Baker Mayfield: Getting better means completing passes that should be made in my sleep

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The Browns have won three straight games and Baker Mayfield has gone four straight games without throwing an interception, but he isn’t satisfied with his play.

Mayfield said he can be better after last Sunday’s 27-25 win over the Jaguars and he was asked to expand on that during a Wednesday press conference. He said the game “was closer than I wanted it to be because of some of the mistakes” he made and was particularly critical of his accuracy on throws into the end zone that could have made for a more comfortable victory.

“I am trying to get better each week,” Mayfield said, via “That is taking care of the ball and that is completing these passes that should be made my sleep.”

Mayfield said he is “going to be hard on myself because these moments here down the stretch are the ones that you have to make every play count.” That stretch run continues with a game against the Titans on Sunday and it offers a chance for the Browns to secure their first winning season since 2007.

Attaining that goal might not stop Mayfield from being critical of himself, but it would continue to make this the most successful Browns season in a long, long time.

4 responses to “Baker Mayfield: Getting better means completing passes that should be made in my sleep

  1. Saying it and doing it are 2 entirely different things Baker. This was an issue not only the Jaguars’ game but in several games this season. Baker seems to be high with a lot of his misses which implies a mechanical issue. Eventually, it will cost the Browns a game unless he can get the accuracy corrected. Hopefully, he can.

  2. Game managers don’t make the sizzling tight window throws that baker makes. He’s not a game manager; he’s inconsistent. If he does improve on his inconsistency, as he expresses a desire to here, he’ll be #dangerous

  3. One thing I’ve noticed with Baker is his attitude. He hasn’t been arrogant and seems more humble lately. Hope he continues to improve his image and more importantly his gameplay.

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