Report: Doug Pederson already has given up some play-calling duties

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Doug Pederson said Tuesday giving up play calling is “on the table.”

But Jeff McLane of the Philadelphia Inquirer reports that has already happened.

Passing game coordinator Press Taylor has taken over play calling several times in recent games, according to McLane, and Pederson could give Taylor even more responsibility in Sunday’s game against the Packers.

Senior offensive assistant Rich Scangarello also has called plays this season. Scangarello has held the reins in two-minute situations all season, per McLane.

Pederson publicly has expressed reluctance to relinquishing play calling, saying it’s something he enjoys about the job. He has called the plays since becoming the Eagles’ head coach in 2016.

“I take pride in play calling, and I look at everything,” Pederson said this week. “I’ve got to take everything into consideration. If I feel like I get stuck or in a rut, I definitely would consider giving that up. So, it’s definitely on the table.

“I wouldn’t say that’s off the table. But that’s also part of sparking the offense and maybe seeing the offense through somebody else’s eyes.”

The Eagles rank 29th in yards and 25th in points.

12 responses to “Report: Doug Pederson already has given up some play-calling duties

  1. Jeff McLane also said Hurts would see a bigger role Monday night…..

    He’s also been booted from the Eagles press booth.

    Point is, as much as my Eagles are terrible this year. As much as it’s showing they kept the wrong QB and Lentz is a flash in the pan.
    I believe nothing McLane says. He’s a pot stirrer with an axe to grind.

    Miss you Nick.

  2. I was listening to the Inside the Birds podcast last week and Joe Banner was the guest. He said that Andy Reid used to regularly give up play calling for a game or a half without ever saying anything about it when he felt he was getting stale or what he was calling wasn’t working. He said that the one time Reid announced he was giving up play calling responsibilities during his Eagles tenure was a surprise because Reid had been doing it all along.

    Anyhow, Pederson would know this about Reid and that makes the story pretty credible to me.

  3. This is great news for whomever is the OC for Philly. Andy Reid also let Dougy “call the plays” too and he got you guys a SB.

  4. Doesn’t matter who calls plays. If your offensive line can’t protect and your qb can’t even hit open receivers then your team’s not going to be scoring very often. Love Wentz and the way he battles but he is broken and who knows if he will ever be able to get right again.

  5. People need to understand it’s a horribly scrambled O-line and a terrible trio of receivers that is the primary issue for the Eagles, not the play calling. Fire the GM and give Pederson the same talent he had a few years ago and life in Philly would be much better.

  6. They’re running the most rudimentary playbook for Wentz. I don’t get what wrong there. He seems just very slow to read the defences and identify targets.

  7. Who cares? Howie Roseman and his multiple epically bad drafts is the real problem. The situation won’t change until he is removed.

  8. There are a lot of problems with this team. Poor drafting. Injuries. Play calling that ignores the only playmaker on the offense. A QB who has regressed more than any QB I’ve ever seen. A coach who doesn’t seem to realize that any of these things are problems. And an overall lack of talent at almost every position.

    Those of us who want to bench Wentz for Hurts are under no delusions that this move would turn the team into a contender instantly. I just want to see the guy get much needed game reps since this season is lost anyway.

  9. Some of his calls are just bizarre and he frequently calls plays that invite Wentz to take extra chances which is absolutely NOT what they should be encouraging. Their last game they had 2nd and 19 after a sack and came out in a tight set run look which absolutely wasn’t going to fool the defense and then proceeded to try a pass with only two guys running routes, both deep so there was nobody available for a quick dumpoff when the rush (predictably) instantly got to Wentz.

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