Jalen Hurts: I’m trying to lead and get this thing in the right direction

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After months of giving Jalen Hurts a snap or two, the Eagles made a lasting move to the rookie in Sunday’s game against the Packers.

Hurts entered the game with the Packers up 17 points in the third quarter and helped the team cut the deficit to seven points before Aaron Jones put the game away with a 77-yard touchdown run. The 30-16 loss was not the result that Hurts wanted, but he said it was “a great feeling to throw a touchdown pass” for the first time in the NFL.

“I’m trying to do what I can do for this team,” Hurts said, via the team’s website. “I think it’s as simple as that. Working hard every day, putting my best foot forward, and taking somebody with me. I’m trying to lead and just get this thing in the right direction. So, anything that can help this team.”

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson didn’t say who will start in Week 14, but Carson Wentz‘s ongoing struggles opened the door to a change and Hurts didn’t do anything to create the impression that playing him would make things worse in Philadelphia.

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  1. It was garbage time in the game. Packers up by 17 with 7 minutes left. Hurts sure did a great job running that punt back, eh? Hurts tossed a pick and the Eagles lost by 14 points. I think we can take Hurts’ name off the mvp list for this year.

  2. The Eagles may be easier to watch in the short term if Hurts is QB but in the long term they need to get Wentz to play better.

    The bottom line is this franchise has been mismanaged at the GM and coaching level and watching Hurts run around for a few seconds in the pocket isn’t going to change the other problems with this team.

    There’s still 4 games left in the season but the Eagles should be planning about 2021 including firing Roseman. There should’ve been a fire sale at the trade deadline but the Eagles remained all in for 2020 to try to save jobs.

    Working harder won’t save Wentz, in his mind the pocket is always collapsing and the receivers are never open. He needs a mental reset.

  3. Wentz was playing bad but the eagles from the front office down have to own this mess. They have an average o-line, average receivers who can’t separate, and a subpar running game. Even the play-calling has been awful at times. It’s easy for a player to lose confidence when the organization is this bad from the top down.

  4. I think one of the most underrated aspects of College Qb is their ability to lead and to address adversity. This kid has demonstrated that at two schools, he is a leader with decent talent. DeShaun Watson is a leader with a bit better talent, both these guys have been overlook, I’ll take them any day over some of the more highly publicized QB’s.

  5. Wentz has looked awful all season. He’s not the same QB he was a few years ago. The Eagles might as well give the starting job to Hurts and see what he’s got. They aren’t going anywhere with Wentz.

  6. The move had to be made. Watching Wentz flounder week after week was like Groundhog Day. The season is lost, playing Wentz won’t make him any better so give Hurts the job for the rest of the year and see what he has.

  7. Wentz to Indy is my guess as to where he’ll eventually end up. Rivers is old and Wentz needs a good line to keep him up, something Indy has. With a clean pocket Wentz is a great QB. Regardless of what happens I think his time in Philly is done.

  8. People might be happy he’s in there but there wasn’t much difference. 5-12 passing, a TD, a pick and he got sacked 3 times. Hurts isn’t going to “ right the ship “ or “ inspire a late season rally “. He’s going to play a couple games and, ultimately, be a placeholder to ensure Wentz isn’t killed so he can go into the offseason with the intention of getting himself fixed mentally and physically for the next season.

  9. Hurts is at least trying. Wentz doesn’t even care if they win or lose. Throw an INT in the end zone? Oh well. Get sacked yet again and take your team out of FG range? Oh well. Miss a wide open receiver? Oh well. Nothing seems to bother Wentz so might as well bench him. At least Hurts is trying to win. He may not be the long-term answer but he’s a lot better than Wentz. That one poster was right. If they hadn’t foolishly given him that $128M contract he’d have been benched in September.

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