Justin Herbert closing in on NFL rookie record for passing touchdowns

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Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert is poised to obliterate the NFL record for passing touchdowns by a rookie.

Herbert has already thrown 23 touchdown passes this season, in just 10 games. That’s an unprecedented pace for a rookie quarterback.

With five games to go, if Herbert continues to average 2.3 touchdown passes a game, he’ll finish this season with 35 touchdown passes. The current rookie record is 27 touchdown passes, set by Baker Mayfield in 2018.

Although it’s been a disappointing season for the 3-8 Chargers, they’ve found their franchise quarterback. Herbert looks like he’s ready to be a star in Los Angeles for years to come.

21 responses to “Justin Herbert closing in on NFL rookie record for passing touchdowns

  1. Every year it gets easier to throw the ball… expect all single season records to get broken at least a few times over the next decade.

  2. It’s a shame the team stinks. Though if they were better, he probably wouldn’t need to be throwing as much.

  3. I’ve seen plenty of QBs regress after a hot start. Marcus and Carson come to mind immediately.

  4. Too bad he didn’t have the right coaching staff around him to help with his development. Imagine if he had a pass happy head coach like Bruce Arians how many touchdowns he’d have by now

  5. Telesco has done a pretty good job drafting; next up will be finding the right coach to help this team and this QB take the next step.

  6. He certainly looks like the real deal. Now they need a HC (maybe a better owner, too) that can get things going in the right direction.
    Chargers haven’t had a top level coach since Marty. “There’s a gleam, men! A gleam!”

  7. nathanp2013 says:
    December 4, 2020 at 9:58 am
    Every year it gets easier to throw the ball… expect all single season records to get broken at least a few times over the next decade.

    I think the fact that someone named Baker Mayfield currently holds the record validates your statement.

  8. What the Chargers really need is a better strength and conditioning system so that their defensive stars don’t get hurt Every. Single. Year.

    They are constantly near the top of the league of games lost by 1 possession. Sure some of that can be attributed to coaching – but one has to wonder where they would be if players like Hayward, Verrett, James, Harris, Bosa, etc. could have/had played a full 16 games in recent years.

  9. Herbert is certainly a pleasant surprise. Unfortunately he’s on a team with a head coach who continually makes questionable decisions during games, a defense that even though has tons of talent gives up 30 points a game, and has talent on offense that due to not drafting enough O lineman does not allow enough to shine through. This team needs to make a head coaching change to fully exploit all the talent it has or else it’s just another player who’s talents have gone to waste on Chargers teams which has been frequently the case under the Spanos’ family.

  10. He’s fun to watch. But I really fear the Chargers are going to ruin him. I hope not. I wish him great success.

  11. I never understood the hype with tua. He made 1 big throw in college on a 2nd and 26 and that was it. How hard is it to win surrounded by 5 star recruits at every position. He is the jadaveon clowney of qbs , 1 big play in college somehow catapults him to a top pick.

  12. He’s going to be the same guy for 12-15 years.

    I wouldn’t bet on his team coming out of the AFCW as champions too many times in those 12 years.

    He’s going to throw 3-4 TDs in a lot of losses.

  13. ghjjf says:
    December 4, 2020 at 10:17 am
    Dolphins made a mistake passing on Herbert for Tua.

    Didn’t Dan Marino say before the draft that he liked Herbert. I guess Flores and Grier know qb’s better than Marino. I hope this decision does not bite them but it doesn’t look good right now.

  14. With the visiting Patriots up next I would think Justin Herbert will add nicely to that total.

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