Jets fire Gregg Williams

New York Jets v Miami Dolphins
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After a disastrous play call in Sunday’s loss to the Raiders, Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has been fired.

Williams was fired this morning, according to multiple reports.

The controversial Williams made a stunning decision to call an all-out blitz with the Jets leading by four points with 13 seconds to play and the Raiders having the ball at the 46-yard line. At a time when the Jets just needed to make a tackle inbounds and secure their first win of the season, Derek Carr saw the blitz coming, threw the ball deep, and connected with receiver Henry Ruggs for the game-winning touchdown.

That defensive play call was a fireable offense, and it didn’t take the Jets long to make the necessary call. The winless Jets are likely to fire their entire coaching staff after the season, but Williams is getting an early exit.

81 responses to “Jets fire Gregg Williams

  1. I feel bad for the players that showed up yesterday and deserved a win. Good riddance. This guy doesn’t deserve to be an NFL coach on any level.

  2. I have so many questions. Did Williams intentionally blow this game on purpose as a mutiny? To spite Gase? To make his case for head coach? Why didn’t the players call timeout? Why did they go along with it? Where was Gase during this mess? He doesn’t have a headset to call timeout and overrule the call? This is ridiculous. I refuse to believe it was just a bad call. ESPN said it had never been tried given the circumstances. I hope the truth comes to light and also that the lowlife headhunter Williams is out of the league for good.

  3. I’m sure this firing will make the Jets better and I’m sure Gregg is very upset at getting am early exit from said dumpster fire.

  4. How much you wanna bet this guy’s with another team by the 2021 draft or shortly thereafter. The carousel of NFL coach retreading never ends.

  5. The head coach should be next. He should have called time out when he saw there were no DB’s standing on the goal line when the ball was about to be snapped. Even the play before, when Carr overthrew Agholor. If they don’t clean house, Trevor Lawrence won’t sign with them.

  6. But Gase keeps his job to land Lawrence ?

    Lawrence will not report to this team.

    Might as well try to obtain as much draft capital or trade for veterans, as possible

  7. After that bonehead call what coach would ever want to hire him? If he can’t be trusted to play prevent defense in a situation that called for it then how can you trust him at all? That may be the end of his coaching chances, at least as DC. Still, I think at this point you just can’t trust him.

  8. Scapegoat.

    That play be the best thing that ever happened to the organization so firing him for that seems flawed.

    Gase and Williams should’ve been fired weeks ago when it was obvious they didn’t belong.

    That said, they had the worst roster in the league going into the season. This hodge podge creation was never going to work the way it was assembled. Coach takes over with someone else’s QB selection, then a new GM is hired to oversee the coach and QB he didn’t acquire.

    Trevor Lawrence will not be a Jet.

  9. So Adam Gase didn’t see them lining up to blitz and say what the hell are you doing? He should be following Williams right out the door!

  10. Gregg Williams & Jeff Fisher, 2 peas in a pod as far as I’m concerned. Both Bad Coaches who also Play dirty, Just ask Rodney Harrison

  11. BS. Jets management knew (1) a win by the Jets helped New England towards the playoffs, (2) a win helped the Jags towards Trevor Lawrence, or (3) BOTH. Williams made sure both didn’t happen. Good for him.

  12. It was a boned headed call, but the play before the Jets were in cover 3 and got torched by Nelson Agholor but Carr over threw him. Williams should be fired, but so should that secondary.

    itsamadmadmadmadworld says:
    December 7, 2020 at 11:26 am
    After that bonehead call what coach would ever want to hire him? If he can’t be trusted to play prevent defense in a situation that called for it then how can you trust him at all? That may be the end of his coaching chances, at least as DC. Still, I think at this point you just can’t trust him.

  13. The fired him as a sacrificial lamb, and they know the entire staff is done after four more games anyway, but anyone who is a fan or in management of the team is happy at what happened yesterday, and they are liars if they say differently.

