Tyreek Hill’s first impression of Patrick Mahomes: “I thought he was trash”

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Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has become the best quarterback in the NFL, a sure-fire (if he plays enough seasons) Hall of Famer, and potentially one of the greatest of all time. Not everyone saw that potential at first blush.

Receiver Tyreek Hill, appearing on Showtime’s Inside the NFL, made it clear that he’s one of the ones who didn’t immediately believe.

I thought he was trash,” Hill said, “I ain’t gonna cap. I ain’t gonna cap. I ain’t even gonna cap, man. When he first got there I was like, this is who y’all drafted right here? This is who y’all drafted? Hey but look, he proved me into a whole complete, I don’t know. That second year, like his quarterback mechanics were different. It was like he was spending more time with his quarterback coach, spending more time with Coach Reid, like learning the offense. Dude was like different.”

Hills may not be alone in his assessment, but his words simply don’t mesh with things said during Mahomes’ rookie season by tight end Travis Kelce.

“[W]hat Mahomes does in practice is just unbelievable,” Kelce said on PFT Live in October 2017. “I mean what kind of behind-the-scenes stuff that you guys haven’t seen on Sundays is Mahomes is getting better, getting more fluent, getting more comfortable just being a professional athlete and understanding the scheme and the timing, how long the seasons are, stuff like that. He’s gauging all this stuff and I think when he gets on the field eventually knowing that he is going to get the keys to the car eventually, everyone knows that, and when he does I can’t wait to see just how good he is.”

It apparently took longer than that for Hill to come around, but eventually he did. Because it quickly became obvious to anyone that Mahomes is anything but “trash.”

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  1. Tyreek Hill was confused and actually admitted later that he was talking about himself as a human being.

  2. “Tyreek Hill’s first impression of Patrick Mahomes: “I thought he was trash””

    Hill must’ve mistakenly been looking in the mirror.

  3. Second to his miraculous recovery, Patrick Mahomes might have been Alex Smiths greatest achievement. Alex Smith really coached Mahomes up and put him in a position to succeed.

  4. A lot of people said “the Chiefs were morons” to draft Mahomes. Those same individuals are saying “the Packers are idiots” for drafting Jordan Love.

    Wait 3 years and we will come back to “the Packers are idiots” comments. Keep in mind that many people also said the Packers never should have drafted Aaron Rodgers when they had Brett Favre.

  5. Of course Kelce said he was amazing. Just like pass catchers said Jamarcus Russel was amazing, and Ryan Leaf and on and on. Teammates and coaches never give honest assessments if a players bad, especially early in their careers. And Hill says this 4 years later, probably a little joking and a little serious.. It’s okay to laugh.

  6. It’s fun going back and reading the comment section of that Kelce article knowing what we know know about Mahomes. Some of you we dead wrong, @CharlieCharger, to his credit, was spot on.

  7. i think mahomes fell into the right spot…solid coach, sat behind smith who is a quality guy, solid running game, solid receivers…
    most QBs don’t fall into that…

  8. People forget Mahomes was expected to be the next Jay Cutler or Matthew Stafford at best coming out of college. There’s a reason he went 10th overall and not 1st. He looks like a completely different player now. Player development is a real thing.

  9. Can someone translate ‘I ain’t gonna cap’ for me? Oh wait, I figured out what it means …. I cannot tell a fib.

  10. I think TE’s are a young QB’s best friend. Doesn’t surprise me Kelce would see more quality throws from Mahommes in practice sooner than Hill saw quality throws as a WR.

  11. It’s wonderful to live in a culture where it is acceptable to refer to a person as “trash.”. Even if Mahomes had turned out to be the worst QB in the history of the NFL, he still would not be ” trash.”

  12. I appreciate his honesty. I’m sure he’s not the only one who thought that. I had no idea who he was when they drafted him and probably a large majority of people here also said “Who?” when they drafted him. It just goes to show you just never know how these guys will turn out. A guy like Brady goes in the sixth and is a HoF’er while a guy like JaMarcus Russell goes #1 and washes out after a few years. You just never know. Hill had the guts to admit it. I respect that. It takes a lot of guts for him to admit that even though now he obviously realizes he was wrong. Also, I believe when he said he was trash that was about his playing ability, not about his person. It turns out Mahomes is a class act in both aspects.

  13. heyguru1969 says:
    December 2, 2020 at 8:39 am
    What I’ve gathered from this story is he ain’t gonna cap.


