Seahawks try out two quarterbacks and a former quarterback

Getty Images

The Seahawks have two quarterbacks on the active roster and one on the practice squad. They could be looking for a quarantine quarterback.

On Saturday, Seattle tried out J.T. Barrett (pictured), Alex McGough, and Tyree Jackson. Although Jackson is listed as a tight end, he entered the league as a curiously-hyped quarterback who went undrafted and signed with the Bills.

McGough, who recently got a tryout with the Bengals, was Seattle’s seventh-round pick in 2018. Barrett spent some time with the Seahawks in 2019.

The Seahawks already are keeping practice-squadder Danny Etling away from Russell Wilson and Geno Smith. Perhaps they’re realizing that, to do it right, they still need three quarterbacks for practices and a fourth who is squirreled away.

Coach Pete Carroll recently explained in a visit to SiriusXM NFL Radio that the team has tried to make COVID-19 compliance into a competition.

“We have a COVID competition, you know, spacing competition,” Carroll said. “We keep score. The whole thing. And I think that the tight ends and specialists are in first place right now. And so we’re going to play it out throughout the season and see who wins. . . . There’s a lot to it, mostly it’s attitude though and really the commitment that comes from that.”

He’s right, but it still makes sense to ensure that there will be a quarterback ready to go in case a momentary lapse knocks out several of them. These tryouts suggest that the Seahawks plan to do just that.