Sean Payton uses baskets of cheese to keep his players focused


Coaches often have unique ways to motivate players. Sometimes, dairy products are involved.

After Sunday’s playoff-clinching win over the Falcons, Saints quarterback Taysom Hill told PFT by phone that coach Sean Payton recently placed baskets of cheese in the lockers of every player.

Hill explained Payton’s message, an homage to Payton’s mentor, Bill Parcells: “Don’t eat the cheese. Don’t get into the hype. Keep your heard down. Keep working.”

So what kind of cheese did the players get?

“Everything you can imagine,” Hill said.

In every season from 2017 through 2019, the trap eventually snapped on the Saints, in heartbreaking fashion. This time around, perhaps the widespread distribution of actual cheese will do the trick.

15 responses to “Sean Payton uses baskets of cheese to keep his players focused

  1. If you eat cheese randomly left in your locker you should be cut. Immediately.

  2. Who doesn’t like cheese, besides one particular Viking troll that denies himself one of the greatest pleasures in the world……simply because he hates the Packers?

  3. Well, I suppose that’s better than a basket of gourds with the message don’t get “squashed”.

  4. I love it! In 2001, Belichick brought an anchor to training camp. It scared the players and he told them this is all the dead weight we were carrying around.

    On do your job. Ernie Adams says the 2014 team was shown a horse race. Belichick turned off the race before it ended and asked players who won? The collective answer was WRONG. He explained having blinders on, not worrying about the other horses (playoff teams) and just staying focused will allow you to FINISH THE JOB!

  5. Still wear my “don’t eat the cheese” tee shirt, but not pleased how that season ended. Team did seem to heed the message the entire year though.

  6. This is weird. Over 35 years ago a guy I worked with asked if I wanted Limburger . I heard all the stories. Yep, worst smelling stuff ever. I did eat it, and making no sense, it was one of the best tasting cheeses I ever had in my life.

  7. To be safe, has this been cleared with Shannon Sharpe?….I would hate to upset any people of Swiss or French heritage just for the sake of a motivational ploy.

  8. Well, if they aren’t going to eat the cheese, they could at least donate it to some people who could really use it.

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