  14. The Jets decided they were going 0-16 quite some time ago. Why do you think Gase is still the coach? They’re trying to cheat the draft system. This call wasn’t a “mistake.”

  15. He didn’t do anything out of character. He lives by the blitz and dies by the blitz. He did it a ton with the game on the line in New Orleans even in the playoffs. See Saints v 49ers 2012 Divisional playoff game. Ironically he got fired after that one too.

  16. He truly deserved to be fired for that call.

    Whether it was arrogance, or done to spite his head coach, calling the Cover 0 blitz in that situation was absolutely unjustifiable.

    He totally exposed his rookie UDFA CB, and cost the players who had fought so hard their first win.

    Fans who want the #1 pick might not care about the loss, but the players do. They wanted a win and Williams cost them the victory yesterday.

    Gase must follow at the end of the year, but there was no way Williams could stay after what he did to his players yesterday.

  17. This is the same Gregg Williams that was the DC of the Browns during their 0-16 season and Bountygate. If he ever gets another DC position, that team deserves exactly what they get.

  18. Here’s a good one – Gase was supposed to come to Detroit with Patricia as OC but he got the NYJ job instead.

    Hear me out… Patricia isn’t busy right now and he’s at least as incompetent and arrogant as Williams. Seems like a great fit.

  19. How does this man keep getting jobs in the NFL? Why would any organization even hire him? It must be some desperate head coaches out there that keep hiring him.

    He can’t keep a job more than 1-2 seasons and has not been a full-time head coach since Buffalo in 2003.

  20. Yesterday’s outcome was influenced by ownership. Williams was the easy diversion. If Williams called goal line defense, would the rest of the team just sit there and watch? Many people had the ability to intervene, none did, and now everyone wants to pile on Williams.

    On the other hand, why are we upset? It was a clear display of tanking, but there are no rules against tanking. If you don’t like this, then you need to make rules to discourage it.

  21. The series before on 4th down the Jets blitzed and Carr panicked, backpeddled away from the blitz, and threw a pass off his back foot that fell short with the WR trying to come back for the ball. Fastforward to the next to last offensive play for Vegas with Carr having time to throw…the WR split 2 defenders and was wide open and Carr got so excited he overthrew what should have been a TD. So Williams went back to the blitz hoping Carr would panic again. Instead, Carr stepped up into the blitz and dropped a dime. If this were the Packers or Cardinals we would be hearing about how a great QB took advantage of a defensive gamble and delivered the game winning pass. Because its the Raiders and Carr all we are hearing about is how dumb the playcall was and how the Jets purposely tanked.

  22. Did Williams intentionally blow this game on purpose as a mutiny?

    You mean mutiny by the bounty?

  23. From this Buffalo Bills fan, go Jets! You guys deserve better leadership… to you guys the rest of this season.

  24. Good point by PFT on another news story. Williams has now been the def co ordinator of the 0-16 Browns and now the 0-12 Jets. Granted a lot also has to do with the offense but either way thats not a good CV bounty-gate or not. Surely no other team would hire him now after this record ?

  25. I’m tired of seeing this guys name keep re surfacing! Go away already! Just like Antonio Brown or Burfict. Keep getting more chances!

  26. I have no doubt that the Jets and Williams will reach an ‘undisclosed settlement’ on his termination.

  27. Williams will be snickering while he cleans out his desk. “Showed him I did.” This is typical of Williams’ arrogant back-stabbing personality. Would rather stick it to Coach Gase than win the game. Not that anyone needs to really stick it to Gase. He’s doing a great job of that himself.

  28. These coordinators have too much power to begin with. No one in a secondary position in ANY organization should be given total autonomy.

  29. I thought they were looking to tank every game anyways?

    Seemed the right call considering they were winning and wanted none of this 1-15 nonsense.

  30. Why would they fire him for doing what they asked? It just seems like they intentionally threw this game, and the Pats game.

