Sean McVay: Jared Goff has to take better care of the ball

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Rams quarterback Jared Goff turned the ball over four times in the first seven games of the season and the Rams went 5-2 in those contests.

The last four games have gone very differently for Goff. He has turned the ball over multiple times in three of the games and has given it away 10 times overall, including three times in Sunday’s 23-20 loss to the 49ers.

Goff threw two interceptions and lost a fumble on Sunday. He said after the game that all of the turnovers were different and he doesn’t “think there’s one thing that needs to stop.” Head coach Sean McVay didn’t necessarily disagree, but said Goff “has got to take better care of the football” and offered a few suggestions of how he can do that.

“It might be keeping two hands on the ball, it might be that if somebody is swarming around you that you can’t just throw it away when you don’t see where you’re going, being able to trust your guys to separate,” McVay said, via Lindsey Thiry of “But overall, any time that you turn it over as many times as we did and he did, it’s just got to be better. He’s capable of it, but we just got to be able to get it done.”

The Rams are 7-4 and very much in the thick of the playoff race in the NFC, but that’s unlikely to remain the case if Goff keeps turning the ball over at the same rate.

6 responses to “Sean McVay: Jared Goff has to take better care of the ball

  1. Someone please tell this to the broadcasting crew who spent the night singing Goff’s praises.

    I guess no-one get’s mad at you if you keep telling the audience how great everyone is.

  2. Agreed. Just seems like sometimes the Rams are in an offensive fog to begin games, then all of sudden they turn it on. Kinda like the Mike Martz Rams. I would say Jeff Fisher, but this team is at least winning….

  3. When you factor in turnovers how good is Jared Goff? Are the Rams happy with paying him all that money? Or are they counting down the days till they can let him go, like the eagles are with Carson Wentz.

  4. Goff had 17 turnovers in ’18, 21 in ’19 and 14 this year. That’s just too many, especially for an offense that’s not as explosive as it was with a healthy Todd Gurley there.

  5. well, two weeks prior he did beat both Brady and Wilson….hey, he stunk yesterday no doubt, but every QB has games like that…he just seems to get scrutinized more than most…

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