    Oh man I love Ty Hill & this actually made me laugh out loud this morning.

  14. It makes one wonder if Kelce pays more attention in meetings or practice that Hill. If so, and that is where Mahomes was making strides, it may make sense that Kelce would pick up on it more quickly. Mahomes likely wasn’t getting a ton of reps in practice, so if someone only watched that, it may have taken time to understand. With that said, if you watch Mahomes in his HyVee or State Farm TV ads, there is nothing about him that screams star NFL QB, just from appearance alone. So, if Hill was only paying attention to whether he ‘looked’ like a QB, and not paying enough attention to the other fine details, it may have taken a while to open his eyes.

  15. This was a lighthearted moment that some of you are taking way too seriously. Relax people, sheesh.

  16. Every week I watch the abridged replay of the Chiefs game just to see Mahomes. He’s part Picasso, part Houdini. He has a long way to go to catch the likes of Brady, Manning, Montana, etc, but I really think when he finally hangs up the cleats, he’ll be considered the greatest of all time.

  17. freefromwhatyouare says:
    December 2, 2020 at 8:30 am
    A lot of people said “the Chiefs were morons” to draft Mahomes. Those same individuals are saying “the Packers are idiots” for drafting Jordan Love.

    Wait 3 years and we will come back to “the Packers are idiots” comments. Keep in mind that many people also said the Packers never should have drafted Aaron Rodgers when they had Brett Favre.


    Those very same people howled with glee at the way Ron Wolf got “fleeced” for Favre.

  18. Both Hill and Kelce have valid points. Aaron Rodgers’ throwing mechanics were completely different in college from his pro years. Yes, player development is a real thing. Obviously, it still takes talent and potential ceiling but falling into the right environment and situation is just as important. It’s possible many potentially great players never got the chance to blossom under the right teams. If Mahomes was drafted by the Bears, I’m not sure he would be as good as right now.

  19. I watched almost every game that Mahomes played at Texas Tech, there was no doubt that he was a special player. He basically had no line, no defense, and every game was dependent on him to outscore the other team.

    When you have time, watch his bowl game against LSU in 2015(?). Kid threw for about 350 yds and 4 TDS against a defense with multiple future NFL players. After that game I thought he was underrated, most of the experts considered him another “system” QB

  20. “A lot of people said “the Chiefs were morons” to draft Mahomes. Those same individuals are saying “the Packers are idiots” for drafting Jordan Love.”

    I had no idea that Jordan Love was an actual clone of Mahomes so that you could accurately predict Love’s future off of what Mahomes has accomplished. But even looking past that, you’re talking about two totally different situations: Alex Smith was getting older and the Chiefs needed a QB of the future while the Packers were contenders needing an extra piece or two but instead used their most important draft pick on somebody who won’t play for several years. That Packers D is going to be their downfall and they certainly could have used a top pick to shore things up there.

  21. He had a big arm but wasn’t very accurate coming out of college. Watch his pre-draft one on one with Gruden. I think like Rodgers and Brady and many other QBs the year of watching and waiting allowed him to be the best version of himself by the time he got his opportunity. Brady needed to add bulk and strength to take the hits and deliver the ball on time in an NFL in the early 2000s that still allowed defenders to really hit QBs. Rodgers needed the year to get his mechanics fixed. His arm strength improved dramatically as a result of his mechanics change. He was like a Chad Pennington coming out of college — accurate and smart, but not known for his arm talent (hence why he dropped). Mahomes needed to tighten up his mechanics to be more accurate, and understand the NFL QB position better coming from a college offense that had a lot of spread and not much else. They all landed in the right spots for them to have early career success. A lot of QBs aren’t as fortunate, but if you’re good enough and have the desire to improve you eventually will show it regardless in my opinion.

  22. Alex Smith had his beat years under Andy Reid … just maybe it’s the system , running pick and rub routes to get speedy guys some open field isn’t all that hard to figure out … Tommy made a career off of it.

  23. Tyreek was just fooling around, lighten up people. Tyreek has changed his life, become a professional on and off the field, better Father, better person.
    and best WR in the NFL this season…

  24. I wonder what you would think of him if he were on the Jets or Eagles or the Team who must not be named. It’s great he has the best WR and TE in football to pass the ball to. Hill and Kelce would make any QB look great.

  25. Kelce was talking about Mahomes in October. Hill said specifically ‘ When he first got there’ which is almost a 4 month difference.

    You don’t think that time may have made an impression on all the players by then?

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