Josh Allen: Eight wins is not enough, we’re not in the NFC East

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Bills quarterback Josh Allen said this week that he doesn’t want his team to rest on its laurels. And he took a little shot at the NFC East in the process.

Allen said he believes the Bills can go far this year, but he also noted that they’re 8-3 right now, and that’s not good enough to win the AFC East or any other division — except one.

“Exactly,” Allen told Pat McAfee. “Why not us? But again, we’re sitting at 8-3. And eight wins doesn’t win you the division unless you’re in the NFC East.”

The NFC East was once the class of the NFL — as Bills fans know all too well, given that they lost four straight Super Bowls to NFC East teams. But that was a long time ago. Right now, the NFC East is the NFL’s worst division, with the Giants in first place at 4-7. Not only would eight wins likely be enough to win the NFC East, but seven or even six may do the trick.

But not in the AFC East, where the Bills have the 7-4 Dolphins to contend with. Allen is right that eight wins will not be enough.

17 responses to “Josh Allen: Eight wins is not enough, we’re not in the NFC East

  1. He didn’t directly say they suck. Only that 8 wins won’t get then the division… he’s not wrong… the NFC East does suck though.

  2. I really like what Josh and the Bills are doing this year. Talking trash in your own division is natural and even encouraged (ie NFCN). However, kicking a division that has no bearing upon your own success is not good optics. Someone should remind young Josh that Buffalo hasn’t won a playoff game since 1995. Trash talking is best done when you have actually accomplished something.

  3. Ah yes, the mighty afc east. Other than the patriots, the rest of that division has looked like this year’s nfc east for the last 2 decades.

  4. I agree with a couple of previous posters. This is not trash talk and even the headline is misleading. He didn’t say “We’re not in the NFC East”. He said “eight wins doesn’t win you the division unless you’re in the NFC East.” Which is about right. These are abstractly called “facts”.

  5. This comment is a great litmus test for whether you’re soft.

    Like, if you’re offended by what Josh Allen said you’re soft.

  6. Stupid comments just like his stupid play. He still plays as if every play is the last play of the game. Obviously the coaching staff can’t coach it out of him either. Allen is an effective weapon at the QB position. But he needs to mature more & unfortunately that may take some more heartbreaking like the playoff loss to Houston last season. Allen needs a better offensive-line, better RB’s & an entirely new coaching staff. Frank Reich needs to get back to Buffalo.

  7. Now Josh Allen is not very bright seriously! The Eagles went up there last year and smoked them when The Bill hahaha thought they had a good team. The Eagles won The Super Bowl inFebruary 2018. The Eagles have won more divsion titles and playoff games in the 21st century then The Bills have ever won PERIOD! I bet as bad as The Eagles injury riddled team is right now they would beat the overrated Bills. I know their head Coach Sean McDermott. Sean is a great guy plus he is from Philadelphia and we graduated from the same Prep school. Sean got his start with Andy Reid and The Eagles. The late great Jim Johnson taught Sean the majority of what he knows and Sean would say that himself. Josh Allen needs to shut up because The Bills will lose in the first round if they get to any round. Don’t talk like your good when The Bills have been a bottom feeding team for 30 years. What a stupid comment to make!

  8. Love the overreactions.

    This isn’t trash talk, and wasn’t intended that way. Just the facts.

  9. He can say what he wants, but thats WAS an unnecessary shot. And yes, its just a fact, like some of you have said. But what would bills fans think if some of the niners players said “we still have hopes of going to the playoffs and winning the super bowl this year. We dont plan on losing back to back super bowls. We’re not the Buffalo bills.”?

  10. bb5cs54u2h says:
    December 5, 2020 at 4:35 pm

    Stupid comments just like his stupid play. He still plays as if every play is the last play of the game

    LOL. You don’t watch much football or actually pay attention to Trends do you?
    The guy has gotten more accurate, and has been making better decisions over the three years of his career.

    Were those FOUR Tds last night all panicky, “last play of the game” plays?

    Get a life… really.

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