Carson Wentz benched, Jalen Hurts finally gets a chance

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In the 12th game of an ugly season, Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has finally been benched.

Wentz was as terrible today against the Packers as he’s been all season, and in the third quarter Eagles coach Doug Pederson finally put Jalen Hurts in at quarterback. Unlike in other games this season when Hurts would just get a play here or there, Hurts was able to play quarterback for a full series.

Hurts completed his only pass for 34 yards and also ran twice for four yards, and the Eagles’ offense appeared to be in business before a holding penalty backed them up and they eventually punted.

It’s unclear whether this will prove to be a permanent change or simply one opportunity for Hurts. But it is clear that the Eagles simply can’t afford to have Wentz continue to throw games away, and Hurts gives them another option.

18 responses to “Carson Wentz benched, Jalen Hurts finally gets a chance

  1. Bout time! Though I do wonder if he will receive the name vitriol as Kyler and Baker….

  2. How many times have they missed delay of game on the Packers???? Eagles players shouldn’t be able to call it out like that

  3. Wentz is a hot mess. How many more yrs are the Eagles contractually attached to this albatross?

  4. Wentz is hot garbage. He has fallen so far off. Pederson is doing this just so that he doesn’t get fired.

  5. mike624 says:
    December 6, 2020 at 6:52 pm
    Wow Hurts can move the Team down the field. Let him play out the season.

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    Well that lasted for one drive lol guess Packers defense fiqured him out after only one drive

  6. So now we are blaming ALL of the Eagles issues on Wentz? Please, get real. Wentz is not all of their problems and Hurtsis not, nor will he ever be the solution.

  7. Hurts was a breath of fresh air on that offense. It also turns out the WRs can get open unlike what Tony Romo was saying all game.

    One thing they did with Hurts vs Wentz was move the QB around instead of straight drop backs. They need to do that more with Wentz.

    While everything is not Wentz’s fault, his confidence and ego are shot. I think you have to start him next game but i wouldn’t be surprised to see Hurts play the 4th Qtr again.

    I don’t think the Eagles have a shot no matter who is QB but Wentz is a deer in headlights right now. If they start Hurts it will probably do more harm than good.

  8. eagleswin says:
    December 6, 2020 at 7:59 pm: I don’t think the Eagles have a shot no matter who is QB but Wentz is a deer in headlights right now.
    ———————————————————————————————not sure what football you have been watching, but would love your definition of ‘right now’. Wentz has been lost for some time…

  9. They asked Carson about being benched. He said “I’m devastated. It really hurts.

    I say leave Carson on the bench. Hurts outplayed him and at least he’ll take off and run instead of just stand back there waiting to get sacked. They were in field goal range in the first half until Carson ran the Statue of Liberty play and got sacked on consecutive plays to take them out of field goal range. That hurts.

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