Gregg Williams should be fired immediately


When Gregg Williams somehow continued to find NFL employment despite his involvement in the Saints’ bounty scandal — including dropping a dime via an affidavit claiming that Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma had indeed offered $10,000 to anyone who knocks Brett Favre out of the 2009 NFC title game — the inescapable conclusion was this: Williams must be one of the great defensive minds in existence.

After Sunday’s debacle against the Raiders, the inescapable conclusion is this: He isn’t.

Anyone who knows anything about football knows that, when leading by four points with 13 seconds to play against a team that has no time outs and the ball on your 46, you drop eight or nine men into coverage and defend the goal line. Anyone who plays Madden knows it. Anyone who plays Madden reasonably well does it, all the time.

Instead, über know-it-all Gregg Williams decided to go for the kill when the kill already was in hand, sending eight men after Raiders quarterback Derek Carr and asking undrafted rookie cornerback Lamar Jackson to cover first-round rookie Henry Ruggs III with no safety help.

Jackson has been criticized for biting on the double move from Ruggs. However, what choice did Jackson have? With no one behind Jackson, Ruggs could have caught a shorter pass and used his 4.28 speed to run past Jackson to paydirt.

Williams, not Jackson or anyone else, is responsible for the outcome. Williams, not Jackson or anyone else, is responsible for the loss. Williams, not Jackson or anyone else, blew the Jets’ best chance to avoid becoming the third NFL franchise to finish the year with an 0-16 record.

Now, the best chance to avoid losing the next four games requires, as an initial matter, firing Williams immediately. The comments from safety Marcus Maye are likely the tip of the no-confidence iceberg, one that no amount of ranting, raving, and/or Just for Men goatee gel will melt, not with only four weeks left in the season.

Who would coach Adam Gase replace Williams with? Anyone. Whoever it is, it doesn’t matter. Keeping Williams will serve only to ensure that the next four games become four more losses, sealing Gase’s fate and delaying at most by four weeks the fact that Williams is destined to become a former employee of the team.

Some have suggested that the Jets were trying to lose the game, in order to continue the tanking for Trevor Lawrence. Why would Gase care about that, if 0-16 means he won’t be back? The better conspiracy theory is that Williams is simply trying to sabotage Gase at this point, since 0-16 will stick much more clearly to him than to Williams. The better truth is likely that Williams allowed his stupid and misguided commitment to aggressive football to overpower common sense and good judgment.

Did you know that Williams also served as defensive coordinator of the 0-16 Browns? Hue Jackson, not Gregg Williams, is the name that gets tied to that 0-16. For this same reason, Gase, not Williams, will forever attach to the 0-16 Jets.

At some level, Gase may want to force Williams to suffer through the final 25 percent of a season that likely will have zero wins. If Gase wants to avoid that fate, however, he has a better chance of doing it if he tells Williams to pack up his stuff and get the hell out, right now.

78 responses to “Gregg Williams should be fired immediately

  1. Defend the Hail Mary. That’s all they had to do. Sending a jailbreak blitz instead is either the dumbest defensive play call of all time or else the Jets are purposely trying to lose/tank to get the #1 overall pick.

  2. You might be surprised to know Gregg Williams is just a jerk.

    Narrator: No one was surprised.

  3. once he called that defense, the players should have immediately called a timeout, or disregarded it. the defensive playcaller shouldve called for the 8 drop back. after the game there is no chance that it wouldve come out from the coach’s what the real play call was and that the players defied the call

  4. He’s been terrible for years go look at his teams records of the past. He’s ranked #1 as a blow hard and big talker though…..

  5. Why did the corner bite on the double move? If the receiver wants to go over the middle, that’s perfect, the clock would run out. That’s what you want them to do. But under no circumstance do you let him behind you.

  6. Jets: “We’re actually going to win one!”
    Gregg Williams: “Hold my play sheet.”

  7. My first thought was calling for his immediate firing was a bit harsh but after I thought about it some more if I were Gase then Williams would be on a different plane home. I don’t remember who it was but one coach got fired on the tarmac after a bad loss. Gase should have fired him and not let him in the locker room until everyone else was already gone. I bet Williams didn’t have to face the press to answer for the dumbest defensive play call ever.

    It sounds like the players are done with him. Now it remains to be seen if Gase has the stones to tell him to get out. Gase must like being winless if he doesn’t fire Williams.

  8. Most in Cleveland wanted him to be given the HC job a year ago; Claimed he did such a wonderful job in Mayfields 1st half season that he deserved it. I was a minority in suggesting No Way.

  9. I don’t care what anyone says. The Jets and their cornerback threw that game for the number 1 draft pick.

  10. I mean he did do a fairly decent job as the interim HC 2nd half of 2018, but he simply isnt HC material. Apparently his ego got in the way of his brain again yesterday

  11. I would almost guarantee it is sabotage. He was doing the same type of crap in Cleveland politicking his way into the HC gig.

