Texans’ Will Fuller suspended 6 games for PEDs

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Texans wide receiver Will Fuller has been suspended six games for violating the NFL policy on performance-enhancing drugs.

Fuller said on Instagram that he took a medication not realizing it was on the list of banned substances.

“Earlier this year, I sought treatment from a medical professional who prescribed medication that he believed to be permitted under the NFL’s drug policy,” Fuller wrote. “As it turns out, my trust in this professional was misplaced because this medication was NOT a permitted substance under the NFL Policy on Performance Enhancing Substances. As a result of this mistake, I have been suspended for six games for taking this prohibited medication. I want to sincerely apologize to the Texans organization and all of my fans for this mistake. I am looking forward to putting this all behind me and returning better than ever in 2021.”

The Texans have five more games this season, so Fuller’s suspension will carry over into the first game of 2021. Fuller is set to become a free agent in March.

36 responses to “Texans’ Will Fuller suspended 6 games for PEDs

  1. I think some of my Packer brethren owe Gutey an apology for not wasting a 2nd round pick on this guy. 🤷🏽‍♂️

  2. Yea…it’s tough use if the list the NFL gives every player and warns them over and over and over about sticking to the list and never taking anything that isn’t 100% on that list.

  3. Well, that might explain why he’s not injured this year for once. Misses games one way or another.

  4. When that clown of a head coach traded Hopkins, the #2 WR is basically forced to take PED’s.

  5. I couldn’t BELIEVE they traded off DeAndre Hopkins. I’ll argue with ANYBODY that he’s the best WR in football. Being a Titans fan, I’m not sad to see him out of the South, but dude’s a STUD. Lukily, we now have AJ Brown who is a baller, in his own right. Anyway, that’s a big-time blow to the Texans offense. They’re just starting to get hot.

  6. Does anyone actually believe this was a prescription error? Have the doctor come out and admit to it. Why do they always expect us to believe these excuses.

  7. This makes the decision to release stills, who they still have to pay for the rest of the season even wierder.

    It’s almost as if BOB never left.

  8. That sure does explain Fuller’s huge improvement, recently. Evidently, those PEDs work quite well.

  9. Name the Rx Will?? Make no mistake, this was no mistake. Quite the bounce back year you were having too.

  10. Once again – what did he take and why is it on the list – sorry the NFL needs to provide the fans with a little bit more transparency

  11. Figures…just picked him up last week. Got one (huge) game out of him and now he’s gone for the playoffs.

  12. I, for one, refuse to believe any player who says he took something he didn’t realize had a banned substance in it. Why? Because all that player has to do is contact his team or the league to find out about the drug, BEFORE he takes it!.
    So — in my opinion all Fuller is doing is what most of these guys do when they get caught — making excuses.
    If Fuller stood up like a man and said I did it and I deserve to be punished, I’d respect him. But I have zero respect for him now because not only is he a cheater, but he’s a liar, too.

  13. It’s the collective bargaining agreement that gives players the ability to lie about what they took. If the players really cared about their own safety, they would not allow secrecy for the cheaters… unless they’re all cheating similarly.

  14. canadapackers says:
    November 30, 2020 at 7:38 pm
    Once again – what did he take and why is it on the list – sorry the NFL needs to provide the fans with a little bit more transparency

    No, no they don’t.

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