Derek Carr: Fumbles not a stat I’m proud of

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The Raiders had a disastrous day in Atlanta in Week 12 and Derek Carr‘s turnovers played a big role in it.

Carr threw an interception and lost three fumbles in the 43-6 loss. He has now lost a league-high eight fumbles this season and his 31 lost fumbles are more than any other player since the start of the 2014 season.

Carr said this week that the fumbles are “not a stat I’m proud of” and that he’s worked to understand where the miscues are coming from.

“When something like that happens, I just try my best to look at the film and see what could I have done better in that play,” Carr said, via Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “And sometimes I have to take a deep breath and realize sometimes there is nothing you could do about it.”

The Raiders have 12 turnovers in their five losses this season and three turnovers in their six wins, which suggests anything Carr can do to limit them in the final five weeks would be a major boost to the team’s hopes of making the playoffs for the first time since head coach Jon Gruden returned to the team.

7 responses to “Derek Carr: Fumbles not a stat I’m proud of

  1. It’s always something with Carr! If it ain’t one thing it’s another. Too much has to be perfect for him to be successful. Exhausting

  2. Several years into his career it’s become obvious that DC4 is a talented passer but virtually useless without a dominating running game to keep the opposing defense at bay. Gruden apparently realizes that and hence his game-planning reflects his best QB’s limitations.

    And there is no reason to think anything will change anytime soon unless a lower-round QB draft pick blossoms into a star.

  3. His pocket presence seems to be an issue.

    Too frequently seems to step into the wrong spot and holds onto the ball waaaaaay too long.

    This is not new and is not likely to change much, if at all.

  4. Here comes the haters! People who obviously don’t watch Carr weekly. Carr is one of the most accurate passers in the league, check out the statistics they don’t lie. As far as those fumbles it comes down to a rotating offensive line. There’s many organizations who’d love to have Carr not only for his play but for his high character on and off the field!

  5. @ChArlie Kelly

    Holds the ball too long? His problem over the years has been that he gets rid of the ball too quickly.

  6. The stats don’t lie, eh? How about the stat the Carr leads the league in fumbles since he entered the league in 2014! That means he has not fixed his issues there and he continues to fail with ball security. He just doesn’t throw picks so his passing stats look great and people like you point to it and claim he’s “elite.” He’s not. He’s an average to above average starting QB in this league (which is a good player), but he’s not great. We drafted Ruggs to be our version of Tyreek Hill. Hill had 13 catches last week against TB, while Ruggs had 3 against ATL. In the game against KC, Tyreek had 11 or 12 catches, 5 of which were on the first drive. Ruggs had one catch on one target, which came late in the 3rd quarter. Why are we not getting him the ball? Tyreek has more catches in 2 games than Ruggs has in 9 games! Why is Agholor getting the deep balls? He, of course, drops them. Both Carr and Gruden need to do a better job of getting Ruggs the ball to let this offense open up. Also we neglected the backup RB position, and without Jacobs, our running game is going to suffer and more is going to be on Carr’s plate, which is worrisome.

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