Seahawks’ much-improved defense no longer on record pace in yards allowed

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The bad news for the Seahawks’ defense is they’re ranked dead last in the NFL in yards allowed. The good news is, they’re a whole lot better now than they were early this season.

We noted in October that the Seahawks were on pace to set a new NFL record for the most yards allowed ever. That’s no longer the case; they’re now on pace to allow 6,689 yards, which is still not good, but far from the 2012 Saints’ record of 7,042 yards allowed.

Two weeks ago in their win over the Cardinals, the Seahawks’ defense allowed just 314 yards. That was their fewest in any game this season — until the next game, when they allowed just 250 yards on Monday night against the Eagles.

Over their first six games, the Seahawks allowed an average of 479 yards a game. Over their last five games, the Seahawks have allowed an average of 345 yards a game.

The bad news for the Seahawks is, their offense has taken a step back just as their defense has improved. If they can get both units playing up to their potential, that may be a Super Bowl formula.

5 responses to “Seahawks’ much-improved defense no longer on record pace in yards allowed

  1. Playing the Eagles and Carson Wentz will do that. Eagles haven’t scored more than 17 points in a month.

  2. They just played the Eagles, and have Giants, Jets and WFT as their next three games – not exactly offensive juggernauts.

  3. The stats are not to be used singular or even as a small grouping. The schedule dictates much of the early season rankings. The soft schedule over the second half of the season will bring the Seahawks defense back up the rankings to about average in yardage allowed and above average in many other stat areas. The Seahawks are going to be pushing the NFC for that top spot bye.

  4. The Eagles’ ineptitude certainly helps, but it is just lazy to write off their defensive improvement to a weaker opponent. This is a trend that started with the addition of Dunlap and players coming off IR. The Seahawks have held every team except for the Bills under their season average over the last 5 games. This includes Cardinals & Rams teams who are both top 6 in yards per game. Does that make them a great, or even good defense? No. But it does indicate that their improvement is not due to a reduced quality of opponent. Should that improvement continue to the point of making them just a top 20 defense, they will be a very dangerous playoff team.

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