Could the Colts become a 2021 destination for Carson Wentz?

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The Eagles had been sticking with quarterback Carson Wentz in part because, financially, they’re stuck with Wentz through 2021.

Wentz has $25.4 million in fully-guaranteed compensation for next season, and $15 million of his 2022 salary becomes fully guaranteed on the third day of the 2021 league year, in mid-March. It makes it hard to trade Wentz, especially since Wentz has been playing poorly this year.

But maybe it’s not. Maybe it really is the circumstance. Maybe, as Jay Glazer of FOX reported over the weekend, Wentz’s confidence was shaken by the team’s selection of quarterback Jalen Hurts. Maybe that, coupled with the cumulative expectations that come from the team trading up to draft him to choosing him over Super Bowl LII MVP Nick Foles to giving Wentz a contract worth $32 million per year made the pressure overwhelming.

Maybe he needs a fresh start. Maybe he could get that in a place where his 2017 offensive coordinator, Frank Reich, is the head coach.

With Reich running he offense, Wentz became the MVP favorite, before he suffered a torn ACL three years ago this week. The Colts signed Philip Rivers, who turns 39 today, to a one-year, $25 million deal. They’ll have to decide on a quarterback for 2021. Could Wentz be the guy?

The Eagles likely wouldn’t get much for Wentz in trade, but they also wouldn’t have to do a Brock Osweiler hot potato trade to get Wentz off the books.

Yes, trading Wentz would result in a cap charge of nearly $34 million. Keeping him, however, entails a cap charge north of $34 million, and a cash commitment of $25 million in 2021 and another guarantee of $15 million. If he’s not the starter, they should take the cap charge, dump the $25 million cash obligation for 2021, and avoid the $15 million guarantee for 2022.

The Colts could give the Eagles the best and easiest path to doing that.

53 responses to “Could the Colts become a 2021 destination for Carson Wentz?

  1. If having to compete with a rookie shatters a QB’s confidence, it is probably a sign he isn’t right for the job. Wentz has talent but right now is playing poorly. If Hurts shows anything, move Wentz I say. Colts would be better off with Stafford, but Wentz could work there too.

  2. There sre a couple of teams that could do this – New England, Jax, TB, ATL, CHI. Only factor here in Indy has Reich. Philly would take best offer of course.

  3. Um, getting a little ahead of yourself. You don’t even know what you have in Jalen Hurts yet…

  4. Colts GM Chris Ballard isn’t touching that awful contract, nor is any other GM. The cap hits are just too large for an injury prone QB. In Wentz’ defense, it’s not as if the Eagles gave him any decent players to work with over the past few seasons. That being said, When you sign on the dotted line, you’re expected to deliver and Wentz hasn’t.

  5. Wentz set the market for quarterbacks cash wise last year ,,now the mans without a team ,unbelievable!

  6. Colts or the Patriots are both very viable suitors for Wentz in a trade, going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

  7. This conversation is so dumb, if the eagles get rid of Wentz they will be making a huge mistake.

  8. It makes sense but seriously if his head is out of whack because of the Hurts draft, I don’t know that I’d want him. Rodgers was faced with the same situation and he’s a top MVP candidate. Getting confidence back on the field isn’t a $25M “let’s see what happens” so Indy had better be a believer for this scenario to work.

  9. harrytootsie says:
    December 8, 2020 at 6:33 pm
    Wentz set the market for quarterbacks cash wise last year ,,now the mans without a team ,unbelievable!


    Naming a new starting QB doesn’t mean he’s off the team.

  10. I can’t imagine Rivers playing one more season. Colts need to pray Wentz can be bought and fixed.

  11. The Eagles lack talent on the offensive side. Not only that, they got old quick after that fluke SB run. Bet if they infused the team with better O-linemen, actual receivers and a running back, Pederson and Wentz would look like geniuses like they did 3 years ago with that very same list. Plus Wentz has a neckbeard. No QB lasts long with a neckbeard.

  12. Wentz was a huge killer of my team so I hope he does go. Just seems oddly negative by his own team though. Wonder what happened and why now he isn’t lighting it up light like he did early on? Is it the player or the organization. Praying it is the organization since I love my team in the NFC East. 🙂

  13. It’s not about What they have in Hurts he’s cheap. It’s that Lentz isn’t a franchise QB.

  14. jam11163 says:
    December 8, 2020 at 6:54 pm
    DO it please. Take him of our books.
    Wentz is untradeable and “uncuttable” for the next 14 months. It’s “sunk cost”

  15. The Eagles need offensive lineman…but it won’t improve Wentz. IF Hurts plays decent the last few games Wentz will be traded and Eagles will keep paying for a few more years…Howie should BE FIRED!!!

