Kyler Murray: We’ve kind of hit a wall offensively

Los Angeles Rams v Arizona Cardinals
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Kyler Murray threw a 59-yard touchdown to tight end Dan Arnold less than two minutes into Sunday’s game and he added two more scoring passes later in the contest, but no one was raving about the way the Cardinals played on offense against the Rams.

They finished the game with a season-low 232 total yards and Murray’s third touchdown pass came with the Rams up by 17 point late in the fourth quarter. The 38-28 loss was the third in a row for Arizona and they have not gained more than 314 yards in any of those outings.

Murray turned the ball over twice on Sunday and said after the game that the Cardinals are struggling to find the groove they were in earlier this season.

“We’ve kind of hit a wall, as far as offensively,” Murray said, via the team’s website. “That first half of the season, it was kind of effortless. We were moving the ball, having fun, playing fast. When you face a little bit of adversity, how do you react? How do you adjust? Which we ended up doing, but it was just a little too late.”

When the Cardinals have played well offensively, Murray has generally made plays with his legs in addition to his arm. He’s run 15 times for 61 yards during their current losing streak, so teams are taking that away and trying to force the Cardinals to beat them in other ways. They haven’t been able to do that and the Cardinals’ playoff hopes have taken a hit as a result.

9 responses to “Kyler Murray: We’ve kind of hit a wall offensively

  1. I don’t think Murray’s shoulder is 100% healthy therefore he’s reluctant to run. They’ll figure it out…

  2. @ collectordude

    You nailed it. When are these guys going to learn? Running QBs don’t run because they’re good at running, they run because they don’t know how to play in the pocket.

    Throw in the fact that defenses are concentrating on Hopkins a lot more because Murray can’t throw it to any body else.

    This was predictable.

  3. A shorter guy like Murray has to learn to play from under center. Drew Brees and Russell wilson have the tightest 3 step drops and can make those difficult timing throws as good as anybody else. Play from shotgun all day and you will be running for your life way too often.

  4. Next Sunday, Murray is going to find out what Wilson found out yesterday: the Giants defense can play.

  5. Id like to see Murray, Hopkins and the rest of the talent here in a real offense. This chuck and duck college spread stuff is played out. Its good to mix it in but its not a full time offense for the pros.

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