Sean McVay remembers Super Bowl LIII loss to Patriots as “a very humbling night”

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The Rams are playing the Patriots this week on Thursday Night Football. The last time Los Angeles took on New England, it didn’t go so well for the team from Southern California.

It wasn’t the most memorable game, but the Rams fell to the Patriots 13-3 in Super Bowl LIII. That was nearly two years ago and both teams are vastly different now. But head coach Sean McVay hasn’t forgotten what that game was like.

Per Greg Beacham of the Associated Press, McVay called that Super Bowl loss, “a very humbling night for myself, but you can’t dwell on it. I didn’t think I did nearly a good enough job for us to be crowned world champs.”

The Rams don’t have much time to get ready, but they’ll surely need more than three points to beat the Patriots this time around. Fortunately for L.A., that game is the one time McVay’s Rams put up just three points. Los Angeles has scored fewer than 10 points only five times since McVay took over in 2017, and none of those games have come this season.

9 responses to “Sean McVay remembers Super Bowl LIII loss to Patriots as “a very humbling night”

  1. & we are on to the Rams… game at a time…..
    Thursday night is the first step in going 10-6…..
    GO PATS!!!!

  2. At a certain point, it was tough for any new coach or QB or team to go in against Brady & Belichick in a game like that. There was just no comparison as far as “big game experience.” That’s a significant disadvantage to try to overcome.

    Hopefully the Rams can take care of business on Thursday. No Brady this time, and the Rams are a significantly better team. It really shouldn’t be close.

  3. NFL scheduling is so weird. The Rams play at Tampa Bay on a Monday night, and then fly across the country to host the Niners, who are coming off a bye (in other words, 8 extra days to prepare). That was the Rams 5th flight to the East Coast.

    Then, the Patriots get two trips to the west coast rolled into one trip, playing twice in Los Angeles within 5 days. Makes you wonder.

  4. Super Bowl LIII. That was the game where future Dolphins HC Brian Flores’s defense outperformed future Bengals HC Zac Taylor’s offense. Hmm.

  5. Did someone refer to the Rams 2018 offense as “Zac Taylor’s offense?” Now THAT’S funny.

  6. Goff struggled against Flores defense this year like he did in the Super Bowl. Belichick will likely use the same defense until Goff and the Rams figure out how to defeat it.

  7. That game could’ve been out of hand too.

    CJ Anderson goes backwards. Fumbles inside their 20, ball goes out of bounds.

    HT and D-Mac played robber twice. At the beginning of the 2nd half. HT misread the throw or he would’ve picked Goff inside the 20.

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