Carson Wentz insists he has not lost confidence

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Carson Wentz has lost eight games this season and 32 for his career. The Eagles quarterback insists he hasn’t lost his confidence.

A report Sunday morning indicated Wentz lost confidence upon the arrival of quarterback Jalen Hurts as a second-round draft choice this spring. Wentz disagrees.

“No. I’m not the type to worry about and look over my shoulder or any of those things,” Wentz said. “I think at the end of the day, I can play better. We can as a team, and as an offense especially, play better. There’s always going to be different things going on in the building or different chatter and all of that stuff. That’s part of this business. That’s what I signed up for. The scrutiny, the challenges, the adversity, all of it. I’ve got to handle it all — the good, bad and the ugly.”

Oh, it’s ugly in Philadelphia and getting uglier by the loss.

The Eagles benched Wentz with 7:19 remaining, giving Hurts the reins of the offense. Wentz finished 6-of-15 for 79 yards while rushing for 18 yards on three carries; Hurts went 5-of-12 for 109 yards with one touchdown and one interception while running for 29 yards on five carries.

“I didn’t know what the plan was fully,” Wentz said. “I was just told he was going in for the next play and the next series. I didn’t really know what was going on there. Obviously, that’s frustrating, as a competitor and the personality I have. I want to be the guy out there. It is what it is. They made the call today. At the end of the day, we lost. That’s the most frustrating thing.”

In the immediate aftermath of the 30-16 loss to the Packers, coach Doug Pederson wasn’t ready to announce who will start next week.

Wentz said he has not talked to Pederson about the starting job yet.

“At the end of the day, it’s outside of my control,” Wentz said. “That’s not for me [to decide]. I know what I’m capable of. I know I can play better. I have never doubted myself or lost my confidence in my abilities. But a lot of these things are out of my control.”

52 responses to “Carson Wentz insists he has not lost confidence

  1. Wentz’ cap numbers are insane the next 3 years (21-23). Wentz is going to destroy the Eagles cap until entering the 2024 season (when the dead money will be 6 mill and the cap savings will be 26 mill), because no team is trading for Wentz.

  2. He sounds like a broken record. He says the same things after every loss. If he hasn’t lost his confidence,I’d like to hear him explain his stats for this season. It’s because Hurts is nipping at his heels and renting space in his head.Just my theory…

  3. Last week he said the Sacks were behind him.
    Many times he claims Philly is so close to turning this thing around.
    He just got benched for a hotly-debated 2nd round Rookie.
    And now he’s telling us he’s not lacking confidence.
    Tell us another one, Carson.

  4. Hurts needs to play! Wentz needs to sit and think about what hes a kid in timeout.

  5. If he hasn’t lost confidence by now then that is a real problem as it shows a disconnect from reality

  6. No one is going to trade for Wentz. Lurie might just need to clean house. Roseman cant draft.. picks players that aren’t in the league after 4 seasons over and over…and the players picked within a few spots AFTER where Roseman chose are excelling in the NFL. ROSEMAN is to blame for bad drafts, bad contracts,and stupid pride ignoring talent on the practice squad. $$$ is playing on the field for the Eagles…not the players who belong out there. Alshon Jeffrey is done…shouldn’t even have him active anymore. Let’s the young wrs get in reps. LSU WR in this years draft pleeeeaaaase! Picking 5th or 6th..just do the fool proof pick!

  7. Wentz, you’re an idiot sometimes. IT IS IN YOUR CONTROL. you just dont accept it. Hurts sparked the offense. period. the team has gotten stale with wentz, just like they did the last 2 seasons. And the play calling has been stale.

    But finally, we ran the ball a bit.. too bad the D gave up that TD in the 4th qtr, and Fulgham dropped that pass..2 plays that could’ve changed the narrative for the next week.. or this could be a different ending..

  8. In all seriousness, what do people expect him to say? I’m a quivering pile of goo because my WRs stink, my O-line is all on IR, and my coach is clueless now that his right hand is coaching in Indy? And this is coming from a person that isn’t a Wentz fan.

  9. Sorry but no, Tebow would have zero SBs. Please note he failed as a QB.

    Thing is, so is Wentz. I don’t know if it was the injury or that he doesn’t work hard. But every time I hear him I feel like he just doesn’t care. Sorry to Philly fans cuz I think you’re stuck with him.

