Adam Gase: Competitive disadvantage to say who is calling which plays

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After Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins, Jets head coach Adam Gase engaged in a testy back-and-forth with reporters about who was calling the team’s offensive plays.

Offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains took over the duties a few weeks ago, but questions came up because Loggains was seen without a play sheet during Sunday’s game while Gase appeared to be calling plays. Gase initially said there was no change before admitting that he was calling plays in certain situations.

The topic came up again during Gase’s Monday press conference and the head coach described it as a collaborative effort while declining to delve into how the collaboration is set up.

“For us, to say like who’s calling what, when, what situation and those things, it’s a competitive disadvantage, really, at the end of the day,” Gase said, via Rich Cimini of “You don’t want [opponents] to know, is this guy calling runs? Is he calling passes? Is he calling play-actions? Is he calling empties? Is he calling dropbacks? Who has third down and who has red zone? We’d like to do it without having to make it public knowledge. The last three weeks, it’s been a collaborative effort throughout the game.”

The Jets are at a disadvantage competitively in enough ways this season that a difference in playcallers seems fairly insignificant and they figure to have new ones in place after five more games with the current staff.

16 responses to “Adam Gase: Competitive disadvantage to say who is calling which plays

  1. Lol. Most other teams there is no question who is calling the plays. Gase thinks they can’t blame him if they can’t prove he was calling the plays.

    How did this guy get hired? I hope once he is fired at the end of the year we never have to hear about him again.

  2. Every time this guy talks he is telling a lie. He actually believes himself which makes him even worse.
    His big ego will now cost him his second head coaching job for sure

  3. That’s like saying it’s a competitive disadvantage to know exactly who was steering the Titanic that night…

  4. Is he serious? He sounds like a parent telling his 4-year old there is a tooth fairy.

  5. It’s a competitive disadvantage for an opponent to lool across the field and figure out the guy with the playsheet is calling plays and the guy without one isn’t ??

    Gase is truly a moron.

  6. Have both coaches hold a play sheet and both appear to be speaking into the microphone. Problem solved

  7. Some coaches do better in their second go at being a head coach but I was shocked when Gase got a second chance so fast considering that the Miami situation seemed to be this exact same mess of problems. You’ve seen good coaches fail as a head coach but do so with class and poise. Maybe they make bad decisions in certain games but they own them. I’m not a Jets or Dolphins fan so maybe it just seems this way from a distance but never did a second chance make less sense to me than this one.

  8. Leave Gase alone. Don’t you know he is the best thing that has happen to the Jets in years. I do hope the owner signs him to a long contract. My team and 2 others will thank him. Bill

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