Doug Pederson won’t say whether Jalen Hurts or Carson Wentz starts next week

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Anyone watching the Eagles’ loss to the Packers today would have to agree that the moribund Philadelphia offense finally came to life after Carson Wentz was benched in favor of Jalen Hurts. But that doesn’t necessarily mean Hurts is the starter going forward.

Eagles coach Doug Pederson said after today’s game that he wants to evaluate the tape of today’s loss before he says whether Hurts or Wentz will start next week against the Saints.

“Let me get through this game,” Pederson said when pressed about who will start the next game. “There’s a lot of things I’m going to consider and evaluate before anything is decided.”

Realistically, it’s hard to imagine it won’t be Hurts. Wentz has been awful this season, and Hurts did enough today to earn a chance to get a week of practice with the first-string offense and a game as the starter. Even if Pederson isn’t ready to say so yet.

Next week’s game, which everyone thought when the schedule came out would be a marquee matchup between Wentz and Drew Brees, may instead be an intriguing matchup between Hurts and Taysom Hill.

25 responses to “Doug Pederson won’t say whether Jalen Hurts or Carson Wentz starts next week

  1. Remember when wentz was losing week after week In 2018 and Everyone blamed everyone except wentz and they said foles wouldn’t fix the problems? Then foles takes over and wins with same team that sucked with wentz

  2. IDK why but Wentz is clearly broken. Best thing to do is to sit him. Hurts will make his mistakes but at least he has shown that he can move the offense. No harm in playing him.

  3. When your big contract franchise Quarterback is worse than your
    division rivals backup QB’s your Quarterback is Carson Wentz.

  4. I don’t think that Wentz has the thick skin required to be a good NFL quarterback.The Eagles drafted Hurts and his game has completely fallen apart. Pederson is going to get fired if he continues to put Wentz out there. Start Hurts,see what how it goes and figure it out from there. Maybe Wentz needs a fresh start somewhere else.

  5. coming into this year wentz had a better record than manning and brees. this isnt tennis or golf.. not a ind. sport

  6. Saw a couple of the same mistakes he had at OU – running into the sack, and the INT – but the body language of the team after he drove down the field for them is undeniable. Maybe Wentz earns it back, but I don’t think his teammates are fully behind him at this point. Hurts on the other hand, if you saw how his teammates loved him in college, is so easy to cheer for. Great guy all around.

  7. Let’s keep in mind the Eagles season is over no matter who starts and the Eagles are tied to Wentz at least 2 more years.

    I think they need to start Wentz and try to get this figured out with him. Hurts isn’t going to win next week any more than Wentz because the team that is taking the field is poorly constructed and the coaching has been sub par.

    I do think Wentz is the better QB when he is on his game which he has not been this year. A better Offensive line and not having to throw to Alshon Jeffery would be a big part of that happening.

    Notice when Hurts threw to Jeffery it was ending drives as well.

    If Hurts starts he may look better but still lose and then you have a QB controversy with no upside. There’s no prize at the end of the year for either QB, just more misery down this path.

    If we could go back in time, the Eagles should’ve drafted Jefferson over Raegor and players who could’ve contributed this year in the 2nd and 3rd rounds instead of projects and a QB in waiting. If any of those had happend the Eagles are not in the situation they are in now.

    The Eagles are the exact opposite of a QB factory. Howie needs to be fired for the last 3 drafts.

  8. Wentz is soft, his team drafts a QB and he loses confidence. Meanwhile the Packers drafted a QB and Rogers is lighting up the field!

  9. It really doesn’t matter whether Wentz or Hurts gives you the better chance to win right now.

    The Eagles are out of the NFC East race. Either the Giants or Washington will win.

    So, you might as well play Hurts and then you have much more tape, and a full offseason to make a decision about who your future QB is.

  10. We all know Carson needs to sit for a few games. Clear his head, get back right. Whose to say that Doug was the one who wanted Wentz in the draft, to stay and let Foles walk etc. That may have been above his pay-grade and he is answering to Howie which is likely. Looks like Lurie might be riding Howie to put Hurts in and try it, so now Doug is getting what hes wanted?

  11. let’s not forget that wentz’s stats, much like dakota’s, were greatly inflated by playing in the terrible nfc east.

  12. Neither quarterback will do any good without help. No real run threat. No pass threat. No offensive line. Doesn’t matter who the quarterback is. The Eagles could have had Aaron Rodgers and the Packers could have had Wentz and the Eagles still would have lost. Pederson probably would have pulled Rodgers and put Hurts in there and some of you would still be talking about how the Eagles would have 10 wins with Hurts. LOL.

  13. Hurts will probably start for the remainder of the season but he won’t be the starter next year. Hurts isn’t much better than Wentz now and certainly isn’t in the same stratosphere when Wentz is right. Hurts will be a placeholder so Wentz doesn’t get mauled in a futile effort to fit a round peg into a square hole. Let Wentz go into the offseason without needing surgery or having any more wear and tear. Let Wentz fix his issues and get right mentally.

  14. How hard is this to figure out? The Eagles O line stinks, Wentz is immobile and Hurts can run like a deer. The season is about to be lost so put in Hurts and see what you got. Common sense 101

  15. As soon as Jeff Lurie gets done yelling at Howie Roseman for that albatross of a contract he gave Wentz, he’ll call Pederson and TELL him to start Jalen.

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