Double-digit comebacks continue at record pace

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Through 12 weeks, the NFL saw a record 35 double-digit comebacks. Through 13 weeks (even with three games left), the NFL continues on its record pace.

The Lions wiped out a 10-point deficit in Chicago, and the Vikings came back from 10 behind at home against the Jaguars.

That’s 37 double-digit comebacks and counting, and there’s a good chance that the absence of fans has helped fuel these comebacks. For road teams, the sound isn’t an issue for the team that’s trailing and/or trying to erase a deficit. For home teams, the inherent uneasiness (and at times overt booing) doesn’t create a sense of the walls caving in for a favorite that can’t get things right.

As the stadiums remain empty or largely that way, more double-digit comebacks could happen — all the way into the postseason.

6 responses to “Double-digit comebacks continue at record pace

  1. The Giants have held at least a 10 point lead in 7 of their last 8 games (their biggest lead vs Cincy was 9) They lost 3 of those 7.

  2. NFL almost made another one the way they called that Saints-Falcons game. That Ridley catch was laughable.

  3. The rules and reduced enforcement of offensive penalties making it harder to play defense and easier to play offense probably also create more swingy games as well.

  4. The rules changes have swung too far in the direction of the the offenses. Offensive holding on the teams trying to catch up is rarely called and DPI/illegal contact/holding calls are extremely ticky-tack allowing these so-called comebacks to continue on. The result being that TV sets remain on that game and the channel isn’t switched. And the rules changes aren’t finished yet. The proposed 4th and 15 play replacing the onside kick will be with us within the next several years once the NFL has a chance to see the benefits {higher ratings} of people tuned in for the whole 60 minutes of a game.

  5. Interesting point, however, I disagree. I believe it has more to do with the continued changes the league has made in favor of the offenses to enable more scoring and exciting plays (albeit changing the kickoff & onside kicks for safety reasons removing some of the game’s most exciting plays in the process) for ratings purposes.
    Generally, most people enjoy the the new game as it is more fun to watch in my opinion. The purists will still clamor for 3 yards and a cloud of dust from the days of old and claim it’s defense that wins championships. But these days, it seems like the last team with the ball has the biggest chance to win.
    I think this is the state of today’s NFL and will remain so, even when the stadiums are again full.

  6. Viking fans have always relied on wishing, hoping, and praying for ungodly luck. It must be working with greater frequency than usual this year.

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