  10. I think its is kind of funny/sad at the same time that the Eagles players considered to be the leaders from each position group/side of the ball- took time to meet about accountability issues on the team this week. Both worh the coach and players only meeting….and Carson still wont admit that its him that needs to do better. Admit it and then stop the sentence.

    He always goes on with the plurals and cumulative efforts..This is Philly. Man up or shut up.

  11. NFL Playoff wins: Tebow 1, Carson Wentz 0
    Win % as NFL starting QB: Tebow 56%, Wentz 51%

  12. Coach tells him…..”no, I’ve lost total confidence in you, so we should be on the same page “

  13. Let’s see Peterson ran 55 passes last week and 9 runs against the run susceptible Seahawks. Roseman put together another horrible OLD & street free agent/practice squad team with a horrible offensive line and a highly overrated DC in Schwartz.
    OK I got it let’s blame Wentz that makes ZERO SENSE! But I have only been watching for 60 years so I do not know. Come on fellas this team is a disaster starting with Roseman then Schwartz then Peterson.
    Let Hurts play and run for his life and get drilled every other play. Then let’s see how Jalen Hurts looks after 4 games.
    Schwartz has given up 30 plus points 4 times this year and the rest of the games are in the mid twenties with the exception of the triple AAA Cowboys game where they played an insurance salesman at QB.
    Yeah it is Wentz is fault that the players stink/the contracts have put then in cap hell for 3 more years and they sign bad free agents.
    GOT IT! Wentz is the problem sure that is accurate LOL. If you are an Eagles fan you want to lose out & get a REAL GM & DC in Philadelphia while telling Peterson we are bringing in an OC to call plays otherwise your gone. no one can take that beating play after play and expect to get the ball out in 2 seconds flat while they run the ball 35% of the time.

  14. But he has the IQ of a pickle, so I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know what’s going on.

  15. After the game he was baited by every Philly reporter in an attempt to get him to throw people under the bus. He took the high road. If you actually follow the Birds, the calls, look at the film, you’ll see he’s only part of the problem. The birds issues are injuries, talent, playcalling, QB play in that order. Despite the carnival barking he was an MVP 3 years ago and coaching has a hand in it. There’s a half dozen teams that would take him with Indy on line 1.

  16. It’s not just Wentz although Wentz playing even marginally better has them winning the NFC East and punting this down the road one more year.

    Roseman and Schwartz need to go. I don’t know what the answer is at play calling but there’s way to many cooks on game day.

    Is Carson the best QB on the roster for the game next week? Probably not but he’s the one they will be starting come week 1 of next year so they need to get it figured out with him.

    If Hurts starts a couple of games he will be shell shocked as well or on IR.

    Please try running the ball with more regularity as well. Play calling is bad no matter who is calling it.

    Peters and Jeffery are just stealing money from the team at this point.

    Roseman continues to look foolish for his draft picks and his decision to put Ertz on IR instead of trading him before the deadline.

  17. Over paid new contract before wentz’s rookie contract expired! Dumbest thing ever! There so screwed for the next two years if not more. Bad decisions all the way around.

  18. just trade wentz
    fire pederson
    fire howie
    trade arcega-whiteside and raegor
    hire Mr.Bienemy
    Hurts as full-time QB1

  19. wentz had 50 tds and 14 ints between 2018 and 2019.. was the mvp in 2017.. will be back next year

  20. All the Wentz haters can say whatever.. doesnt make it so. His problems aren’t just one thing. Yes, he’s played bad. But common sense says a QB who has thrown for 7 INTS or less every yr (excluding rookie yr) all of a sudden throwing picks like that isnt skill or talent. It’s bad O-line getting him killed, WRs dropping balls and him thinking he has to do it all, its lack of playmakers. Bad coaching, bad playcalling. His is still a very talented QB despite what some say. It’s not just him. People dont realize he played BETTER in 2018 then 2017..(look it up) a QB who took his team on his back last yr with high school WRs, 3rd string Linemen and carried the team alone from 5-7 to 9-7 and a Div title only to have a cheap shot by Clowney to end his run! Maybe he’s hurt and hiding it bcuz of the stigma of an injury prone QB (which he’s played 16 games in 2018′ 2019 and this yr 13 and counting..Carson isnt broken..the ENTIRE team is starting with HORRIBLE draft picks, bad contracts, aging players, and bad coaching or lack of any coaching and bad game planning.

