Report: MRI confirms Bud Dupree’s torn ACL

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Initial tests on Steelers linebacker Bud Dupree showed that he tore his ACL during Wednesday’s win over the Ravens and the diagnosis didn’t change with after further evaluation.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that an MRI confirmed that Dupree suffered the season-ending injury. He will have surgery to repair the injury at some point and begin rehabbing with eyes on the 2021 season.

Dupree’s outlook for that season is a lot different as a result of the injury. Dupree was playing this year on a franchise tag and his work as a pass rusher positioned himself for a nice payday in the offseason, but the torn ACL may make some suitors wary of making a big investment in him.

Dupree ends the year with 31 tackles, eight sacks, eight tackles for loss, 15 quarterback hits, and two forced fumbles.

22 responses to “Report: MRI confirms Bud Dupree’s torn ACL

  1. And this is why players are always going to fight the Franchise tag. The one-year guaranteed big salary is nice, but you have nothing beyond that. Dupree is still going to get paid, but he lost a good bit of upfront cash yesterday.

  2. The Steelers would be stupid to re-sign Dupree. Let him leave and take the 3rd rd pick, then sign TJ Watt to a long term deal.

  3. I’ll admit that was I one of the many Steelers fans who thought Bud was a bust during his first couple of years. I am very happy that the last couple of years have proven me and the others wrong. This is a very big blow to the overall defense. The only even slightly silver lining is that it improves Pittsburgh’s chances of re-signing him. Best of luck on your rehab Bud. I’m looking forward to you being comeback player of the year in 2021.

  4. Covid has our country in a pandemic but the NFL currently has an ACL problem. Not sure if its lack of prep or turf but whatever it is its ruining professional football. An organization and its city invest so much into these players. The one thing I do know from watching on sundays is players flying into the play when a player goes down causes so many injuries Im shocked its never mentioned when rules are evaluated every year. Lack of fundamentals in terms of tackling is absurd. So many injuries can be avoided.

  5. Another player on the franchise tag screwed over. How the NFLPA doesn’t negotiate away from this is a joke.

  6. I don’t think that the Steelers have anyone on the bench that can come close to filling Dupree’s shoes. Watt is going to see a lot of double teams now!

  7. Dang, terrible news for Bud. I hope he recovers quickly. I would like to see the Steelers find a way to keep him on the team, but I doubt they have the cap space to sign all of these guys. However, most importantly, I hope he heals with no long term effects.

  8. Sorry for Bud. He was having a great year.

    With that being said, Alex Highsmith is about to surprise some people….Great motor and football IQ….He’s Bud’s replacement next year. Just getting an early start.

  9. Wishing him a full and speedy recovery. I I honestly feel for Steelers fan.

    Reminded me of watching Nick Bosa getting carted off and immediately knowing my teams Super Bowl hopes just became A LOT more difficult if not shattered

  10. I don’t think the Steelers can overcome the loss of these two linebackers, losing
    incredible speed on their Defense:

    Devin Bush: Combine 40: 4.43 Bud Dupree Combine 40: 4.56
    Combine Vert: 40.5″ Combine Vert: 42″
    Broad Jump: 10’3″ Broad Jump: 11’6″

  11. itsabobbiedazzler says:
    December 3, 2020 at 11:14 am
    I don’t think that the Steelers have anyone on the bench that can come close to filling Dupree’s shoes. Watt is going to see a lot of double teams now!


    Assuming Bud’s gone in FA, I hope he cashes in big time. A lot of Steeler fans dismissed him after his 2nd year. You could see the potential, but it either didn’t materialize or he wasn’t being put in a position to use it (had him in coverage a lot). Once Watt came, those two lit it up. Also seems like a decent guy in the locker room. Best of luck to him and shame it ended this way.

    They seem big on Alex Highsmith. Now that Bud’s hurt, guess we’ll get a taste of what life will be like with Highsmith (and probably Adeniyi to an extent) lining up next to Watt, for better or worse.

  12. He’s overrated. They haven’t come forward with a contract because of that fact. He was a bust his first 3 years and this allows them to escape making a huge blunder anyway.

    Watt’s play now will go down as well.

  13. I wasn’t on the bud dupree train a few years ago but I admit he is playing alot better this year. With that being said, I believe Highsmith will come in and get the job done and do just as well.

  14. enoughofthatalready says:
    December 3, 2020 at 11:38 am
    This is a bigger loss than people realize. Dupree was also a great run defender.

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    Yeah, right. He was moved to the weakside for a reason. Dupree and “great” don’t belong in the same sentence.

  15. Weakside has absolutely nothing to do with ability or talent. Learn football, NEHomerpick6.

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