Doug Pederson: I made the switch to Jalen Hurts because we need a spark

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Eagles coach Doug Pederson has confirmed he’s benching Carson Wentz in favor of Jalen Hurts, and it’s all about seeing if Hurts can bring some heat to a stagnant offense.

Pederson told Sal Paolantonio of ESPN that switching to Hurts for Sunday’s game against the Saints was a decision he made because the Eagles have to get out of their rut.

“Same reason I made the switch in the game. We need a spark. It’s not about one guy here. We all know we need to be better,” Pederson said. “Doing this for the same reason; we need a spark, offense has been poor for many reasons. Opportunity for Jalen’s development. Still have great belief in Carson as a QB and leader of the team. We have to get him better and the offense as well.”

It’s been an ugly season for Wentz and the Eagles, and Pederson had little choice but to see what the second-round rookie can do. The Eagles are going to have some tough decisions to make at the quarterback position, and knowing whether Hurts can do the job is necessary before making those decisions.

30 responses to “Doug Pederson: I made the switch to Jalen Hurts because we need a spark

  1. You have to wonder if Howie Roseman regrets drafting Hurts. Of course he has to regret the Wentz contract, but it would easier to say “let’s make some additions in the off-season, get healthy, get a new QB coach, and maybe Wentz will pick it back up next year”…
    Instead they have a huge QB controversy, and if Hurts really is better… Wow Wentz is expensive on the bench

  2. It’s amazing that it took him all these games and all this misery to figure it out. You can only be loyal to a guy for so long. When he’s hurting the team more than helping,it’s time to sit him.

  3. I don’t think they’re turning the page on Carson Wentz.Instead it might be damage control to Wentz’ health and confidence. The season is lost and the OL is bad so put in a run first QB and preserve the franchise QB Wentz for next year.

  4. I mean you don’t take a QB in the second round four years after taking a QB second overall unless a team has lost faith in the 2016 QB. Wentz can say what he wants but that had to rock his confidence for sure.

    I don’t think the book on Wentz is written yet though. More than likely his chapter in Philly is over but the year he got seriously hurt he seriously looked like the MVP of the league. New start and smart coach and Wentz could become an above average WB again.

  5. “Still have great belief in Carson as a QB and leader of the team.”…so are there any suitors for a trade???

  6. Have Hurts only play with the WRs that will ACTUALLY be on this team next year. Keep Alshon & DeSean off the field. No sense in those two stealing reps from players who need them.

  7. Some QB’s do better with a change of scenery. Tannehill is doing much better in Tennessee than he was in Miami, and Miami is doing fine without him. It’s a win win. There are probably a few coaches that think they could do very well with Carson Wentz, and might be willing to send a first round pick to Philly.

  8. Interim coaches also tend to provide a spark. Unless they start playing way better than they have been they might give that a shot later on, too.

  9. mykelane says:
    December 8, 2020 at 4:24 pm
    Wentz should have did what Aaron Rodgers did when they drafted the Love kid.


    What? You mean have a career year? Yeah, that would have helped Wentz’s case quite a bit.

  10. I agree with the move, but he’ll still be starting behind the same O-line against an aggressive Saints defense. The offense might improve, but not enough to win this week.

  11. mykelane says:
    December 8, 2020 at 4:24 pm
    Wentz should have did what Aaron Rodgers did when they drafted the Love kid.


    Drink some scotch?

  12. if Hurts isn’t ready this, you’re setting him up for failure. kick the tires and then park the vette

  13. If he had made that decision earlier the Eagles could have made the playoffs and Pederson might have saved his job. Instead he stuck with that dunce and his complete lack of effort for way too long. 16 TDs, 15 INTs and 50 sacks in twelve games? What was he waiting for?

  14. Howie and Doug both need to go at the end of the year. Thanks for the lighting in a bottle SB, time to move on.

    Howie’s drafts and contracts have been terrible.

    Doug’s staff (outside Duce and Stoudtland) never develop players. Free agents get worse and young players that look like busts can play elsewhere.

    Time for an overhaul.

  15. I’m a Packers fan and this was the first time I’d seen Wentz play this year. He is a mess mechanically right now. His throwing motion is much more elongated than it was when he first came in the league. If you watch highlights from 2017, you can see the difference.

  16. This spark will result in 2 fumbles, 2 INTs and under 125 yards passing. The Eagles stink, Pederson has been exposed and whoever makes draft decisions is more worried about the contrarian pick then picking obvious talent.

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