Anthony Lynn: I’ve had a down year, but we’ve had success here as well

New England Patriots v Los Angeles Chargers
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Anthony Lynn reportedly will keep his job until at least the end of the season. He hopes it is much longer than that.

The Chargers head coach said Monday afternoon he believes he, owner Dean Spanos and General Manager Tom Telesco are on the same page and made the case publicly that he’s the right man for the job for 2021.

“I’ve worked my tail off my whole life to get here,” Lynn said, via video from Julian Del Gaudio of FOX5 San Diego. “Yeah, I’m having a down year and I understand people are going to take shots and people are going to be critical. That’s to be expected, but we have had some success here as well, and I think I’m the guy to get us back on the right track. I’m going to evaluate everything, starting with myself. I do believe I have the mentors. I have the experience. I’ve been certain places and had success. I’ve been through some peaks and valleys, some ups and downs. I know when you’re down and how to come back. I have a lot of confidence in myself because a lot of people have confidence in me.”

Lynn is 29-31 in four seasons as the Chargers’ head coach, but only 8-20 in the two seasons since directing the team to a 12-4 record in 2018.

His clock management issues came into question two weeks ago in a loss to the Bills, and Sunday, the team’s special teams play was embarrassing.

Lynn said he’s considering taking over as special teams coordinator.

“I’ve been there, done that before,” Lynn said, via Gilbert Manzano of the Southern Cal News Group. “I actually enjoyed it, but there’s so many other things on my plate as a head coach that’s going to be hard to do.”

12 responses to “Anthony Lynn: I’ve had a down year, but we’ve had success here as well

  1. Seems like a great person, but these quotes precisely explain why he’s not head coaching material.

  2. If they bring this guy back for 2021 they can say goodbye to what little remains of their fan base

  3. If Adam Gase & Matt Patricia were retained as long as they have been and NOT go to the playoffs, Anthony Lynn deserves another year with a decent qb situation. Phillip Rivers was terrible last year and Justin Herbert is only a rookie.

  4. LA’s special teams vs NE was probably the worst single performance in the NFL history:

    10 men on the field
    10 men on the field
    12 men on the field
    Gave up a punt return TD
    Gave up a punt return 60+ yards
    FG missed
    FG blocked and returned for a TD

    Can anyone remember a worse game by anyone?

  5. Lynn’s quotes are middle of the road, nothing enlightening and nothing stupid.
    At least he doesn’t feel the need to say he’s failed his qb. Lol

  6. Fire this guy tonight. Coaching matters for every aspect of the team and he’s not very good at it. Good coordinator, not a head coach.

  7. Lynn is not good and should expect to fired possibly before the season ends – no matter what the lazy owners say. He is terrible and will ruin Herbert. He already has shaken his QB’s confidence and Sunday was as much a culmination of bad coaching/play calling as it was a QB who was pressing all night. They were embarrassed in all phases of the game and his team quit on him. He is delusional if he thinks he is having an off year. He is not good at his job, at all.

  8. Lynn was 12-4 in 2018, 5-11 last year and 3-9 so far this season, I see a pattern forming and he’s the leader of the worsening of the team, this team should be at least 6-6 the way Herbert was playing up until this week and that’s reason enough to ship him down the road!

  9. This is Chargers ownership we’re talking about. If Lynn is a cheaper alternative than any of his potential replacements, he stays. Winning and losing are secondary to Spanos. It’s unfortunate, because they have some talent on that roster.

  10. He’s had some success for the Chargers, but he hasn’t been able to replicate it. This game was damning. Time to move on.

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