Matthew Stafford: Too much work to do this season to worry about future

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Quarterback Matthew Stafford‘s future with the Lions was a topic of conversation at team owner Sheila Ford Hamp‘s press conference in the wake of the dismissal of head coach Matt Patricia and General Manager Bob Quinn on Saturday.

Hamp said the decision was going to be up to their replacements and those unknown hires will be making a lot of calls about the direction of the franchise in 2021 and beyond. That direction could include a rebuild and Stafford was asked on Monday whether he’d be on board for that as he heads into his 13th NFL season.

Stafford said he’s “not going to spend any mental energy” on questions about next coaches or the franchise’s direction right now because there are still five games left on the schedule. As a result, he didn’t close the door on anything.

“I’m not going to limit myself to anything . . . I’ll answer that probably better for you after the season,” Stafford said, via Carlos Monarrez of the Detroit Free Press. “There’s too much work for me to be done at the moment. If I’m worried about all that kind of other stuff, I’m not worried about trying to beat the Bears.”

Stafford was asked if he thought it was important if a coach is well-liked in reference to the impression that Patricia wasn’t beloved by his players. Stafford said he thought it was important to win and that’s something that hasn’t happened nearly enough in Stafford’s tenure regardless of the head coach.

6 responses to “Matthew Stafford: Too much work to do this season to worry about future

  1. I think as a top paid QB….you either change a situation or just blend into it and become the problem. Stafford is just a guy to me. Russell Wilson in Detroit would be the reason the Lions make playoffs and contend. Its sad that everyone gives a pass to Stafford repeditively over his family issues.

  2. Maybe Stafford’s is the core problem. I get the injuries, but I don’t get the lack of dominance.

  3. Kenny Golladay quietly milking an injury, missing games, waiting for free agency so he can run far away from Detroit

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Lions move on from Stafford. He’s been there forever and is an easy target for fans’ ire. But is he the problem? Detroit never really recovered from Calvin Johnson retiring. Hell, they never really recovered from Barry Sanders retiring. Probably the best move they’ve made in the last 10 years was not overpaying Suh.

    They are a franchise that’s been poorly led from the top for so long that even when they’re good, they’ve only been mediocre and underwhelming.

  5. Try putting Tom Brady spending his career on the Detroit Lions, and tell me with a straight face that he would be in the GOAT discussion.

    Stafford is a talented QB….and is NOT the problem in Detroit.

  6. People want to move on from Stafford, but the free agent options are no better, and they’ll need him next year as a bridge to a draft pick.

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