  12. Williams brought the house cause he thought Carr would wilt.. he stepped up and delivered a strike.

    That’s the story.

  13. Williams’ logic-defying ability to secure defensive coordinator positions rivals only that of Rob Ryan, possibly the worst D Coordinator in the history of the NFL.

  14. If the owner has any sense at all, Gase won’t be back no matter the outcome of the final games of the season. Head coaches want to pick their own assistants, so I mean sure fire him to send a message but does it really even matter at this point?

  15. When an undrafted rookie knows the strategy better than a def coordinator, what more do you need to know to can that def. coordinator? duh…..

  16. That defense had been working pretty well the rest of the game and Carr was extremely fortunate to have a lane to step into in the middle of the field. Williams should have kept a safety deep in center field but I feel like the outrage is overblown.

  17. It was a clear call to purposely give up the touchdown. You know it. I know it. They’re re losing on purpose

  18. If it wasn’t a deliberate attempt to lose the game (did they call the same defense on the prior play?) that they coaching knew about, then..maybe it was just a deliberate attempt to lose the game by Williams alone as he went rogue.

    I mean Williams has already blamed the offense more than once this year. This time, they actually did score enough….before the last play.

  19. I am an AFC & Buffalo guy. Not a Jets fan except when playing out of the division. Anthony Lynn will be looking for work soon, he would be a great def coord hire for the Jets. He did a great job in that spot for Buffalo, and is a solid guy.

  20. The Jets organization is a dumpster fire that has been burning for awhile. If they think they’re tanking for Trevor Lawrence then they’re not paying attention. There is no way that kid will come out and go there when he has better options which he does have. He doesn’t even have to force a trade like the Mannings did. He’s not a senior and can have the option to return to Clemson to compete for another championship and then let the chips fall where they may in April, 2022. Not a bad option and wouldn’t be a bad decision for him personally.

    There’s no way he’ll go to NY next year with having that option. Jets would be better to trade the pick for a boatload of assets

  21. A receiver got behind the defense on an over throw before the final bomb. It was over thrown. Then the defense let the receiver get behind them again. It’s an obvious lay down from the Jets. Its why the money line should be +100,000,000 for every Jets game the rest of the year.

  22. Well that is the real way a team tanks – not because players are tanking which I never believed in (you can’t get 10 people in a room to agree to do something positive or negative these days). Just call a crappy play and know your team is going to execute it.

    I agree Williams should be fired, and banned. But I really question those players. I was in the military and still knew what BS was.

  23. It’d be one thing if it had just been that play, as in on singular bad defensive call. But the previous play they’d also managed to let a guy get open so there’s no explanation beyond them deliberately trying to hand the game to the Raiders.

  24. Given the amount of coach retreading in the NFL, even if Gregg Williams got canned today, I’d not be surprised if he were reemployed a month after the SB. It’s like there’s no consequences for bad coaching, even for someone with a track record like his.

  25. Of course the play was to defend the goal line. A jailbreak blitz is fraught with disaster. A world class sprinter in man coverage against an undrafted rookie corner with no over the top help? You always let him throw the Hail Mary – they never throw pass interference flags.
    I had to believe it was told to him before the game, behind closed doors, of the importance of landing what could be a franchise altering QB. Lawrence could be that player. Of course he will be fired, he was always going to be fired – but he will still get paid.

  26. I think the league needs to take action on this matter to preserve the integrity of the game.

  27. They should fire gase and promote williams to head coach. He’s only a few years removed of whipping the browns into almost a winning record.

  28. Florio, tell how you really feel about Gregg Williams! lol. The raiders knew that he would fly off the hinges and bring an all-out blitz and they explored that. The Jets should clean house!

  29. I also think the Jets blew the game deliberately to keep up the tank for “whoever.” It won’t be Trevor. Any other team in that situation would have dropped everyone back to pick off or bat down a hail mary. This was an absolute dime to a wide open Ruggs. Come on,now.

  30. I’m not a fan of either team. However, yes, that defensive call was among the dumbest I’ve ever seen. You are supposed to put your guys in a position to win, not work against them with nonsense calls. With play calling like that, is it any wonder that the Jets are 0-12? You’re right, Gregg Williams should be fired ASAP.

  31. This is up there with the New York giants decision to run the ball rather than take in knee which resulted in the “Miracle at the Meadowlands”, 1978. Giants offensive coordinator Bob Gibson was fired immediately after the game. Williams should be fired, how can he look into the eyes of his players and tell them “I’m putting you in the best position to succeed.” No one on that defense can take him seriously. Gase should be fired immediately as well. As head coach now can you allow your d coordinator to make a cover 0 call. Shows how over his head he is. Those players played hard, they want to win. I get why Jets fans want the team to lose out. Players want to win but the coaches took that from them. But, this is the Jets which means both Williams and Gase will be back this week. Sad for the players but to the delight of Jets fans. Gase and Williams are your best chance at 0-16.

