Ravens not happy with Steelers’ delay tactics before halftime

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The first half of Wednesday’s Ravens-Steelers game ended with Baltimore running out of time as a third-and-goal pass into the end zone fell incomplete. The Ravens may have had enough time to run a fourth-and-goal play, if not for the Steelers’ tactics as the clock was running late in the half.

With the Ravens out of timeouts and the ball at the 1-yard line, Baltimore plunged into the line and was stopped on second-and-goal. There should have been enough time for the Ravens to run two more plays, but Steelers players purposely stayed on top of Ravens players in the pile, keeping them from lining up until about 18 seconds had run off the clock and there was only enough time for one more play.

Former NFL referee Terry McAulay said on the NBC broadcast that the Steelers should have been flagged for delay of game, but the officials let them get away with it.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh was not happy about it.

“We knew we had enough time to run the two plays we wanted to run; the run, we hoped it would score,” Harbaugh said, via the Baltimore Sun. “If it didn’t, we had a quick play pass that would be operated quick. That would be a quick throw, so we’d have time for timeout if that was incomplete. I just feel like if you’re laying on the ground like that, you’re either injured, or it’s delay of game. So, that’s [a] pretty clear cut-type of a deal, and that’s how we felt about it.”

Ravens quarterback Robert Griffin III said the Steelers were staying on the pile on purpose, but he also blamed himself.

“The problem was the clock was running down as they were just laying on top of our guys, not letting them get up. So, we got the play off,” he said. “We had a plan to run that second play, and it was wide open. So, we just didn’t finish. We just didn’t finish the execution of it; I put that on me. I could’ve thrown a better ball and made it easier. At the end of the day, hindsight is 20/20. In that moment, we had two plays called. We knew what we were going to do, and we got them both run. We just didn’t execute them.”

The Ravens narrowly missed an opportunity to score seven points before halftime in a game they lost 19-14.

32 responses to “Ravens not happy with Steelers’ delay tactics before halftime

  1. It’s part of the game…..it always has been. These pampered whining players really need to stop complaining. EVERY team does it on EVERY level of football since the beginning of time.

  2. The audacity of these clowns whining about someone’s “delay tactics….” unbelievable

  3. Oh that is choice as the Ravens are known for late pushing players down, late hits, getting up and crying to the officials and of course Hairbaugh on the officials all game. Sounds like some whining

  4. Are there any head coaches in football that whine more than the Harbaugh brothers?

    They are the Antonio Brown of coaches. Look at me. Look at me.

  5. The REFs new exactly what the Steelers were doing. There job is to stop the clock until that foolishness is over. Not look the other way like nothing unusual is going on.

  6. If they had just lined up, it would have forced the awful refs to blow the whistle. They just stood around.

  7. What did they think the Steelers were gonna go? Take the refs out of it. Passing plays either score or stop the clock. At least they could have kicked a field goal.

  8. I agree the clock should have been stopped, but it wasn’t. Had RG3 been aware of what was going on he could have spiked the ball with 1-2 seconds left and could have attempted a fg.

  9. Refs could have called that. But I wouldn’t complain if the tables were turned.
    – Ravens fan

  10. As a Steeler fan, even I saw Vince Williams take his time getting up. Not sure what it was about, but also not his problem the refs didn’t throw a flag.

    OTOH, yet another instance, in an infinite series, of Harbaugh whining. Did Tomlin whine about the bogus roughing-the-passer call on Heyward in the 2nd half? Harbaugh’s not wrong for being mad, but he takes every opportunity to complain about anything. You name it — trick plays, player substitutions, in-game communication problems with his own players, COVID protocols — he whines. Refs botch calls, every single game. Get over it.

  11. John harbaugh complaining and waiving his arms around, the frequency increases when he’s losing. When calls go his way, and they DO… ravens fans are too blind to see it. The broncos had to play a game without a QB literally on the roster and the Ravens game was postponed 6 days. Who should be waiving their arms around exactly.

