Report: Lamar Jackson eligible to return from COVID-19 list Sunday

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The Ravens placed Robert Griffin III on injured reserve Friday. Starter Lamar Jackson remains on the COVID-19 reserve list.

That leaves Trace McSorley as the only quarterback on the Ravens’ 53-player roster. For now.

Jackson, the reigning NFL MVP, becomes eligible to return from the reserve/COVID-19 list Sunday, Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports.

The Ravens, though, didn’t play J.K. Dobbins or Mark Ingram on Wednesday against the Steelers despite both running backs being removed from the COVID-19 list. Jackson has not participated in a regular practice in two weeks and wouldn’t get much work in before Tuesday’s game against the Cowboys. (Not that the Ravens have had many regular practices recently because of the COVID-19 outbreak.)

So the Ravens will have to weigh whether Jackson is in good enough football shape to play in what is a must-win game for Baltimore.

“I wish the best for Lamar and his health and he can get back as soon as he can,” McSorley said before Friday’s practice, via Jamison Hensley of ESPN. “But [we are going to] prepare as we always have been and be ready for anything.”

McSorley, a sixth-round pick in 2019, returned from the COVID-19 list a day before the Ravens’ game in Pittsburgh. He played only after Griffin injured his hamstring.

The Ravens could elevate quarterback Tyler Huntley from the practice squad.

17 responses to “Report: Lamar Jackson eligible to return from COVID-19 list Sunday

  1. Trace is a gamer. I watched every game he played at PSU and this kid is a winner. He’s no Lamar but in a spot duty he outplayed RG3. What he lacks in size he makes up in heart. He also can throw a deep ball, witness the 75 yard TD pass. He should #2.

  2. Do they really want Lamar to be eligible to play?
    I know that seems like trolling, but just look at the facts.
    You were 14-2 last season and now you are 6-5 and currently out of the playoffs.
    Your defense remains strong.
    Your offense is horrible.
    The gimmick running QB offense, as we have said all along, doesn’t work over time. And in this case it has been exposed faster than prior running QB approaches.
    Face the facts: your QB is not good. He’s below average. How would you possibly justify anything other than this?

  3. @LamarIsAGoodRunningBack. There are tons of offenses driven around mobile QBs. You calling it a gimmick offense shows a lack of understanding and/or dislike for him. The only thing Lamar needs to prove he can do is make the outside throws. In his entire career (not just the pros) I don’t think he’s ever been tested enough to have to.

  4. Love the Ravens optimism here. You are 6-5 and sinking fast. BTW those out there thinking all Jackson needs to do is learn “to make outside throws” are in dreamland. That is not a learned skill.

  5. Ravens fan here who sees no reason to rush him back because this 2020 Ravens team totally lacks any killer instinct. They may wind up as the 6 or 7 seed but I don’t see them making any noise in the playoffs. Let Jackson recover for the next week and use Dallas as an evaluation of what you have in McSorley for a full game.

  6. I’ve never understood the hate for Lamar Jackson. Can someone explain to me? He’s a young guy that is motivated, works hard every day, and stays out of trouble.

  7. You can like Jackson as a person and still think he’s not that good a QB. Mobility is as asset to any QB but it in itself is not enough. When He came into the league, both he and coach Harbaugh said the same thing. This running around all the time is unsustainable, even in an age where QBs are afforded such protection even when outside the pocket and pass the LOS. The both said that Jackson needed to progress as a pocket passer and make good reads and decisions. Has he? To an extent but not enough. Still doesn’t read defenses well and fails to see open receivers too often. I hope Jackson spent his time studying game video because he needs it.

  8. Ravens are far from out of it. Look at their schedule. Cowboys, W, Giants, W, Jaguars, W, Bengals W. They only play the Browns in Cle left. At worst they will be 10-6 this year.

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