Dallas Goedert: Blame me for Carson Wentz interception

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The Eagles’ last, best chance at a comeback win over the Seahawks on Monday night ended when Carson Wentz threw a pass right to Seahawks safety Quandre Diggs. Many people thought it was Wentz’s fault, but Eagles tight end Dallas Goedert said he was actually to blame.

Goedert said he went to the inside when Wentz expected him to go to the outside, and Goedert took responsibility for the miscommunication.

“I tried to work the leverage [on Wagner],” Goedert said, via the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I was kind of [sliding] inside so he wouldn’t be able to break up the play and I’d be able to make it. Carson thought I was going to be going down and away and threw it there. I should’ve been where he thought I was going to be. I’ll take the blame for that one. It was a crucial point in the game. Mistakes like that can’t happen.”

There’s been plenty of blame to go around in this disastrous Eagles season.

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  1. Nice try to take some of the heat off of Wentz and who knows, maybe it’s true but that’s not the real problem on the play.

    The defense was playing man and there was a receiver crossing the middle of the field, past the 1st down line with the defender trailing behind him.

    He should have hit the easy cross route for the 1st down. The real issue is that he went to you at all on that play which was going to be a contested catch situation at best. He was trying to force it when he didn’t need to.

  2. The Eagles would’ve run away with this division weeks ago if they had even passable QB play.

  3. It’s like the Eagles players are brainwashed to protect Carson. I wish Carson would take the blame like that for his receivers and O-line once in a while.

  4. maybe he’s right, maybe he’s protecting his quarterback who isn’t going anywhere due to his contract.

    but one play didn’t lose us the game. and one game doesn’t ruin the season. we’ve played like a steaming pile of dung for 2 years now

  5. Bravo Mr. Goedert, this happens all the time in football, very few receivers have the integrity to man up and admit it was their fault. Most let the QB take the hit. On a timing route the QB will throw the ball so it is there when the receiver comes out of his break. When the receiver turns the wrong way it is an easy interception. Fans immediately blame the QB, say he sucks, he threw it right to the DB or is throwing the game. Dallas Goedert is a great teammate with a lot of character.

  6. One thing about that play that nobody points out is that Quandre Diggs broke to where that ball went before it was thrown. Wagner also jumped to play the outside seam route right before Goedert cut back in. It’s either something they saw on game tape and knew the route or Goedert gave a good head fake, but both defenders read the outside before Wentz threw the ball. None of us really know, but my assumption in Goedert ran the wrong route.

    Either way, they’re all out of sync. Wentz deserves some blame, but the guy has no protection. You take the best qb’s in the league, Brady, Wilson, Rodgers, Matt Ryan, etc and the way to beat them is to consistently pressure them and they’ll start to panic and make mistakes – even on plays where they don’t have pressure. I’m no Eagles or Wentz fan, but give him a competent line and a decent run game to keep defenses honest before writing him off altogether.

  7. Every talking head and commentator immediately goes after the QB on a play like that unless it’s TB12 and then it’s the receivers fault. Good on Goedert to man up and shut down the noise.

  8. “He was trying to force it when he didn’t need to.”

    That is Wentz in a nutshell. He’s been in the league 5 years now and he still plays like a rookie who hasn’t learned yet that NFL defenders are really good so you can’t constantly throw jump balls and expect them not to be intercepted. Then throw in the fact that his mechanics are still all over the place and it’s no wonder he has INT problems. The gunslinger mentality will never go away but to be this far into his career and still have his footwork be so poor is really inexcusable.

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