Taysom Hill views himself as full-time NFL starting quarterback

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After three games as the starting quarterback in New Orleans, Taysom Hill has proven something to himself, and possibly to the Saints. And anyone else who’s paying attention.

He believes he’s a full-time NFL starting quarterback.

“Coach [Payton] and I have had, we’ve had a few conversations about that,” Hill told PFT by phone after Sunday’s 21-16 win over the Falcons. “And I have said that. He knows how I feel about how I can play and I know how he feels about me, too.”

Hill had his best day as a passer on Sunday against the Falcons, the second time New Orleans faced Atlanta in only 15 says. He completed 27 of 37 passes for 232 yards and two touchdowns, good for a passer rating of 107.0. So how has he improved when it comes to throwing the ball?

“I would say that my timing with the receivers has probably gotten better and where I would say that I’ve seen the most improvement,” Hill said. “I felt like timing-wise with everybody was really good. I was really happy with our timing and our rhythm.”

How much has he been working on timing with receivers, either at practice or after practice?

“A lot, man,” Hill said. “That’s really where I put a lot of my time and a lot of my energy. Whether it’s watching film, you know, if we’re not on the field, we’re in conversation. I’ll also tell you I do a ton of visualization stuff at night and so I go through every play that we can solve. And I visualize how I’m going to play that play, what my footwork is going to be on that play, what happens if we get single high [safety, what happens if we get shell. I spent a lot of time, lot of time doing that.”

The Saints play next on Sunday at Philadelphia. Starter Drew Brees is eligible to return from injured reserve on Friday, two days before the game. So will it be Hill or Brees in Week 14?

“I have no idea,” Hill said. “I have no idea. I think that’s one of those things, look, Drew’s the guy and if he says he can go, then he’s gonna go. I think I’m in a situation where I’ve got to prepare as if I’m gonna go in case he can’t. But I really I have no idea. I have no idea.”

Payton may have an idea as to whether the offense can thrive with Hill, and that could buy Hill one more week. Depending on the extent to which Brees’ broken ribs are healing, Brees could be back in two weeks, when the Saints face the Chiefs.

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  1. Take a step at a time there Taysom. That has been your goal and peyton’s plan since being aquired from green bay. You still need more time, practice, and experience to have the polish for success. Perhaps an off season and subsequent full preseason dedicated to the position could do the trick. You are well on your way!

  2. Just focus on ball security my man. You almost cost us the game. Twice. Worry about whether you’re a bonafide starter, or not, after the season.

  3. Say what you want, but he throws better than Lamar and he runs like a fullback.

  4. Still too soon to make any long term decisions, but he sure looks pretty solid so far. Sliding/running OB when applicable is a good sign, shows some awareness – since he clearly would like to truck people, but gotta run smart when you’re the starter.

  5. “Taysom Hill views himself as full-time NFL starting quarterback”

    So did Tim Tebow. Just before he transitioned to punt protector.

  6. You guys realize he is 30 years old, right? That’s the same age as EJ Manuel and Mike Glennon. He doesn’t have upside as a young guy with potential.

  7. He doesn’t have the skills or decision making ability. Saints will be in the market for a QB when Brees retires. Hill isn’t the answer.

  8. What’s up with the hate against this guy? He has looked good as a qb from what I’ve seen anyway. Probably 10 times better than Winston

  9. I’m sure he’s an okay guy and all that, tries hard, blah, blah, blah – but he just doesn’t like Drew Brees’ long term replacement.

  10. He may or may not be
    I lean towards not
    But lots more people believe they are than actually are, but you don’t get close by not believing

  11. Is he a star QB? Not yet, and time will tell. But, is he good enough to be a full time starting QB. So far, I would say yes. Those that disagree need to recall that there are 32 teams. Can you truly name 31 QBs that are hands down better?

  12. Some people may not agree with Taysom Hill’s self evaluation, but his stats show that he out-performed veteran starter Matt Ryan today, and two weeks ago. Sean Payton is a fairly good judge of talent and ability, I’ll believe what he says regarding Hill.

  13. I’m so tired of hearing Taysom’s 30 yrs old. Some of the best Quarterbacks are playing into there 40’s!

    Every critic of Taysom Hill playing quarterback has to admit he’s shown glimpses of accurate pocket passes over the past few games and he threw for two touchdowns, against a very capable Falcons defense, today! He’s only going to get better with more game experience. He needs to work on ball security and his check downs but he’s made incredible strides from his first start to his two touchdown throws today.

    I will say he cannot make those two horrific throws in the first half against the Falcons. Two different Falcon defender’s simply dropped interceptions and there wasn’t a Saints receiver within 15 yards. And, when you trying to run the clock out on a designed qb run, he has to secure the ball with both hands. If he wasn’t as close to the sideline, that ball would have been picked up and returned for six and that would have been the game!

    With all that said, the 30 year old Taysom Hill is improving every week under center!

  14. Bill throws one of the worst deep balls I’ve ever seen in my life. No, he is not a full time Nfl QB.

  15. Taysom Hill was a lot of fun to watch in college. He always kept his team in the game with his arm and his legs, but was injured (season ending) in each of his 4 seasons at BYU … he has recovered (rehabbed) to the point where he’s is ready to compete again at the NFL level and doing well so far this year. Saints! Keep developing him and you’ve got a legitimate player for when Drew finally hangs ’em up. 3-4 years down the road. Taysom will play into his 40″s …

  16. He was 27/37 and of the 10 incompletions, FOUR were absolute drops. I was very skeptical going into this, but he has played pretty darn good. He can also run the ball. He needs to have better ball security when scrambling and running, but man….he is one tough dude. He was outrunning a Cornerback on his long run.

    Not sure he is the “long term” answer, but if Brees does not return in 2021, then Hill will be the starting QB in 2021. He will get a year to prove himself. He has earned that opportunity.

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