Four teams are playing out the string, creating enhanced COVID-19 concerns

Getty Images

With four weeks to play in 2020, four of the league’s 32 teams have nothing to play for. Unless they do.

With the Jets, Jaguars, Bengals, and Chargers eliminatinated from playoff consideration, the NFL has greater reason to be concerned about COVID-19 outbreaks for those teams. But even though they have nothing to play for as it relates to a chance for a championship, they have something very important to play for: Their paychecks.

It therefore becomes critical for the coaches and veteran leaders on each team to reinforce the message, loudly and clearly, that any slip that results in games being lost will result in salary being lost. For every player on the team.

So, yes, all players with the Jets, Jaguars, Bengals, and Chargers have reasons to keep complying with all COVID-19 protocols. If they don’t, they lose up to 4/17ths of their pay for the full season.