Adam Gase: Firing Gregg Williams best move for us to make

Arizona Cardinals v New York Jets
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Jets head coach Adam Gase had a conference call with reporters on Monday and the decision to fire defensive coordinator Gregg Williams was the main topic of conversation.

Gase said he made the decision to fire Williams after the Raiders scored on a 46-yard pass with five seconds left in Sunday’s game. The Jets had been up 28-24 and the Raiders had no timeouts, which led many to question why Williams sent a heavy blitz after quarterback Derek Carr.

Safety Marcus Maye was one of those who took issue with the call, but Gase said he made the decision on his own and that Maye’s response was not a factor.

“I just felt like that was the best thing for our team moving forward,” Gase said, via Ralph Vacchiano of SNY. “Organizationally we had discussions this morning and we felt like that was the best move for us to make. . . . Gregg and myself talked for close to an hour this morning. Obviously he wasn’t happy, like most of us are when this happens. But that’s our profession.”

Gase said he also wasn’t happy about Williams’ call and was asked why he didn’t do anything to change it ahead of the snap.

“I mean, I wish I would have,” Gase said. “I wish I would’ve called timeout. But I didn’t.”

Gase said no other moves are expected on the coaching staff before the end of the season and he didn’t need to add that plenty of moves are expected to come when it does come to an end.

41 responses to “Adam Gase: Firing Gregg Williams best move for us to make

  1. “Firing Gregg williams best move for us to make”

    Keep this sentence and replace Gregg Williams by Adam Gase, because Jets GM gonna use this one in max 4 weeks.

  2. live by the zero blitz die by the zero blitz. Gregg Williams had to go, but Adam Gase… you are SOON to follow

  3. I used to have a truck driver who worked at our company, when he thought someone was going to be fired soon he would say,
    ” I wouldn’t lend him any money” , Right now I would say that applies to Gase

  4. Should have kept Gregg and fired yourself. Gase is not head coach material – bottom line.

  5. I was watching when Joe won the Super Bowl after partying much of the night have the Jets done anything since then?

  6. This will be the last head coaching job for Gase. He’ll struggle getting a head coaching job in pee wee after this disaster

  7. The HC has veto authority over any and all calls. Gase allowed that call. He should be fired too.

  8. The Amazing thing about the Jets is that if and when they fire Gase, they will find someone else that is just as anemic. Unless you remove the Johnson’s, you are aren’t changing anything. Douglas will try and then move on.

  9. Failure all the way around:

    – Williams should never have called the play.
    – Gase should’ve nixed the playcall.
    – The DB should never bite on a double move in the situation and at the worst if he’s beat
    grab the WR and get an interference call.

  10. You had the headphones on, Adam. You could have called timeout and reset the formation. You’re not passing the buck, are you, Adam? Stuff rolls downhill—it starts at the top!

  11. I will always believe Williams was following orders. The firing is a predictable smokescreen.
    Williams was always going to be fired. He just left with a much better severance package.

  12. Gase is the worst head coach in the NFL! If I am the top QB in the 2021 draft there is no way in hell am going to the Jets, I’m letting the Jets know that I’ll stay in school or I won’t sign.

  13. Are you kidding me? Gase should have called timeout when he didn’t see any DB’s lined up on the goal line. But he actually should have taken over the play before when Agholor was wide open in the end zone, 3 steps behind everyone, but Carr overthrew him.

  14. Jets have to be waiting to lock up that Number 1 pick before getting Gase outta town. How is he still around? He’s been an embarrassment since his opening press conference.

    More than 50% odds that Trevor Lawrence is going to pull an Eli / Elway on the Jets and demand not to play there. Looks what has happened to Darnold.

  15. Penalize the Jets three to five spots in the draft order. If this were the Patriots Goodell would bring the house down on them.

  16. I feel bad for the guy that has to take William’s place for the rest of the year. Are the players even going to step up for a placeholder DC?

  17. How many Patriots’ assistant coaches were given head coaching jobs after Tom Brady won super bowls? How many are calling for Eric Bieniemy to get a head coaching job since Patrick Mahomes won his super bowl? Seriously. How long has Andy Reid been coaching, yet he just won his first super bowl as soon as he acquired a HOF QB. Adam Gase was an assistant coach for Denver when Peyton Manning won a super bowl with the Broncos. So don’t blame the Jets. How many of us fall for that same thing every year? Do you realize that the Patriots hired Bill Belichick after he’d been fired in Cleveland for losing? That’s right, he was one of those loser re-treads that we all dread. But then he got hooked up with a HOF QB and became a lot smarter. Will we ever learn this lesson? Probably not, so stop acting like we’re so much smarter than the Jets. We are the Jets.

  18. Holy crap how gase comes out and said that is amazing. No buddy you should’ve been fired 6 weeks ago. This coming from a bills fan

  19. If they actually go 0-16 and land Trevor Lawrence and he becomes a top 3 QB in the NFL and wins multiple Super Bowls, they better erected a statue of Greg Williams outside their stadium

  20. I am a Packers fan and if the Packers fired their defensive coordinator every time they made a boneheaded defensive call, the Packers would never have one.
    Yeah, the Jets blew it yesterday in that game. But c’mon — had the Jets all out pass rush gotten to Derek Carr, everyone would be saying Greg Williams made a great call!
    The fact is — coaches make calls and players make plays — or don’t. The Jets rookie DB bit on the fake by the WR and then he got beat. Simple as that. If the other guys on his defense had done theirs — get to Carr — it would all be a moot point.
    Was it a stupid call in retrospect? Yeah — but what do you expect from the Jets? I would have been more shocked if they hadn’t blown that game the way they did.

  21. I’ll probably never shed any tears for the man who oversaw the Bountygate program. He’s obviously still not making a lot of friends.

  22. Williams won almost as many games in a half-season with the Browns as Gase has won in two seasons with the Jets.

    Maybe a different play call would have made a difference. But that TD was a deep throw to the edge of the end zone. Little chance a safety makes any difference.

  23. Maybe a different play call would have made a difference. But that TD was a deep throw to the edge of the end zone. Little chance a safety makes any difference.


    You don’t send a zero blitz up 4. You play a deep cover umbrella with 6-8 defensive backs and 3 down lineman. The only way you COULD get away with that is if the raiders were deep on their side of the field

  24. The Raiders should hang a thank you banner up in Allegiant Stadium for Greg Williams for saving their season.

  25. Williams has always been a highly competent DC. If he was failing in NY it had to do with lack of talent and/or he was being hobbled by Gase’s philosophies.

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