  12. The Steelers definitely should have been flagged for delay of game on that play. Once again the refs botched a call – nothing new as it happens often. But it’s not like anyone can sue to change the outcome of the game. The game is over. Time to move on.

  13. The Steelers definitely broke the rules at the end of the 1st half, and the Refs let them get away with it.

  14. I am the first to say that what the Steelers defenders did was part of football. Fair and square. It’s RG3’s fault for calling an unnecessary timeout. So, not having that timeout in your back pocket caused all that unnecessary drama at the end of the game. It is also the coaches fault for calling running plays with no time-outs left. My son is 9 and he was screaming at the TV: Why are you not throwing the ball???? Look, hindsight is 20/20. But those are basic football fundamentals that we learned since pop warner.
    It’s was a true debacle. You can blame COVID, lack of preparation…etc. But, the bottom line, those series of mistakes should have never happened. Period.

  15. They should’ve thrown the ball on second down. Do they expect the other team to rush to line up so they can get another play off? Stop crying you knew what the situation was and ran the ball with no time outs. Cry babies.

  16. Not a fan of either team, and I respect Tomlin 10x more than Harbaugh, but I see players purposely laying on another player in a hurry up scenario too often. The refs just let it go as if they have no control in the matter. Its bush league, but you can’t fault the players if its not being flagged.

  17. John harbaugh complaining and waiving his arms around, the frequency increases when he’s losing. When calls go his way, and they DO… ravens fans are too blind to see it. The broncos had to play a game without a QB literally on the roster and the Ravens game was postponed 6 days. Who should be waiving their arms around exactly.

    24 2 Rate This

    Please enough with The Broncos had to play without a QB analogy. Two different situations. The Ravens situation was an outbreak with new cases EVERYDAY. Totally different in the Broncos QB’s case. The could have signed Colin Kaepernick? lol The Broncos have no chance in making the playoffs anyway, so the silver lining is you pick sooner in the draft in April. How does that sound?

  18. Always whining about something. You’re lucky the Steelers played bad it should have been 55-0

  19. The roughing the passer penalty on Pitt’s Heyward was far more worthy of complaining about than this.

  20. Kinda ironic considering that the Raven’s “tactics” had already delayed the game for six days.

  21. Are the Ravens players, coaches and fans the most obnoxious ever, or what? How much whining can they do? First RG3 complaining about having to play a game that the NFL moved 3 times to their huge benefit– while forcing the Raiders, Niners, Titans, Patriots and Broncos to play games as scheduled with no postponement despite numerous starters out. Now the Steelers did yada, yada, yada.
    I’m tired of this sinking ship. Newsflash: you aren’t that good anymore. Stop living in last year. Lamar is going backwards, your offense stinks, and you’re not even in the playoffs at this point. Eat some humble pie for a change.

  22. You’ve got a person with a screenname designed to troll on Lamar Jackson saying he’s tired of the Ravens. Hey I got an idea. Change your screen name and stop reading articles about the Ravens.

  23. I kind of think the Steelers were entitled to delay 15 seconds or so when the Ravens maneuvered their way into almost a week’s delay.

    If they would have followed the protocols the league set out, maybe they wouldn’t have been in the situation. I don’t care if it was an outbreak or not, no other team got the preferential treatment that the Ravens did.

  24. He’s trying to deflect the true mistake – clock management. When do you ever see a team run out of time so close to the end zone? With being able to spike it and use the TO properly, there’s no reason not to get a couple good shots at the end zone at a reasonable pace.

  25. It was pretty BS, Vince Williams is just laying on the ground with no one around him for an additional 3 or 4 seconds just looking up. That said, the Ravens called an even more BS play to begin with, running up the gut from the one, everyone and they grandmother knew what was coming so they put themselves in the position to begin with seeing as they only had one time out.

  26. I don’t remember the numbers, Titans or raiders making 37 roster moves including bringing up ten players from the practice squad for their games. But please keep telling me how the Ravens situation was the same as theirs

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