  32. Does Gase even still have the authority to fire coaches? If I were his boss, I’d have taken away his authority to make any decisions of consequence a long time ago!!

  33. Does no one really understand why he made this call? A Raiders win keeps them from being leapfrogged by the Patriots in seeding for the postseason.

  34. No one will ever convince me that the coaches didn’t tank this on purpose. I saw an NFL stat that such a coverage had NEVER been tried given the situation (time left, score, yards to go.) The league should investigate.

  35. The fact that Williams wasn’t immediately fired tells you that ownership is tanking. At least they should fire him so it won’t be so obvious. I hope Trevor Lawrence tells the Jets he won’t sign with them.

  36. LOL these dudes always fail upward. People are joking about it but watch and see; he’ll lose the stink of this and be among the names being considered for DC or even HC jobs at elite D1 schools. He’ll end up making a ton of cash for a year or so before lo and behold, he’s back in the NFL. Once you’re in – you’re in.

  37. He should have sent all 11 guys, then say, “ I thought Carr would overthrow one of the 4 uncovered receivers.”

  38. Wascally Jets conspire to keep from being in a neck on neck race with Jacksonville in the Lawrence sweepstakes….

    Truth be told, he was fired because the Jets almost WON that game….

  39. If I am Jets ownership, I am secretly hoping that my lame coaching staff will lose the rest of the season so I can immediately fire their butts after the last game, then draft Trevor Lawrence. Thus I will repeat the entire process all over again because I am a loser owner who cannot assemble a winning team of coaches and players. I truly feel bad for the Jets fan who has to pay the mortgage for his team’s futility…

  40. i played cornerback when the defense called zero blitz you surrender the catch and the middle of the field but you do not let yourself get beat over the top. Jackson deserves some blame here.

  41. On the previous play Nelson Agholor got behind the defense even though they were in a zone, but Carr’s pass was overthrown.
    That play could have easily been a TD with a better thrown ball.

    Williams probably thought that they may as well go down swinging at the QB to get the job done.
    Credit the Raiders offense for picking everybody up on the blitz.
    I’m not saying I necessarily agree with what went down at the end, (Why they left a spy in there, I have no idea.) but let’s just face facts, when you’re bad, you’re bad.

  42. Either: (1) He realized a win over LV helped New England towards the playoffs, (2) a win helped the Jags towards getting Trevor Lawrence, or (3) BOTH.

  43. Gregg Williams is many things, including someone who should be fired along with everyone else at the Jets, but he is not completely clueless about NFL defense. This was an intentional tank job and it worked to perfection. The Jets will now fire him and pretend to be disgusted about his incompetence.

  44. Gregg Williams deserved a better fate. He’s the easy target. Players are supposed to make PLAYS.

  45. We’ve seen this movie before. That was the exact same blitz that caused the Saints to lose to San Francisco in the 2011-12 divisional round.

  46. In reality, teams have been blitzing in Hail Mary situations very effectively for the past couple of years. They do this because the QB must allow his WR to get to the end zone before throwing the ball which requires 4-5 seconds. Blitzing forces him to throw the ball earlier. I had been used by other DCs, and had been effective. I remember the Vikings blitzing the Cowboys on a Hail Mary in 2019, and Dak got lit up, and the ball didn’t make it to the 20, and the WRs didn’t make it to the end zone. But since it worked and Zimmer is a genius, no one questioned it. I wouldn’t do it, but it’s poor FB analysis if you only criticize strategy that doesn’t work. My 4 year old daughter can do that.

  47. He will be an asst LB coach somewhere next year. His days as a D Coordinator are over in my opinion..unless he goes to Canada…or maybe a D2 college Head Coach

  48. Good to see Gregg still blowing games by ignoring situations. Still have nightmares of him leaving Roman Harper 1-1 against Vernon Davis in SF, blowing that epic playoff game in 2011. He never learns, aggressive is good, reckless is bad.

  49. id take GW no questions asked. gase just trying to save his damn job. the entire staff should be gone and im including the gm. if hed done a better job maybe hed wouldnt have had that double move biting rook on the field

  50. In his defense the Browns defense under Williams was solid and he was a very good interim coach. They were one of the top teams in creating turnovers and got a bunch of guys to the pro bowl in Cleveland. 0-16 there was on Sashi Brown drafting Deshone Kizer who didn’t know a pass he couldn’t throw to the other team not on the defense.

    Seems like Gase is doing a lot of throwing people under the bus lately. He knows his seat is hot and that this is probably his last chance to ever be a head coach or even an offensive coordinator. I don’t see too many players vouching for Gase this time around. His throwing players and coaches under the bus in Miami made a few teams better.

  51. Gase is wearing a headset and hears the defensive play call…he could have overridden it if it was so bad.

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