Carson Wentz posting historic drop in passer rating

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Anyone who watched a series of the Eagles loss to the Seahawks on Monday could tell quarterback Carson Wentz isn’t passing the eye test in 2020. But Wentz’s stats this season are comparable to Brett Favre and Peyton Manning — and not in a good way.

After 11 games, Wentz has completed 58.1 percent of his passes for 2,541 yards with 16 touchdowns and a league-leading 15 interceptions. His passer rating is sitting at 73.4, well under the league average. And it’s well under the rating of 98.3 from Wentz’s last three seasons combined.

That’s where the Favre and Manning comparisons come in. Per NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and NFL research, Wentz is just the sixth quarterback since 1950 to have a passer rating fall 24 points below his combined rating over the previous three seasons. He’s also the first quarterback to do it under the age of 30.

The other quarterbacks on the list? At age 38, Y.A. Tittle dropped 42.2 points in 1964. Manning fell 39.9 points at 39 in 2015. Joe Theisman fell 32.0 points at 36 in 1985. Mark Rypien fell 26.3 points at 31 in 1993. And Favre fell 24.8 points at 41 in 2010.

All of those quarterbacks retired following their drop-off season except for Rypien.

No one expects Wentz to hang it up after 2020, but the quarterback must significantly improve going forward.

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  1. Y.A. Tittle’s drop was incredible. At the time I hadn’t seen anything like that, ever

  2. The Eagles made a mistake signing Wentz to a large contract. He has clearly not been the same since his injury and they should have made him prove himself further. Their organization has fallen dramatically since their SB victory — almost like a hangover that hasn’t gone away. If Wentz doesn’t improve, they need to see what Hurts has and/or move on.

  3. To be honest, even the Jets had some sparks when Flacco was playing, but the Eagles are just horrible. Seems like once everybody started to get healthy, Carson Wentz got worse. I am not sure if this is all on him or the HC bears some responsibility as well.

  4. It’s worth noting that Favre’s historical drop in his rating came from the curse of putting on that hideous purple clown suit.

  5. It’s not all Wentz’ fault but he’s white so the media piles on.
    The Patriots suck, does the media blame Newton? Nope, the media protects Newton and blames Belichick.
    Well there’s an article pointing out Cam’s poor play just a couple links up so that kind of blows your theory out of the water.

  6. I think this is a mental thing not physical. It reminds me a lot to what happened to Matt Schaub in Houston vs Jake Delhomme in Carolina. Once restaurants in Houston started making “Matt Schaub Specials” where you could “pick 6 toppings” it was over. I can only imagine how worse Wentz is going to get in Philly.

  7. The comparison to late-career Favre and Manning makes me wonder if Wentz’s lengthy injury history has his body already breaking down at a young age. It’s fair to wonder if he’s damaged goods at this point.

    Some fellow Eagles fans have told me he looks a lot slower to them (and less able to evade the pass rush than he used to be), and I’ve seen videos of his whacked out mechanics and how he appears to still be favoring the knee in which he tore his ACL. Of course, his mechanics being wrong is a huge indictment of the coaching staff as well.

  8. Good quarterbacking is a function of many moving parts. Some of it is within the quarterback himself. Some is dependent on teammates and coaches. All must have an ability to gameplan to fit the personnel and then adjust the plan to thwart the defense’s game plan. It’s never all on the quarterback.

    That said, and having watched Wentz for the first time this year, it just seems that his failure is related to a hesitancy, sometimes for just a second, to deliver the ball. Plus, he has a kind of windup throwing motion which also slightly delays delivery. All this can make the throws inaccurate and lead to sacks. I hope he, his teammates, and his coaches get it figured out and fixed. He is a ferocious competitor and deserves more success.

  9. He’s not going away. He counts an INCREDIBLE $56 million towards the cap next season if cut before it.

  10. Honestly it’s so weird, this sort of decline is so unusual. I didn’t rate last year as highly as most other Eagles fans did but this drop-off is just downright strange

  11. And he has over one hundred million reasons not to care. That contract is like a boat anchor around the Eagles’ neck now.

  12. Howie Roseman really made some bone-headed decisions in 2019. All of these were Major decisions at the time, and are killing the eagles today.

    – Extending Wentz, who could be on his 5th year option this year.
    – Guaranteeing the contract of Alshon Jeffrey.
    – Signing Desean Jackson.
    – Extending Lane Johnson, who still had years left on his deal.
    – Extending Brandon Brooks, who still had a year + left on his deal.
    – Drafting JJ…instead of DK Metcalf
    – Trading up to draft Andre Dillard

  13. Wentz had one really good partial year when his backup won the Superbowl. Since then he’s been mediocre. He is who he is. When the rest of the team was really good, he looked great. Now, not so much.

  14. Everyone is blaming Wentz, and he does have some of the blame. But the 7 drops he had last nite, with WRs running wrong routes, the O line being awful, and Doug P being the worst play caller I ever seen are the main reasons. No OC to call plays to help him. Zero coaching to help guide him thru a slump and Howie not putting any talented play makers on this roster. Per Wentz’s contract he isnt going anywhere next yr. But I guarentee Doug is gone, Howie should be stripped of personal moves. At least the defence has a pulse and a couple players to build around or keep.

  15. Viking Fan Blames Officials…..Everybody Drink says:
    December 1, 2020 at 9:59 am
    It’s worth noting that Favre’s historical drop in his rating came from the curse of putting on that hideous purple clown suit.

    Eagles fan here, Dude, Favre was lights out the first year in the purple suit- took ’em to the NFC championship- just 6 yards from a first down that could have gotten them to a FG in OT and on to the Super Bowl.
    The point?
    Yeah, Birds need to fire Roseman (wiff’d in the draft far too often and it comes back to haunt him- DKM)- and the only question remains is… “Is Doug a good enough coach to nurse them through a few rebuilding years until the salary cap situation gets worked out” “If so, is it fair to Doug?”

  16. tajuara says:
    December 1, 2020 at 9:58 am
    Seems like once everybody started to get healthy, Carson Wentz got worse.


    4 of 5 O-linemen out, Desean out, Ertz out, Jeffery’s 1st catches last night. A Lion’s reject practice squad player is WR 1, a rookie who missed most of the season due to injuries is WR 2. Where are all of these healthy skill players to help the cause???

  17. His footwork is atrocious, he doesn’t step into any of his throws. He seems to just be winging it, doesn’t seem to have the same focus and energy.

  18. Carson Wentz’s NFL career isn’t over, but his Eagles career needs to be.

    Should’ve ended after they won the Super Bowl – that’s partly on Wentz for not forcing his way out. Despite the injury Eagles still would’ve gotten plenty in trade for Wentz after his 2017 performance.

    Rams didn’t go back to Trent Green after Kurt Warner won them a Super Bowl. Patriots didn’t go back to Drew Bledsoe after Tom Brady won them a Super Bowl. Eagles needed to move on from Carson Wentz after Nick Foles won them a Super Bowl, and now they’re paying the price.

  19. I always thought the Eagles let the wrong QB go. Nick Foles proved himself in Wentz’s absence and when Wentz returned, I never thought he performed better than Foles

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