Justin Houston ties the all-time record for safeties, believes record should be his alone

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Colts defensive end Justin Houston tied the all-time NFL record for safeties on Sunday, but he thinks he should be recognized as the sole record holder.

Houston sacked Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson in the own end zone for the fourth safety of his career on Sunday, putting him in a four-way tie for the all-time record with Jared Allen, Doug English and Ted Hendricks, all of whom retired with four career safeties as well.

But Houston believes he should have a fifth. In 2016, Houston hit Broncos safety Trevor Siemian in the end zone, forcing a fumble that one of Siemian’s teammates recovered for a safety. Because the safety was an offensive fumble recovered by an offensive player, it was registered as simply a team safety, and not credited to any individual. But Houston thinks the scoring of a safety in that situation should be given to the player who forced the fumble, in which case he would now have five career safeties, which would be the most ever.

“I think that’s my safety and still don’t understand how the NFL hasn’t given me that safety,” Houston said, via the Indianapolis Star. “In my mind and in my household, I’m No. 1.’’

Houston had three sacks on Sunday and is adding to his legacy as one of the NFL’s best defensive ends of the last decade.

11 responses to “Justin Houston ties the all-time record for safeties, believes record should be his alone

  1. Maybe he can get a big endorsement deal. A record like that is quite an accomplishment … said no one ever.

  2. Oh please. Justin Houston thinks this record should be his? Someone tell me how many safeties players in the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and even the 50’s and 60’s had, then we’ll talk about it.
    Back then, no one cared about individual records such as sacks or safeties, so they didn’t keep track of them.
    I can tell you this — I saw former Rams defensive end Deacon Jones get a whole bunch of sacks and safeties that no one kept track of. He might have both of those records if the truth be known.

  3. Typically I can’t stand when players try to pad stats, but in this instance I actually agree.

  4. He is correct….

    Sack/fumble a qb in endzone for a safety – sacker should get the safety – losing it because you jarred it loose and an o line falls on it is stupid. If anything you did more than just a sack, by strippping it why would you statistically deny the player who did that

  5. In his mind he’s obviously confused….. to be number 1 & exclusively of that spot he’d have had to do it for a 5th time…..

  6. unbridledsexy says:
    December 8, 2020 at 9:10 am
    Miss Houston in KC. Wish he could have won it with us.


    Didn’t KC pay him about 3 million per sack on his second contract?

  7. Priced himself out of KC but it looks like he still had some gas in the tank. Good for him.

  8. A team safety because nobody else on the team had anything to do with the safety?? Dumb.
    Give the man the record!

  9. I’m somewhat curious if the other 4 guys had that happen in their careers as well… something to consider.

    That said, perhaps that’s half a safety since someone else downed the offensive player that fell on the ball. That’s the best I can do. He gets a sack fumble.

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