Darius Slay: I let the team down, have to be better

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Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf had a huge game against the Eagles on Monday night and much of it came at the expense of cornerback Darius Slay.

Metcalf caught 10 passes for 177 yards in the 23-17 Seattle win and Slay didn’t mince words when it came to his performance. He said Metcalf did a great job while calling it “by far the worst game I have ever played in the league.”

“It was a great battle. I won’t say it was difficult. I lost every 50/50 ball today,” Slay said. “I am usually on the other side of that. Today, I am on the other side of it. I let the team down. I told the defense, that game was on me. I have to play better, but props to DK for giving me the good work. We are competing every play, but I lost every 50/50 ball and I have to be better.”

Davante Adams, Michael Thomas, and DeAndre Hopkins will be on the field across from Slay at points in the next three weeks, so the need for better outings will be an acute one in Philadelphia.

19 responses to “Darius Slay: I let the team down, have to be better

  1. Slay is super overrated, or was when Philly traded for him. He was the best defensive player on a Detroit team full of nobodies. Made him look a lot better than he was. I think they got a 3rd for him which was a steal.

  2. i havent followed the Eagles this year, is Darius Slay still good? I know I was really mad when Detroit traded him

  3. As a Lions fan, we already knew that Slay was way overrated and we weren’t sad to see him and his big mouth get traded to Philly.

  4. We all saw it
    We all saw it
    You got torched. Had the Eagles drafted correctly you may have been covering JJAWS

  5. These guys above can bash him all they want, but Slay is a good corner. There aren’t many in the NFL, and he is one of them. Metcalf is a hard cover for anyone not named Ramsey. And It’s actually refreshing to hear another player own up to getting worked and giving props to the guy that did it.

  6. That loss is NOT on Slay. Even with him losing the 1 on 1 matchup, the defense played well enough to win that game. The loss should fall squarely on Doug Pederson’s baffling inept play calling and the fact that CW suddenly forgot how to play football in 2020. Add to that Howie’s front office bungling of the salary cap with high priced veteran free agents and consistently failing to draft Impact players and that is why the Eagles probably won’t win another game until next season. Bye bye Doug!

  7. Also a Lions fan, Slay wasn’t overrated and actually spent most of his prime years underrated. The contract he just signed you could’ve justified 4 years ago but he’s lost a step. That doesn’t matter on every snap of every game but a player like Metcalf who is bigger, younger, stronger, faster…I just wouldn’t pick the rematch to go much differently.

  8. There 4 most important traits to being a great cornerback are physical ability, study, technique, and discipline. Slay definitely has #1. I’m unsure if he’s got the others.

  9. No CB IN THE LEAGUE can take Metcalf 1 on 1 for an entire game and stop him. Not saying D.K. didnt school Slay cuz he did but, why not roll a safety over to help? Plus, in only D.K.’s second yr he’s getting TB12 calls. There were 2 plays both over 20 yrds where Slay played perfect D, and the ref called P.I. on him. On D.K’s 50 yrd catch to the Birds 1 yrd line, again why no safety help over the top. The Eagles coaching this yr on BOTH sides is garbage! No adjustments ect. But D.K might be the “biggest” matchup nitemare since Megatron. Again that falls on Howie for drafting garbage WRs and passing on D.K, Higgens, Jefferson/ Lamb. While drafting Mack Hollins, Whiteside, Hightower, and signing DJax and extending Alshon.

  10. Slay is a good, but not great, CB. Metcalf is a great, not just good, WR. So the results of near-constant man coverage of Slay on Metcalf were predictable (except maybe to DC Jim Schwartz). Slay played reasonably well, had tight coverage most of the time, but Metcalf was just better – much better.

  11. Darius Slay says he is a “lockdown corner”. The Eagles paid him handsomely to be a “lockdown corner”. Darius goes by his self proclaimed nickname “Big Play” Slay. Last night on national TV, we all got to see “Can’t Play” Slay taken to school. When the best corner plays the best receiver it should be a draw and not a one-sided mauling! Maybe Darius should spend less time on Twitter coming up with sayings and slogans and more time studying film and technique. He reminds me of another lockdown corner in Eagles history: Nnamdi Asomugha.

  12. Slay is a number 1 corner. Again, Philly fans trashing their own. You can’t expect a guy to line up across from, who some consider, the best receiver in football for an entire game and limit him all game. The defense looked much better yesterday overall and I’ll take that as a victory.

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