  21. Is that why he panics under pressure and starts running into lineman. His confidence must be high, thinking he can just run through them.

  22. What is wrong with the Eagles doesn’t start or stop with Wentz…no O-line, a lousy defense, stupid play calling, and a lack of skill player talent. Hopefully this year is an anomaly and the front office will stop patting themselves on the back for 2017.

  23. Why do I get the feeling Doug Pederson will be Andy Reid’s O Coordinator next year when Eric B gets a HC JOB?

  24. Oh how people forget. Roseman put together a Super Bowl team in 2017 by selling the future and we got the SB. So we now stink. Would you rather be 7-5 and not have that SB?

    All draft picks are a crap shoot. Hindsight is 20/20.

    Wentz could be traded but would you sell him for a 3rd?

    Jeffrey and Peters will be gone after this year.

    Injuries are not Howie’s fault.

  25. Not a huge Wentz fan, but the dude is getting sacked the same rate David Carr got hit when the Texans were an expansion team. You can’t expect anyone to succeed in that situation. Not Peyton Manning. Not Tom Brady. Not Aaron Rodgers. No one.

  26. Wentz looks like he’s gained about 20 pounds and lost quite a bit of his mobility.

    But it’s hard to throw the ball when an anemic pass rush like the Packers can get all over you. The Eagles o-line is a mess and it shows.

    Contrast it with the Packers o-line. Rodgers was barely touched.

  27. In other words, he’s admitting he’s terrible. It’s funny how now all of a sudden he cares about winning. At least they have a chance to win with him not being under center. I think Pederson should just leave him on the bench for the next game and tell him if he thinks that he’s going to play out that contract he’s dumber than we think. His salary is guaranteed for next year so they’re stuck with him for 2021 but that doesn’t mean they have to play him.

    That’s what happens when you give a guy like that a $128M contract with over $66M guaranteed and a $50M signing bonus. What incentive is there for him to win? He’s obviously one of those guys that once he gets his money he could care less. He knows the Eagles are stuck with him through 2021. However, I think he’s in for a big surprise in 2022 when they can cut him and take a cap hit but get $6M up in free space….it’s pretty bad when the best thing that can happen is your team regains some cap space by cutting you.

  28. He hasn’t recovered from the concussion that he sustained from the dirty hit by Jadeveon Clownshoe last year. It’s like he has brain-lock in the pocket (like a deer stuck in headlights). The Eagles need to set him up with the Neurologist that helped Sidney Crosby from his concussion.

  29. “ Contrast it with the Packers o-line. Rodgers was barely touched.”

    GB is allowed to hold. It’s in the rule book.

  30. I believe benching Carson might be the right move here. Not so much because Hurts is better, but simply because the Offensive line isn’t holding and we need a guy that can move on his feet right now behind the pocket.

    This also gives Carson time to heal from the 100 sacks he has had this season and work harder in the offseason to prove himself. It would be good for him to sit back, heal and recalibrate.

    He can get back to where he was. But he needs to take initiative this offseason. It sure as hel’ ain’t getting fixed this season.

  31. He’s probably telling the truth. His two biggest issues have always been being overconfident, which is the gunslinger mentality that causes him to try too hard to make the big play, and his footwork which hurts his accuracy. The gunslinger thing guys frequently never get over but there’s really no excuse 5 years in that he is still habitually not pointing his feet and the target and overstriding on throws.

  32. I say this as a Carson fan and someone who believed until this year he was definitely the guy: He has obviously lost ALL confidence. He can say whatever he wants, but he’s broken as a player. He’s just never been the same after the knee injury. He had to watch Nick win a SB, then almost do it again the next year. Then the brutal Clowney hit. Last year, I said he needed to turn it around. I thought he could. He did. But then they draft Hurts, which clearly affected him. For whatever reason, he’s not the same player. He’s slow. He sees ghosts. He’s inaccurate. He’s not seeing the field. He under throws all the time. It’s really sad, actually. Maybe he can be fixed, maybe not.

  33. If drafting Hurts affected him in any way then he was doomed to fail eventually. You cannot be that fragile and be a successful NFL quarterback.

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