  16. If Im the Colts Im looking at Sam Darnold WAY before Im looking at Wentz (being that Greg Williams secured Trevor Lawrence for the Jets with his 8 man blitz vs the Raiders on Sunday).

  17. The question is, why would the Colts want him? Wentz is clearly all messed up in his mind and has totally lost any confidence he once had.
    I’ve seen pitchers in baseball who were excellent pitchers who all of a sudden could not find the plate. No matter what they tried, they could never get back close to what they were. It was as much mental as it was physical.
    If you play QB, you must have an extremely short memory. When you throw a pick, you have to forget about it and get back out there on the next series and do better. Wentz can’t seem to do that. He lets everything affect him to the point he makes all his teammates question him — and themselves.
    If I were a head coach, I would not want Carson Wentz unless I could get him at a very low cost.
    QB’s have to be leaders and Wentz is anything but that.

  18. That’s a nice story but I find it hard to believe the Colts would $96M in remaining salary over the next four years for a guy who seems to have lost the ability (or desire) to play. He may have plenty of desire though if he realizes the remaining $71M on that contract can easily go away after 2021. Something tells me he might actually care about winning so keep that $71M.

  19. “Wentz’s confidence was shaken by the team’s selection of quarterback Jalen Hurts.”

    Man, I sure wouldn’t want my franchise QB to be so emotionally fragile.

  20. Eagles will need to give up high draft picks to get rid of that contract. There’s no value there. I say that as a Bears fan and we have nothing at QB

  21. The biggest problem in Philly isn’t Wentz. The biggest problem is Roseman the man just don’t know how to draft.

  22. Yes Carson hasn’t been very good THIS season. Let’s not 4get he was better in 2018 then 2017. He also in 18′ and 19′ dealt with a HUGE list of injuries players..3rd string WRs. practice squad linemen, RBs. WRs ect and still won with them (playoffs every yr) now same problems except Carsons not getting sacked..he’s getting KILLED every play and a historical rate at 2.6 seconds a play. Then local media asks why isnt he throwing to his second and 3rd reads? Really? How could he.
    Now Wentz gets benched, his backup makes 1 nice TD throw but runs into sacks, misses throws and throws a pick and now Carsons career is ok. I’ve seen Randall Cunningham gets benched (twice) he turned out ok. Seen McNabb get benched in 08′ came back and was 1 play from the Superbowl. Maybe Wentz has lost all that talent he had ( very unlikely) Carson is broken, but nobody knows if he cant be fixed. History says..He can correct his mistakes, get better and be a very good QB for 7/10 more yrs.
    Or listen to local media, and cut/trade him at a cap hit for doing so at 50+ million and watching him go take the Colts to a Superbowl. Fire the REAL problem Jeff, your buddy Howie who has killed this teams future with horrible contracts, horrible draft failures, and keeping aging veterans who stink!

  23. When guys like Carson Wentz and Mitch Trubisky win a lot of NFL games right out of the shoot, that’s usually a sign that they have a lot of talent. It’s hard to win an NFL game as a QB. If the Colts get Wentz, they’ll be a team to contend with. I hate to have to remind everybody, but Steve Young couldn’t cut it in Tampa Bay, Brett Favre couldn’t cut it in Atlanta, Drew Brees couldn’t cut it in San Diego, and Jim Plunkett couldn’t cut it in New England. That didn’t mean these super bowl winners were bad QB’s, it just meant that a change of scenery was all that was missing, and most of those guys will be wearing gold jackets, if they’re not already.

  24. For those of you saying the Patriots, BB isn’t going to pay that kind of money. Maybe Indy, depending on Rivers. Could be in Denver, Jax, or Chicago.

  25. Drew Brees was doing fine in San Diego. They had just drafted Rivers in 04 (Brees was going to be a FA after 05) and Brees suffered what some thought might have been a career ending shoulder injury in the last game of 05. It wasnt that Brees couldnt cut it.

  26. I love people comparing Carson Wentz and Rogers. Let us see. Carson
    Has no OL protection, no rush threat, no best in league receiver and his defence does bot sack opposing QB few times and do not get interceptions. Yeah, comparison makes sense

  27. Tell ya right now, Rivers will get a superbowl ring with the Colts. It won’t be dominating or runaway — that isn’t Colts fashion. But my money is banking on them to wreck the while playoffs.

