night, but an outbreak with the Ravens postponed it to Sunday. Continued positive tests within the team led the NFL then to postpone the game to Tuesday.

Threat of a potential wildcat strike by the Ravens postponed the game a third time.

Baltimore players indicated they would be none too happy about being expected to play without practicing. The team is holding a walkthrough tonight.

In the past nine days, 22 Ravens players have tested positive or were identified as a high-risk close contact. Baltimore currently has 38 players on its 53-man roster, per Jamison Hensley of ESPN.

The Ravens-Steelers game — if it is played Wednesday — will become the first NFL game played on a Wednesday since the 2012 season opener between the Cowboys and Giants. The NFL scheduled the 2012 season opener on a Wednesday to avoid conflict with President Barack Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention on that Thursday.

34 responses to “Ravens-Steelers will kickoff at 3:40 p.m. ET Wednesday

  1. I would have played it tomorrow night and call their bluff. They aren’t about to strike and walk away from a game check. I sense some serious penalties coming down up the Ravens when this is all over.

    But, they made Denver play without a QB. Why is the NFL bending over backwards for the Ravens? Doesn’t seem fair that Denver had to play and the Ravens get to play when they feel like it.

  2. Patriots and Titans both played after going nearly two weeks without practice. Nobody whines more than Harbaugh and the Ravens.

  3. The 3:40 start time feels random like the fines they hand out. This means people that work 9-5 will miss much of the game.

  4. Boy, the NFL is really catering to the Ravens. What would be nice would be to see the Ravens called for a dozen penalties and the Steelers have none.

  5. I think you forgot the question mark in the headline: “Ravens-Steelers will kickoff at 3:40 p.m. ET Wednesday?”
    The Steelers go from having a primetime-holiday-evening game, where we could all watch with our entire families, but it’s now scheduled for a Wednesday afternoon at 12:40 pm (PST) instead?

  6. Watch a football game at 3:40pm EST on a Wednesday afternoon. Never thought I’d cross that one off the bucket list.

  7. If any one of those teams has an outbreak, (or another outbreak), that’ll REALLY create some scheduling gymnastics. We could have a team playing, Sunday, Thursday, and the following Monday. And only the virus will be laughing.

  8. Perfectly played by Whinebaugh. Now his two running backs will be able to play. If Sean Payton could be suspended for a year for next to nothing, this stunt should get Whinebaugh banned for life. But there will be zero punishment. The Ravens are a protected team and the NFL will do anything it can to disadvantage the Steelers. Absolute joke this league is becoming. With any luck, this outbreak spreads across the entire league and cancels the season. The NFL deserves the loss in revenue at this point.

  9. Purple reign baybeee… we do what we want, when we want

    And we’re gonna steal the win just to make it that much sweeter haha

    Let’s go!!

  10. If the Steelers can win the Super Bowl* this year, Tomlin deserves all of the coach of the year trophies. Including taking away John Harbaugh’s from last season, and putting it on Tomlin’s mantle.

    The hoops this team has jumped through, and still be undefeated, in this crazy year… that is a great accomplishment.

  11. There simply is no justification for what the league has done on this. They’ve essentially given the Ravens immunity from any on the field penalty for their failure to follow the COVID guidelines. In doing so, they’ve forced other teams to make sacrifices. It is strange that no other team has received such extreme benevolence from the league.

  12. NBC has got to be upset by all of this scheduling merry-go-round. They went from a prime-time Thanksgiving night game to a Sunday afternoon game to a Tuesday night game to a Wednesday afternoon game. Something tells me that the national and local advertisers for that game might want a rebate. They went from possibly being the most-watched game of the week to easily the least-watched.

  13. Good thing “competitive integrity” is so important to the NFL … well, at least for some teams anyway.

  14. Everything surrounding this game is starting to develop a similar amount of drama that will at least rival the crappy daytime TV Programming it will be replacing/compeeting against.

  15. Maybe it’s being explained better in the US (I’m in the UK), but there seems to be no explanation why the Ravens game keeps moving but the Broncos wasn’t allowed to be. It gives the impression of favouritism etc – I’m sure it’s not but it seems like it is (and this is coming from a big Ravens fan!)

  16. I have no love for the Steelers, but I hope they pound this crybaby team. You’re going to strike because you can’t practice? Your actions are the reason you cant practice! You’re the reason you’re playing Wednesday afternoon! You should be forced to forfeit, and be fined heavily and lose picks. You should be lucky to play without practicing!

  17. Gotta love the cry babies chiming in here. Boo Hoo. Like your life is being affected here. Puleez.

  18. dejadoh says:
    November 30, 2020 at 6:49 pm
    Should be a forfeit. Sorry, both teams should be fined and lose all draft picks.

    BOTH? Yeah, they should punish the Steelers for being on the schedule at such an inconvenient moment.

  19. I think you forgot the question mark in the headline: “Ravens-Steelers will kickoff at 3:40 p.m. ET

    There is no question mark. Read it again.

  20. I love the PFT comments section. Its like a blackhole of medical knowledge/understanding and common sense.

    The Ravens only the second team to have any kind of full blown outbreak (Titans were the other) and the Titans got a full reschedule using the bye week and other scheduling magic. A reschedule that affected Ravens AND Steelers schedule. BUT, its the logical thing to prevent further outbreak.

    The Steelers players and PFT fans crying foul – so if we play the game Tuesday and there’s any more positives and the Steelers – the undefeated juggernaut, they get decimated by the virus next – is that good for the Steelers? Good for the league?

    If you gift them a W v. a 30 man Ravens roster, are the Steelers happy about an asterisks * on a potential 16-0 season?

    This is going the way it has to go. Put on your big boy pants and play on Wednesday. Steelers have extra rest and prep time.

    BUt to be clear, full blown outbreaks WITHIN the lockerroom have to be treated differently than community transmission to an isolated player.

    The Broncos situation isn’t analagous because THERE WAS NO TEAM OUTBREAK. In fact, if the QBs were wearing masks in the meeting room like they should have, there would have been no issue. But dum-dumbs were all like MAGA and were in meeting room, no masks, no distancing. Have to bench them all to PREVENT a Ravens/Titans style outbreak.

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