  31. Hey, Williams, its Ryan Pace and the Bears on line 1. He still cant believe he has a job but apparently he can do whatever he wants without consequence. So, you will replace Chuck Pagano who doesnt know how to spell Blitz.

    Virginia…please sell the Bears to someone who actually likes to win. Bears nation is sick of this

  32. I’ll bet he’s happy he’s not a part of that dumpster fire anymore. From top to bottom, that organization stinks.

  33. BS. Jets management knew (1) a win by the Jets helped New England towards the playoffs, (2) a win helped the Jags towards Trevor Lawrence, or (3) BOTH. Williams made sure both didn’t happen. Good for him.
    Baloney. So Williams severely tarnished his reputation to get the #1 pick for an organization that was going to fire him on Black Monday anyway? Makes no sense.

  34. They fired him about 18 hours late , but at least they fired him. He should have been fired about 4 pm yesterday afternoon.

  35. Fire the HC as well. He has a headset, he knows the defense, he heard the call. He should have overruled it. Fire the DC for a bonehead game losing call? Typical.

  36. That one play was icing on the cake but this is far from “all on Williams” – of whom I am no fan at all.

    LV was playing terrible all day but Carr was particularly inaccurate in the 4th. He missed two touchdown passes to Agholor in the two minutes prior to that one play. In fact, the play before that, they ran a cover two where they got beat deep by NA by a mile – Carr overthrew him by 10 feet in the end-zone.

    The secondary blew the correct coverage calls both times. Perhaps, GW trusted the front 4/5, who had been performing all day, over the secondary which stunk. Further, why the hell would you bite on a stop and go when your only job is to keep Ruggs – the fastest WR on the field – in front of you.

    Whatever. I hate the Jets so I don’t really care.

  37. It was just too obvious. The NFL should investigate. I seem to remember something about protecting the integrity of the game.

  38. Saw the game after the fact. Jets played hard, but Williams gameplan cost them all game, not just on the one play.

    Never had an answer for Waller, and let Jackson get picked on all game.

  39. Anyone who thought Williams was in on the Tank for Trevor with that blitz call now has their answer. Gregg just isn’t very smart. I’d like to think he’ll never get another job, but GMs are equally dumb.

  40. ocdn says:
    And the Lions will take a serious look at him…..
    I was thinking the exact same thing!

    And contrary to what people think, nobody wants to play on a winless team.

  41. I don’t care who the Jets get as their next head coach, or quarterback they’re always going to be bad. That’s where that same old Jets saying came from. It’s the same old Jets. It will take a fumble during the kneel down in order to lose, and the Jets quarterback will fumble… Same old Jets

  42. I feel sorry for Lawrence. It’s going to doom his pro career. I’d go ahead and come out and tell the Jets that he won’t play for them so don’t draft him.
    If there’s ever a time that is ok, it’s if the Jets are going to draft you. Until ownership changes, the Jets will always be terrible.

  43. If only they listened 8 weeks ago when the whole of the rest of us called it. You know…. same as the Lev Bell signing.

  44. The integrity of the game is paramount. Williams represented the New York Jets and he was not overruled by the head coach. The Jets should be dropped three positions in the first round as punishment.

  45. Defending a Hail Mary with three players and no safeties. That is three players to deal with 45 square yards! Even if they had just thrown a 10 yard pass and let the 5 receivers take on the three defensive options…what can possibly go wrong?

  46. Somewhere Williams is being slipped a nice bag of cash for following orders from the front office.

  47. Guess this will free up more time for the countless head coaching interviews he imagines are going to be coming his way. Wonder how many jobs he’ll claim to have turned down this offseason?

  48. “The Jets were lucky to be in the game.”
    The Jets ran for over 200 yards and turned the ball over three times. Sounds like the Raiders were lucky to be in the game.

  49. Gase is just trying to cover his butt. He wears a headset and heard the play call…with a time out in his pocket..he should have used it if he thought the play call was so bad.

  50. The Raiders should hang a thank you banner up in Allegiant Stadium for Greg Williams for saving their season.

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