NFL reinstates Josh Gordon for last two games

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Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has expressed frustration at times this season when asked about where Josh Gordon‘s reinstatement stood.

He will have a different answer in today’s media session.

The NFL has reinstated the receiver from his suspension, with Gordon eligible to return in Week 16, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports. That means Gordon can play the final two games of the regular season and into the postseason.

The Seahawks signed Gordon on Sept. 3, assuming Gordon would receive approval from the league office to play again. It took longer than the team expected.

This is Gordon’s seventh NFL suspension since he entered the league.

Gordon has not played a full, 16-game season since his rookie year of 2012. He played five games with the Seahawks and six with the Patriots last season.

UPDATE 3:53 P.M. ET: The NFL announced Gordon’s reinstatement. Gordon can rejoin the team Wednesday after passing COVID-19 protocols and attended meetings and engage individual workouts and strength and conditioning work. He can practice the week of Dec. 21.

41 responses to “NFL reinstates Josh Gordon for last two games

  1. We all want him to succeed, but surely this must be his absolute last chance to prove that he can stay clean.

  2. This guy keeps letting teammates down over and over and over again. The fact that he cant be depended on is almost worse than what he is actually getting suspended for.

  3. Interesting how the league reinstates him to help the Seahawks down the home stretch. Maybe he helps, maybe he gets suspended for life, I guess we’ll see…

  4. Yet no word on Brown I keep forgetting the league is looking into him and his latest

  5. To be honest, the NFL should just do away with its draconian Marijuana policies and quit suspending players for what amounts to a way to relax and manage pain for them. The NFL has no issues creating a bunch of pill and shot junkies but then keep suspending players for taking something that is legal in many states now.

    It doesn’t make sense at any level.

  6. Nice…If you’re a Seahawk team you have to love adding Gordon and his fresh legs heading into the playoffs. In his limited time previously he and Wilson showed some good timing, especially on the slant routes.

  7. I wish him well,but as we all know,you can’t set your hopes too high when it comes to Gordon. It’s sad because he’s got all the tools a great WR needs.

  8. Suspensions for Marijuana use have ALWAYS BEEN SILLY. That being said, I hope that Josh Gordon’s story is told so that future generations can learn from the consequences of a lack of self control/drug dependence.

  9. Why are people so down on him or against him playing? What has ever done to endanger another person? So what if he likes to get high. Half the people here probably drink and get behind a car after doing so. Stop with your holier than thou attitude. Let the guy play. Lot worse has been done by people and allowed to come back.

  10. I just think it is funny that everyone still assumes he is any good. He hasn’t played much since being drafted and he isn’t very reliable. I wish him well as I do all people but my football self has long since moved on from Josh Gordon.

  11. When this guy gets a little older he is gonna look back at all the money he cost himself over some weed and more than likely need to see a therapist. I never agreed with the NFLs hard stance and punishment over marijuana but those were the rules.

  12. Elwayneedstoretire:

    That’s fine and wonderful, but has nothing to do with this. Weed isn’t his problem.

  13. Try to knock a players head off with a helmet and ONLY get 6 games, smoke a joint and get an indefinite suspension, what’s wrong with this picture?

  14. What is he getting suspended for? How has that never leaked? We know it’s not weed since every pot head on earth will tell you it’s not addictive. Gordon needs to get with aldon smiths support group.

  15. krakenit says:

    Well, weed is no longer a suspendable offence, so Josh will be good to go.
    Maybe it is a hard drug. Nobody ever confirmed that it was weed he is being punished for.

  16. bondlake says:
    December 3, 2020 at 4:09 pm
    How many chances does this guy get?

    Not nearly as many as Pacman Jones did! What did he get about a dozen and for far worse offences than smoking a little pot, Pacman was for guns, knifes, assaults, etc, etc, etc.

  17. Only way he can go 2 weeks without failing drug test is if he doesn’t get tested during that time

  18. Josh will help as the third WR. He is better than Moore, on his worst day. I’m convinced that in the future, he will add considerable to the WR core & likely be resigned next off season.

  19. Baseball pitcher Steve Howe was suspended 7 times. Please don’t beat that record Josh. We loved you here in Cleveland but we could’t keep you on the field buddy. Turn on the jets for the Seahawks and best wishes to you.

  20. What, is he like 40 now? As Antonio Brown proved, adding another WR to a team already rich in WR talent never goes well.

  21. There are 2nd chances, and the. There are Josh Gordon infinite chances because he was good once about a decade ago.

  22. Josh’s addiction problems are well beyond weed,that is not the problem. It’s disappearing for a few days. Falling off the wagon. Missing blood tests, fail tests, Pills, booze and anything else to get him high, and then there is missing practices, curfews and meetings.

  23. Hope he can stay clean. He played in 6 games with the Seahawks last year and didn’t see a lot of balls, although he made some incredibly clutch tough catches to convert on 3rd downs. As a Seahawks fan, I don’t think 2 games is enough time to work him into the offense and build enough rapport with Wilson to help them much going down the stretch. Gordon’s a better receiver that Moore, but Moore and Wilson have continuity and work well together. Hard to see Gordon leapfrogging Moore for any meaningful time.

  24. billymutt says:
    December 3, 2020 at 3:50 pm
    We all want him to succeed, but surely this must be his absolute last chance to prove that he can stay clean.

    You would think so. But you would have thought so a few times now so who knows?

  25. The NFLPA is so weak it’s beyond crazy. If the players are paying union dues, they’re due a refund.

  26. This guy is really an afterthought now. Not even certain how he is still in the league. Not the explosive dude he was back in his Cleveland days and he can’t get open.

  27. Wisconsin77 says:
    December 3, 2020 at 6:01 pm
    What, is he like 40 now? As Antonio Brown proved, adding another WR to a team already rich in WR talent never goes well

    Uh he’s 29….

  28. bmmerrill1 says:

    Interesting how the league reinstates him to help the Seahawks down the home stretch.


    You can look at that both ways…maybe they held him out for the first 15 weeks to screw with Seattle. The truth? Both are just stupid conspiracy theories.

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