  28. Somehow, I get the feeling that going from the best OL in the league to one of the worst and constantly living in fear of getting your head smashed on any given down has something to do with Carson’s confidence. Just a hunch . . .

  29. As an impartial observer…every time I watch Wentz play I think he holds the ball WAY too long nd seems to be a sack or fumble waiting to happen.
    Yeah he can run…but either he cant make the reads or is afraid of throwing a pick…I dont know what it is but SOMETHING is going on there.

  30. @ 1phillyPhan, As of now Philly is $63.4mil over the cap for 2021 so there are a lot of big contract players that are going to have to be moved out of Philly, A LOT! But don’t feel bad they have a ton of company, 11 other teams are over the cap for next season.

  31. curtis20 says:
    December 8, 2020 at 7:49 pm
    Fake news for sure. NOBODY is taking on his contract. besides who said he’s leaving??

    Two things, Philly’s 2021 cap($63.4mil over) and the way he’s playing!

  32. mike624 says:
    December 8, 2020 at 6:34 pm
    As a Fan of the Eagles. Sure hope this happens.

    As a fan of the Colts this ain’t happening. Ballard won’t touch that contact.

  33. I hope so. He could do better there, with a much better o-line and weapons, and Reich would be the best coach for him since he was there during his best season. He’s not gonna win in Philly now, the fans already wanted him out since Foles won the SB, he’s better off starting fresh with less pressure and I think he can rebound very nicely in Indy.

  34. Sorry, Philly…Grigson and BOB are no longer in the league those two would have jumped at the chance for Wentz.

  35. I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever been more angry on a personal level about the state of my Eagles ever.

    I can handle bad football. I can handle bad personnel decisions and cap management. I can handle questionable game plans and playcalls.

    I can’t stomach watching the way the Wentz-Hurts QB dynamic has been handled by Howie Roseman and Doug Pederson, especially Roseman. It’s bad poker all around and really scummy:
    (1) Actively undercutting Wentz with personnel decisions and assuming the Hurts pick would have no effect on Carson’s psyche
    (2) Drafting Hurts, dying for the opportunity of a lifetime, with no intention to play him in an Eagles uniform, but rather to leverage him as trade bait
    (3) Now, throwing Hurts to the wolves to save jobs. (Yes, I get Wentz has been awful, but if Roseman and Pederson really gave one iota about developing Hurts, they wouldn’t play him. Not with this line, not with these WRs, not vs. this Saints D.)

    Point blank, the way these QBs have been handled is what ruins careers. It’s nauseating to watch as a fan, and also on a human level. Both Wentz and Hurts deserve better than this mess.

    Black Monday can’t come soon enough.

  36. Seems to me like CW lost his confidence when he suffered the injury during their SB run. Adding insult to injury, Foles led them to victory. That would crush a young players confidence IMO. Furthermore, drafting JH this season was the nail in the coffin. CW lacks confidence, leadership and courage (opting to sit out vs playing through injury- Seahawks Playoff game)… and I dont think the team is behind him because of it. Its all dysfunctional if you ask me, but yet again its Philly what else do you expect.

  37. I’m pretty tired of all the “lack of talent” excuses for Wentz. Wrs are open. TEs are open. The line is just as good if not better than Watson, Stafford, wilson, and half the league and those guys still get it done. Wentz is just not good. I defended him for years, but its time to admit I was wrong. The guy is just not a good qb.

    I dont think Hurts is the answer either. In fact i think that may go down as one of the worst picks ever.

    Before anything happens, Howie needs to go and genius Pederson needs a real offensive cord. Then we can talk about Wentz. If we could somehow work out a wentz for Stafford deal, that would be amazing.

  38. @steve Cunningham, I agree and alot of the players out can/will be replaced by younger, better and cheaper options already on the team. Fulham for Jeffrey, Reagor for Djax, Mailata for J.P.,Sweat for Curry ect. Those 4 moves alone saves you 35+ million. Wentz has been bad but, he can be fixed imo. The biggest problem will take YEARS to fix..the roster. I blame Howie for making just stupid picks (Whiteside over Metcalf ect) he has killed this team with horrible contracts, horrible draft picks and an roster that is too old/injury prone. I would live to see a “footballguy” like say Ron Jaworski step in and make draft picks…anyways still bleeding green.

  39. 1 of 2 things will happen this week. a) Hurts plays well and beats NO, and he gets a chance to play vs. ARZ where they will probably lose. Wentz comes back and finishes the season .b) Hurts struggles in 1st half, Wentz comes in at halftime and pulls the win out.

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