Dak Prescott visits practice, says he’s motivated to “return better than ever”

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Dak Prescott visited the Cowboys’ practice Friday, and video posted by the team’s official Twitter account showed a lighthearted moment the quarterback shared with Ezekiel Elliott.

Prescott leaned on a crutch under his left arm as he limped toward the outdoor practice field. Elliott mimicked Prescott’s limp as he approached his close friend.

Prescott, surely smiling under his face covering, raised his crutch and took several steps on his surgically repaired right ankle.

“It’s good every day to see him,” Elliott said. “He’s always in great spirits, doing whatever he can to uplift his team, although that’s very limited just because of the circumstances. But Dak’s been great.”

Prescott, whose recovery is expected to take four to six months, described his rehab as “small victories” earlier this week.

Prescott posted a message on Instagram on Friday: “Missing the game everyday, but it’s motivation to return better than ever.”

The Cowboys are buoyed by Prescott’s positivity.

“Boy, that’s telling as to how his mind is and how he approaches his work and having those positive gains,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said Friday on 105.3 The Fan. “Every day, as early as you can, you need a victory. That’s very effective, a victory. I know a lot of people say I get up and I get my workout in, and I may get my ass kicked the entire rest of the day, but I won one right there, and that starts me off right. So finding those little victories, and, boy, it tells you the mind game that he’s having to work through to get his rehab in. He’s got all the goals and positives there are in the world. But it just goes back to the guy in the mirror. That’s where you want to win, right there, with him. He’s the difference.”

Prescott was leading the league in passing yards when his season ended. He finished his fifth season with 1,856 yards, nine touchdowns and four interceptions in five games.

Prescott, who played 2020 under the franchise tag, is scheduled to become a free agent in March. A second franchise tag will cost the Cowboys $37.7 million for 2021.

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  1. The $37 million tag is still below market value. QBs of Dak’s age and ability don’t hit the open market very often and when they do, they tend to become the highest paid player in the league (see: Kirk Cousins).

    Whether that contract is “deserved” or not is irrelevant; history has shown time and time again that teams are willing to pay top dollar for a “franchise” quarterback. The Jets, Jaguars, Redskins, Patriots and Bears all are in desperate need of one, while other teams like the Lions, Falcons, Bucs, Colts, Steelers, Vikings, and 49ers could find themselves seeking a more long-term solution beyond this season.

    Its Dallas’ own fault that they didn’t lock Dak up prior to now. They can still parlay the franchise tag into a long term deal, but they won’t be getting any discounts.

  2. Cowboys have atrocious line play on both sides of the ball, not sure how giving one guy $37M is going to solve that problem

  3. When Troy Aikman retired (or was forced out) due to back injury, he was offered a highly lucrative position as quarterback in Philadelphia. He considered the offer but ultimately turned it down (accepting it would have been a betrayal) and instead went into broadcasting.

    Dallas hasn’t had a credible quarterback since. Tony Romo was a sensation, and a good quarterback, but a back injury also forced him into retirement. He too went into broadcasting, and frankly he’s a better broadcaster than Aikman.

    Honestly, I don’t think Prescott will ever play another down for the Cowboys. A compound ankle fracture is a difficult injury to return from, more so than a back injury. It affects your ability to step back, plant and throw. It affects your ability to scramble. A back injury is bad enough, but an ankle injury is far worse for a quarterback.

    Prescott may be able to return next year, but his rehabilitation will take months. There’s no guarantee that he will be able to perform at the same level, and he’s not under contract. Maybe some other team will offer him more that what Dallas will under the transaction tag, but I doubt it.

    Prescott has played his last down as a Cowboy. It’s far too expensive to retain a hobbled quarterback, than it is to retain credible backup. Dalton is credible, and Gilbert shows promise. Either of them is a smarter and much cheaper choice.

  4. Don’t see Dak as a Cowboy next year. Jerrah needs to reevaluate everyone’s position and start completely over. Take the hit and suck for 2 years stockpile draft picks and then maybe you can right your sinking ship. Otherwise you are going to look like a dog chasing his tail to eternity.

  5. Despite the hype, Prescott is really just an average QB. He seems unable to produce until the team gets far behind in the score. Then he starts to light up relaxed defenses to make the games close at the end. For a team with all the weapons the Cowboys have, that’s just not impressive. The rest of the NFC East isn’t going to remain terrible forever, so Prescott won’t get to pad his stats for 6 games every season anymore. Dallas would be smart to invest all that cap money somewhere else and get a solid game manager QB for a lot less money.

  6. gawainsghost says:

    December 5, 2020 at 7:32 am

    When Troy Aikman retired (or was forced out) due to back injury, he was offered a highly lucrative position as quarterback in Philadelphia. He considered the offer but ultimately turned it down (accepting it would have been a betrayal) and instead went into broadcasting


    Aikman was already in broadcasting in 2002 when McNabb got hurt and Andy called Aikman at halftime to tell him they wanted him to be the starting QB against the 49ers(I think) the following week. Was nothing more than a discussion between the two for a couple days. No lucrative contract, no betrayal, nothing more than a discussion. Aikman hadn’t played football in 2 years and was more concerned with not knowing the concepts and getting his teeth kicked in than loyalty.

  7. Senor Jones has a big decision to make. That spells disaster for the Cowboys. His motto of “deadlines make deals” has been used against him time after time. Agents know the trick and since he is steadfast in his desire to look like a genius and be friends with his players, he cannot make the right decision. Example Jason Garret. He took a coach he loved as a player and gave him ten years to become the next Tom Landry. On his own admission, he wasted the best years of Romo’s career.
    He is scared of any decision with Dak, let him go and he turns into Tom Brady. Keep him and he never gets any better. JJ used to be a maverick and a risk taker but the NFL has kicked his a@@ enough times to knock that out of him. Instead he has turned his powerful salesmanship to the fans who are much easier to convince that “this is the year”. He knows how to keep things mediocre and still be the biggest show in the NFL. His famous quote about the size of the check he would write for a championship is nonsense. The check for a person who can come in, build a team, hire the coaches and keep the owners out of the spotlight, would be much smaller. When you have more money than a family could ever spend the only thing left is for the world to see you as a true genius and football savant. Unfortunately there isn’t a check big enough to make that happen.If Dak is smart he will hit free agency and put Dallas in the rear view mirror.

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